Roles of Heyward-Bey, Boss unclear for Thursday night


On Sunday, Raiders coach Hue Jackson didn’t use receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey and tight end Kevin Boss as extensively as Jackson normally would.  The boss claims that Boss and Heyward-Bey weren’t benched, but the facts suggest otherwise.

And it left Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey scratching his head.  “I was totally confused,” Bailey recently told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “They did the exact opposite of what I expected.  I didn’t expect [T.J.] Houshmandzadeh to play as much as he did, being that it was his first week there.  You know, I was prepared to match up with Heyward-Bey because he had been playing so well the last few weeks and he didn’t even start the game.  He might have played 12 snaps total in the whole game. . . .

“I mean, he’s their best guy getting off the bump.  He’s one of their fastest guys.  I’m like, I don’t understand why he’s not playing.”

Bailey suggested that perhaps “something happened during the bye week” regarding Heyward-Bey.  The more pressing question heading into Thursday night’s game between the Raiders and Chargers is whether whatever happened with Heyward-Bey and Boss will cause them to continue to receive limited reps.

I was surprised,’’ Boss said Monday.  “Coach’s decision.’’

It’s another coach’s decision that is making some wonder whether the coach is making the right decisions.

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  1. Like I said b4 durning the bye week I assume they both did not want to stay behind with Carson & the other WRs!!!

  2. A few weeks ago, I thought the Raiders really had their sh*t together. it seemed they had turned the corner on and off the field. I really should quit drinking………..

  3. The thing about is that DHB is in his 3rd year. This is the year when a WR usually breaks thru or becomes a bust. It’s a very important season for DHB.

    DHB has been playing very good football the past 3 games…gain confidence each week, on the verge of breaking thru….and who slows him down? Not a defensive coordinator, not a defensive back….his Irish Coffee drinking Head Coach.

    That move was so stupid it’s pisses you off…than he insults Raider Nation’s intelligence by citing personnel packages as the reason. How many personnel packages do you have that excludes your leading WR, and includes a WR that’s been there for 3 or 4 days in Housh?

    This is a knowledgeable fan base…you can’t pull the wool over our eyes.

    Hue Jackson = Joe Bugel 2.0

  4. Some writers felt that Darrius Heyward Bey was an Al Davis pick, and that Hue Jackson was eventually phasing him out once Al passed on. The irony was DHB made the catch that got the Raiders on the board v. Texans and was the leading receiver.

    What Champ failed to mention was that Darrius Heyward-Bey will block and on occasion hold (which he did last year in the loss at Oakland)

    Jackson has started to make a lot of decisions, but it’ll be interesting to see how much heat he will take from Mark Davis and Amy Trask, once stuff backfires and the cute press conference talks get heated. A couple of reporters have called some of his decision-making outright “foolish”.

  5. I don’t blame Hue, I blame the Raiders “CEO” for falling asleep at the wheel and not hiring a proper GM after Mr. Davis’s death. Hue is in over his head. TJ shouldn’t even be around for Hue to put in the game.

  6. This shouldn’t be such a huge surprise, Al was the only one keeping Heyward-Bey starting. Denarious and Jacoby were far better in camp and now Hue is going to give them a chance.

  7. Hue Jackson appears defensive and testy lots of times when he faces the press.

    As anyone who watched how Mike Singletary and Brad Childress dealt with the media knows it is not a recipe for success.

  8. If you saw the ESPN interview w/ Carson last week, they asked him how much of the Raiders’ playbook he knew. He said they took a chunk out of it and installed it for the Denver game. The “chunk” were plays with bigger WRs involved because they planned so much running.

    Won’t surprise me a bit if you see more of DHB in tonight’s game.

  9. A real head scratcher. DHB has been the most consistent WRs for the last 4 weeks and you take him out of the game plan for TJ Whoseurmama? How did that work out? TJ couldn’t get separation on most passing downs and ended up with 1 catch?! A very poor decision on Hue’s part. DHB has worked his butt off this season, he deserves better. Just when his confidence is building and he’s starting to make other teams take notice, you bench the guy? Silly, totally silly.

  10. it’s pretty clear that raidernation does not want TJ. From now on, he will be known as TJ Douche-menzahda.

  11. Doesn’t the fact that Bailey was surprised explain it? It didn’t work for Oakland, but why would you do exactly what they expect you to?

  12. This is just another attempt from the media to bring the Raiders down, They know the season is half way over and the Raiders are 1 game away from being number 1.. Thats what this whole smear campaign is against the Raiders..The media is trying to make friction and get this team hating each other, They want to ruin the chemistry before it’s to late and the Raiders run away with that Lombardi Trophy…
    This will back fire on the media and the Raiders will come out tonight pumped up and completely destroy the Chargers.. Then the media will try another story next week to try to kill this team…
    You can not break up a family, You can not break up a Nation..The Raiders will dominate, destroy and concur the NFL

  13. After the passing of Al and their win at Houston I so wanted to root for them in the AFC but watching Hue I keep thinking…..Same old Raiders.

    Would love to see DHB have a huge game and then tell Hue to shove it. haha

  14. Didnt get to finish my post….forget about it.

    But all I gotta say is….I hope Norvell Turner drank some Irish Coffee this week and was hit with a flash of brilliance to implement a lot of packackes that excludes Vincient Jackson.

  15. San Diego will score points. Tolbert is a load and Oakland’s secondary will get lit up by Gates and Jackson. It’s going to take more offense this week, and using all the weapons. Why can’t we involve the TE anymore? Boss needs to be part of the plan.

  16. Weird how you haven’t run this “story” since this article was posted.
    I mean… who is gonna expose all the infighting and turmoil in the locker room for us myopic homers who refuse to accept that the Raiders are a ship on the verge of mutiny?
    And who will explain the high-fives, hip bumps and chest pounding encouragements of a clearly passive-aggressive DHB on the sidelines?

    What do sports journalists and 3 year olds have in common? They’re both attention starved, they both talk to hear their own voices, and neither of them are actually required to be right.

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