Tebow says he’s not worried about getting hurt while running


The Denver Broncos have adjusted their offense to maximize the strengths of quarterback Tim Tebow (i.e., running the ball) and to minimize his weaknesses (i.e., throwing the ball).  But running the ball creates an enhanced injury risk, which is why few NFL teams implement an offense premised on the quarterback running the ball.

Tebow isn’t worried about the risk of injury, even though he emerged from Sunday’s win over the Raiders with a lip so busted that it appeared he was sprouting a second head.

“Those plays weren’t necessarily ones [where] you take big hits,” Tebow said. “I think that’s a little bit of a myth, too.  You don’t necessarily get hit as much on read plays as people would think.  I’d say your hits are more just sitting in the pocket.”

Baloney.  Quarterbacks have special protections in the pocket.  They can’t be hit high, they can’t be hit low, and they can’t be struck anywhere with a defensive player’s helmet.  When a quarterback becomes a runner, he invites every form and fashion of physical abuse.

Running quarterbacks tend to get hurt more when they’re, you know, running.  Last year, Mike Vick broke ribs diving forward with the ball.  Vince Young, while playing for the Titans, suffered several leg injuries by taking hits while running.  Daunte Culpepper sustained the torn knee ligament Trifecta while acting like an oversized tailback.

Tailoring the offense to Tebow’s strengths creates a separate problem.  Since they have only one guy who can do what Tebow does, an injury to Tebow will require the team to adjust on the fly to its pre-Tebow offense.  The later into the season an injury happens, the more remote those first-team practice reps will be.

And if Tebow is going to be hit by grown men on a repeated basis, he’ll eventually be hurt.  It’s already happened, back in the 2010 preseason, when he suffered a rib injury while running into the end zone.  If he keeps running the ball, it eventually will happen again.

If the Broncos intend to continue with this offensive approach over the long haul, it’ll be important to acquire at least one more quarterback who can do what Tebow does.

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  1. Quincy Carter

    Remember when Jerry Jones drafted Carter, started him while he ran an option type offense and looked good until teams figured him out? Tebow will get figured out sooner rather than later an the offense will go back to a pro offense rather than college option.

  2. Tebow will continue to succeed. Success requires risk-taking. As long as Tebow keeps playing football the way he always has he’ll be fine.

    Just like the old mantra- Play hard and avoid injury; start trying not to get hurt and you’ll get blasted.

    Tim is nearly 6′ 4″/260lbs of solid muscle. This is not Tom Brady. Peyton Manning is 6′ 5″/250+, but his career may be over already *and he never left the pocket*. All players have a style: “I’ll hit you harder than you hit me” is Tebow’s style, and will be as he learns to do it differently.

    Tim’s not stupid- he knows he has to continue to improve his throwing game.

    By the time his speed gives out he’ll be a deadly pocket passer(even if only out of sheer necessity).

    I like the guy.

  3. Good thing the dude is such an expert on everything in the NFL! He must have many years in the league… College ball teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to play in the pros – especially when you play a spread offense!

  4. eleventyeight says:

    By the time his speed gives out he’ll be a deadly pocket passer(even if only out of sheer necessity).

    That strategy worked pretty well for McNabb and Culpepper….

    But seriously, with all the hate this man had to endure I’m glad to see him do well. I hope he continues and doesn’t get hurt cause I think it’s good for football.

    Alright, as a Raiders fan that is officially the last good thing I’ll say about a Broncos player.

  5. Tebow got a busted lip while standing in the pocket – AFTER he threw the ball. The author lists 3 running QBs who have been injured, yet fails to list any of the 10 times larger list of injured pocket passers. Duh…is it that fashionable to pile on Tebow? Does it get media members, (and I do mean members) more media air time? Shabby journalism, based on sensationalizing – at the expense of others.

  6. When Tim plays poorly, the critics will criticize. When Tim plays well the critics will criticize. Keep doing your thing, kid! The people who hate you… hate what you stand for, because they hate their own underachieving lives.

  7. “They can’t be hit high, they can’t be hit low, and they can’t be struck anywhere with a defensive player’s helmet.”

    It’s not that they CAN’T, because they can, obviously, which is why so many players make donations to the NFL so often. Just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen (and often), and it doesn’t mean that QBs CAN’T get hurt getting squashed (legally or illegally) in the pocket.

    Silly argument.

  8. Tom Brady blew his knee out in the pocket. Peyton Mannings neck was ripped up, in the pocket. Tony Romo broke ribs and a collarbone from the pocket. Steve Youngs career ended in the pocket. Joe Theismanns snapped leg heard round the world was snapped in the pocket. Carson Palmers knee was blown out in the pocket. Kevin Kolbs toe and Sam Bradfords ankle were shredded in the pocket. Hell Drew Brees broke his arm in the pocket, in the pro bowl.

  9. They just need to start calling the cheap shots taken on Tebow. All the defensive players want to make their mark by putting him out. There are race aspects to the situation as well, which no one wants to deal with and face up to. But Tim knew all of that coming in. It’s the hand he was dealt in life and he isn’t shirking from it in any way.

