Chargers’ Weddle: We played horrible, got our butts kicked


Carson Palmer finally looked like a quarterback who could lead the Raiders to the playoffs on Thursday night, and afterward the Chargers’ defense was taking the credit for that.

Chargers free safety Eric Weddle said he and the rest of the Chargers’ secondary deserve a lot of blame for getting beaten deep regularly and allowing Palmer to average 15.0 yards a pass in the Raiders’ 24-17 win.

We played horrible today,” Weddle told the North County Times. “Our performance wasn’t acceptable by any means. There was some bad, bad defense out there. . . . We got our butts kicked. There’s no way around it.”

Chargers inside linebacker Na’il Diggs said the defense needs to turn it on over the last seven games of the season.

“I hope guys get their mind off of things a little bit and not sulk and pout,” Diggs said. “We need to come in Monday with a whole new attitude and treat the next game as the start of a new season.”

It’s a whole new season indeed when the Raiders are the favorites in the AFC West.

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  1. I emailed this out 2 days ago – and last night – 2 more Charger O linemen went down to the Raider D. The Chargers are just not that good – top to bottom, and fire the Lord of NO Rings – GM AJ Smith and get a real coach in here!!!

    Subject: Can Bolts handle Raider Pash Rush/D Line

    Two years ago was it – the Charger OL was banged up for part of the season by the Raiders D line, and last year, the Raiders ran all over the Chargers.

    Additionally – this season the Raiders have 18 sacks and have allowed 10. The Chargers have 17 sacks but have allowed 19 and to boot: LB’s – Phillips – 3 sacks – and English – 2 sacks (5 sacks combined) are out for the game, w/ English being out for the season.

    In a word – the Raiders are big across both lines.

    And this year v. the Bolts – the expectations are different because?

    IMO – the Raiders will be much more stout on D v. the Chargers than they were trying to run down Tim Tebow. Philip Rivers is by comparison to Tebow – the Statue of Liberty.

  2. You can’t “play horrible”. Unless “Horrible” is the name of a movie in which the Chargers defense plays horribly. In this case you can play Horrible by sticking the DVD in your player, and pressing play.

    You can — and did — play horribly.

  3. Rivers got away with one too…Did anyone else see Lito Sheppard whiff on the wide-open interception?

  4. Yeah, i noticed that the Raiders tended to play the Chargers a bit more physical a year earlier when JaMarcus Russell was in Oakland…in that game, Chargers started leaving the game with injuries. The difference was that Darren Sproles would be able to extend the first downs to bigger plays.

  5. Yes you did Weddle, even with the refs in your back pocket. That non PI call on the Raiders fake punt was absolute BS. Then the Chargers punt, their gunner get’s manhandled, and the refs call holding before the snap because of it and give the chargers the ball back. BS calls.

  6. The Chargers are soft. They have been for a few years. They need to be bigger and tougher on both lines if they want to make a serious run. Oh…and getting rid of Norv “nothing more than a co-ordinator” Turner would help, too.

  7. Eric Weddle – “we played horrible, got our butts kicked”

    Yes, yes you did…the offense also played horrible though, Wimbley and the Raiders secondary stepped up BIG this night. Plain and simple…

  8. San Diego reminded me of the Packers defense from their Monday night game this week.

    Both were horrible.

    But the Chargers turnovers in that game made the difference.

  9. Chargers are soft and falling apart and the Raiders are big, fast, young and talented. Oh yeh, they finally have a top notch QB with Carson Palmer.

  10. How does the forever-underachieving Norv Turner stay in power? That man has made a serious living off of little more than reputation, and at this point even the supporters have to realize problems start at the top and feed down. Sad for Chargers fans who have been forced to “get used to it” year after year.

  11. The Chargers defense made Mark Sanchez look like a decent QB… I’m still not convinced that Carson Palmer is back. Give it a couple of weeks.

