Antrel Rolle fined $5,000 for wearing University of Miami logo


Giants safety Antrel Rolle wanted to represent The U on Sunday. Now he’s $5,000 poorer for it.

The league office has confirmed to PFT that Rolle was fined $5,000 for displaying an unauthorized logo — the University of Miami logo — on his eyeblack.

The NFL has long had rules against players displaying their own personal messages, wearing unauthorized logos, or otherwise failing to conform to the league’s demands that all uniforms look, well, uniform. So it’s no surprise that Rolle was fined.

It would be interesting to see what would happen, however, if a player really wanted to push the NFL on this front. For instance, if Tim Tebow were to put Bible verses on his eyeblack, as he used to do in college, the NFL would surely fine Tebow, too. But it would have a PR nightmare on its hands.

That doesn’t seem to be an issue Tebow is going to press. Promoting The U was something Rolle was willing to press on Sunday, and now he’s paying for it.

32 responses to “Antrel Rolle fined $5,000 for wearing University of Miami logo

  1. I’m surprised more players don’t scoff at the rule and fine…..$5,000 to an NFL player is like a “nickel” to us common folk.

  2. Pretty soon the league office is gonna start fining players for unauthorized tattoos.

    They should worry more about the integrity of the game they’re destroying (penalizing clean hits) instead of the integrity of the players eyeblack.


  3. Oh yeah. I was bothered by that when I didn’t see that under his helmet and or because I didn’t watch the game.
    The NFL is against personal expression? Then why let them celebrate TDs in the end zone?
    Fine ’em all till they’re broke. *Sarcasm*

  4. I’m glad they keep Timmy Tbag from putting bible verses on his eye liner. We don’t need that kind of propaganda spread from a book of myth.

  5. I think they should have stickers on their helmets that show which college team they played for. Like the NFL Europe players had showing which team was sponsoring them there…

  6. should have been a lot more.

    dear antrel and every other player that seems to think we care: this is the nfl. not college. grow up.

  7. So the players go through college unpaid while making millions for the NCAA and grinding through what is clearly the NFL’s farm system — if there was any doubt, look at Terrelle Pryor — and they’re even asked to announce their colleges for their televised player introductions…but showing some pride in that college in a way that’s almost imperceptible is a fineable offense?

  8. Just stop crying, follow the rules, it’s not hard. I have friends that wear uniforms to work, they cannot put patches or whatever on them. Football players are not gods despite what most of you think. Keep the fines coming if they cannot follow the rules. 5 grand might not be alot now like another guy posted, but probably 80% of these players end up bankrupt 10 years after they are done playing, so maybe they should save all the money they can.

  9. “@mikehockhurtz haha yeah I’d be sour too if my team was dominated for the greater part of a decade.”

    If you are refering to the Longhorns…they have been to two National Championships since 2005 and have won one. When was the last time the U has won one?

    If you are refering to the Cowboys, then you are correct if you think the Giants winning two more games between the two since 2001 is “domination”….

    NFC East Crowns…Dallas 20, Giants 7

    All time record between the two, Dallas 56, Giants 40, 2 ties

    Thats what I call domination…Thanks for coming out

  10. I’m a Giants fan and I never would have known he did that had it not been pointed out. And frankly, I couldn’t care less about it. I don’t mind a little bit of “customization” as long as it’s not degrading.

  11. I hear the vikequeens are going to pay $5000 to get people in MN to start wearing logoed clothing.

    A big salute to all you veterans.

  12. You have to draw the line somewhere. If you allow one person to wear Bible verses, would you also allow verses from the Torah? How about the Koran? What if someone wanted to paint a swastika on his face with eyeblack?

    Just play football, and leave your personal beliefs in the locker room.

  13. There was no reason for him to do that–other than rock the boat/draw personal attention. He knew the rules and deliberately broke them. He deserved the fine. Why is it so hard for some people to humbly follow simple rules?

  14. What if they used the eye-black patches (like little bandaids), but they just arranged them into letters on their cheeks? You know, like an ‘F’ on one cheek, and a ‘U’ on the other? Then you get a couple of other players to wear a ‘G’ and an ‘O’, an ‘O’ and a ‘D’, an ‘E’ and an ‘L’, and an ‘L’ and an exclamation mark.

    Then you line up for some pre-game photos.

    Really… start worrying about this stuff, and pretty soon you’ll be forced to legislate all kinds of loonery.

  15. So its basically like someone works for coke and comes to work with a pepsi shirt on and your boss shortens your pay check for wearing a pepsi shirt ?

  16. packmanfan says:
    Nov 11, 2011 5:31 PM
    I’m glad they keep Timmy Tbag from putting bible verses on his eye liner. We don’t need that kind of propaganda spread from a book of myth.
    I could be wrong, but I bet you are one of the first people to holler about tolerance for anything YOU may believe that others could consider whacky. People who are violently anti religion usually are that type of person, intolerant of others. And no I am not religious either but I respect people’s rights to have those beliefs.

    I’m fine with no personal messages being allowed, but this strange PC stuff is silly. We can’t offend religion by outlawing TD celebrations that look as if they are religious in nature but anything that doesn’t is a penalty…that’s not fair. Either outlaw going to the ground or allow it, don’t make exceptions for religion. Respecting someone’s beliefs doesn’t mean you put give expression of their beliefs preference over others’, just that you’re fair to all parties.

  17. mikehockhurtz says:
    Nov 11, 2011 5:16 PM
    He was representin’ the U….

    What, did he have a pair of handcuffs painted on his eyeblack?


     Good thing he didn’t go to Penn State huh??

  18. Personally all these rules and regulations are sickining 5k for eyeblack they’re going at this as if he wore a Miami jersey on the field during a giants game come people look pass little stupid fines like that and let the game be played.

  19. The fact that the NFL fined Rolle for this is amazing. I mean these players give the NFL their body and if they het hurt they are cut and do not get paid. NFL players do not get paid enough for what they do. Come on NFL

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