  10. Denver is going to ‘run’ Tebow’ and won’t be too very long and, Tebow will be busted up royally. Elway’s plan all along?

  11. Well, I hate to burst your bubble here, but Vick says the same thing. That he takes worse hits in the pocket than when he’s out.

    Who should I listen to? Two NFL Quarterbacks who actually play the game of football, or a guy who’s never played a down before?

  12. oxycode30
    His “worldview” is silly? I assume you mean his faith?
    We’d be LUCKY if more people had is “worldview”

    And while we’re at it, I imagine you think that the idea that complex human life with Trillions of highly unlikely requirements for it to began just sprung out of primordial ooze based ENTIRELY on an outdated and debunked THEORY (no empirical evidence whatsoever) is somehow less “silly”

    Too funny my friend…

  13. Silly these only apply 100% to Brady and Peyton

    “They can’t be hit high, they can’t be hit low, and they can’t be struck anywhere with a defensive player’s helmet. “

  14. Seriously what’s up with all of the mocking Jesus references?

    Tebow’s presence has certainly helped show a lot of bigotry towards christians among “football fans”.
    Funny thing is, these are probably the same people spouting that Americans are Islamaphobic and are “occupying” for the 99%.

    Give me a break.

  15. “Teblow know all about myths… his worldview is based on one of the sillier ones”.

    wish I could have “thumbs up’d” that comment a whole lot more than once 🙂

  16. eleventyeight says:Nov 10, 2011 11:32 PM

    By the time his speed gives out he’ll be a deadly pocket passer(even if only out of sheer necessity).


    I agreed with everything that you said until this…

    He has been playing football for more years than he has left to play; if he was going to become even an adequate pocket passer, it would have happened by now…

  17. How quickly fans and the media forget Vick’s early years in Atlanta. Give Tebow some time and a good qb coach. He obviously has the desire and heart. He just has raw talent that needs to be developed.

  18. ilovefoolsball says: Nov 11, 2011 1:29 AM

    Seriously what’s up with all of the mocking Jesus references?
    Tebow gets mocked for his religion because he takes it well. If Tebow was aggressive about his religion like so many self-righteous “stone-throwing” Christians are and shoved it down the throats of others, then the media would be all over those who mocked Tebow. But because Tebow himself acts humble about his faith and doesn’t throw bible verses in people’s faces that’s why it’s an okay topic to mock him on from time to time. That’s why I feel Tebow is definitely a class act and a positive role model for everyone to follow even if you disagree with his beliefs or dislike him as a player. Even Tebow finds the jokes a little humorous himself. Mocking Christianity should not be taboo; it helps people see past all of the extremists and to better understand a message of love and compassion that has been twisted by so many profiteers and extremists to a message of demonizing and vilification of others. Don’t be so defensive.

  19. logically, it doesn’t really make sense that a QB has to get hurt if they run on a regular basis. Or at least, it doesn’t make sense to say they’ll get hurt more often than a running back, or a wideout.

    It may, however, lead to a shorter NFL lifespan though, as the hits may add up as they do for a running back.

  20. Yeah, what joebagadonuts said…

    What is this? Star Trek? It’s not like these rules are force fields.

    I seem to remember being told that if you deliver the hit then you’re less likely to get hurt. That’s not as true at the NFL level, but it still applies. If you’ve spent much time watching him then you know that Tebow is the Deliverer of hits much more than he is the [defenseless] receiver of them.

    Once again it appears that some are all too willing to find the silliest of arguments to try to bring Tebow down. Fascinating…

  21. Tebow only runs the ball… that’s why he THREW for 2 TD’s in last weeks game AND ran for 117 yards.
    All you haters are just hating because of his religion and that is pretty pathetic. You all get behind your keyboards and act all tough.
    Tebow has his personal beliefs, and you have yours, someday we will all see who is right and who is wrong.
    But until then comment about his football play, and if watched last weeks game you’d see that he has a lot of potential.
    He slid when he was about to take contact, and yes I do believe that you get hit much more just sitting in the pocket. Tebow is smart and he’s not going to just go head on with Ray Lewis. He’s 6’3″ 245 lbs. He can handle himself. Love to see DB’s try and go after him hard, it just doesn’t phase him.
    Go Broncos, and Go Tebow!!!

  22. While the analogy is imperfect, remember that last year’s golden boy Michael Vick was a run-first, significantly below average pocket passer who eventually learned to be effective in the pocket. Similarly, Donovan McNabb’s first two seasons featured mediocre passing and he became a solid pocket passer (until recently).

    I am not saying that Tebow will necessarily become an effective passer, but there is indeed precedent for run-first QB’s with trouble in the pocket becoming bona fide NFL passers.

  23. QB’s don’t usually get hit that hard running zone read. They can see the guys coming and usually avoid big direct shots and awkward angle hits.

    When they really get messed up is when they run up the middle on a broken play, dive or plow for an extra yard, or sit in the pocket while a guy tees off on them or while a lineman falls into their knees.

    Guys like Cutler and Roethlisburger take as many big shots throwing as Tebow will running.

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