  12. @turbodog1027….you know what I can’t stand? All these people always talking about the Chargers and Cowboys talent wasted by bad coaching. Where’s the talent? Rivers and Jackson? other than that you have a fullback playing RB, a line that was about 8 deep, pass rushers from Northern Illinois that can’t step on the field, a washed up slow corner in Jammer, and two white safeties. Don’t even get me started on Dallas

  13. oh yeah letting sproles walk was smart the replacement of Bryan Walters…forgot about washed up Takeo Spikes and Travis LaBoy too…good things Bront Bird was getting big reps….newsflash…the teams just not that good…

  14. As a Packer fan, last nights game only punctuates how BAD the Green Bay defense is. IF we make the playoffs it surely won’t be a deep run.

  15. You cannot coach speed, you either have it or you do not. The Raiders young receivers were just to fast for the Chargers covering them.

    It has always been like this, it is just now the Raiders have a Franchise QB that can find them when open and get the ball to them.

    If D Mac had played and with Palmer settled in down the road the game would have been a Blow Out.

  16. NFL Network Jamie Dukes stated that the Chargers are a SOFT Southern California Team that was man handled on both sides of the ball by a stronger more physical Football Team.

    Wait until the starting safety Huff and starting D End, and corners get back on D. Raiders were also playing without D Mac and a patched up O Line and they THUMPED the Surfer Boys.

  17. Gone are the days of ‘across the board’ Charger picks.

    I almost picked the Raiders… but after THEIR last two weeks, it was a tough choice. Losing to teh Bronco’s and Chiefs???

    Did the Raiders improve, or are the Chargers just that bad? Very little of the former and a heavy does of the latter.

    The Chargers are tired of playing for Norv Turner. They’re dong their part to get a new coach.

    Ugly, Ugly, Ugly for both teams.

    The Bronco’s actually have a shot at this division. Who’d a thunk it?

  18. Thanks Captain obvious.

    The bolts simply got beat down by a more physical team. There’s just not enough talent on D, and the O line has been horrible all season.

    3 games in 11 days was just begging for player injuries. 3 games in 11 days, so much for player safety.

    All that said, it was an exciting game that came down to the last few minutes.

    Welcome back to relevancy Raiders.

  19. Typical, most the time when a team loses their players often say “tip your hat to them coming out to play” or something on those lines.

    But not when you play my Raider. It’s talk trash all week about how they dont scare you and how your a man, then get the ball ran down your throat and get your qb treated like a ball boy at Penn St (too soon?) and all of a sudden it’s …’ we gave it to them’.

    You got GOT!!

    SD is the sorriest franchise in the NFL.

  20. Norv better start looking for a job now, I hear Penn State is hiring

    Nope. Gotta get to 14 wins before the Chargers dump you.

    Norv will be around for awhile.

  21. I can’t see how the Spanos’ don’t make a change after this season. There’s always SOMETHING going on with this team.

    If I’m Dean Spanos I have to look at it like this:

    There are various mitigating factors, and teams will have up and down streaks – but seeing as this has been going on since 2007 it’s time to acknowledge that either AJ hasn’t done a good enough job evaluating talent and building a team, or Norv hasn’t been effective enough as a coach. It’s really that simple, and it’s maddening to watch the same story unfold year after year.

  22. When Shotenheimer was coach we got better every year untill we were 14 and 2, Under Turner we have gotten worse every year and headed for another 1 and 15 season next year.

  23. It’s amazing how Prince Humperdink (Rivers) and his boys wilt when someone is willing to hit ’em in the mouth. The days of 10-12 win seasons are over now that the AFC west is finally somewhat competitive (emphasis on SOMEWHAT). Isn’t always interesting how rivers could be so successful during the regular season and suck so bad in the playoff. Duh! When you play in one of the worst divisions in football and get 4-6 gimme games a year it makes sense. Those days are long gone now. hey Phil, remember when you could chuck a ball off your back foot and wait for VJ to make you look good. Enjoy mediocrity.

  24. Last nights game was just like a home game for the Raiders, what a horrible fan base the Chargers have.

  25. Weddle is right. They were pretty awful.

    Check out my article on A.J. Smith’s Bolts by clicking on my username at the top of this post.

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