Man stabbed outside Raiders-Chargers game


A man was stabbed in a Qualcomm Stadium parking lot at Thursday night’s Raiders-Chargers game, in the second serious incident of fan violence at a Raiders road game this year.

The Associated Press reports that two men started fighting after the game, and the fight resulted in a 25-year-old man being stabbed. The victim has been uncooperative and it’s not clear what led to the fight, but one police officer said it didn’t appear to be related to the Raiders-Chargers rivalry.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the fight was during the game, but otherwise offers similar details about the incident.

The victim was treated for a stab wound to the abdomen. The injury does not appear to be life-threatening.

In August, two men were shot in the Candlestick Park parking lot, including one Raiders fan wearing a “f— the 49ers” shirt. Another man was badly beaten in a restroom at the Raiders-49ers preseason game.

UPDATE: KTLA reports that the victim was wearing Raiders clothing and the suspect was wearing Chargers clothing.

66 responses to “Man stabbed outside Raiders-Chargers game

  1. Can we add another ticker on the PFT page. Weeks without fan arrests (within stadium or public parking lots to the stadium)
    I live in Tampa, FL. I go to as many Bucs games as I can afford. (which will be 3 games this year)

    Why is all the fan violence focused on the California teams? Is it really the only place it happens?

    I doubt it.. Is it the fault of the Chargers, 49ers, or the Raiders. Or is it the individuals who commit the crimes?

  2. They should stop blacking games out.

    Encourage fans who don’t know how to act to stay home and beat their wives and dogs instead.

  3. Thats a shame. Whats worse is we all knew this was gonna happen. I mean whenever they showed the crowd it looked liked people was gonna go at it in the crowd. And here I was actually wasting my time debated with some raiders fan up here on why they always black out. Raiders crowd looks like it constists of 90% gang members who just want to cause trouble. Sorry Raiders fans, but to a outsider like me thats just how it looks, and that is a damn shame.

  4. the country should just turn that state into a dumpsite…if they cant respect the familys and kids around em why should the country respect them as a state…let em break off into the pacific and beforgotten

  5. The man who stabbed you, what was he wearing?

    I’m not exactly sure but there was a man with him, he was wearing a purple shirt and it had the #’s 5 and 2 on it!

  6. I’ll bet that limp wrist vikequeen rube c_ntra74 was at the game wearing his Helga hat and he approached a horned helmet wearing Raider fan in the parking lot to compare horns, if you get my drift.

    You can fill in the blank on c_ntra74 with a U.

  7. edmazeing1 says: Nov 11, 2011 6:45 AM

    This is another reason why Raiders are use to black outs, familys cant enjoy the game in peace, SMH.

    …it was in San Diego.

    And my wife and I go to Oakland each year for a Raiders game and have a great time. An officer said it didn’t appear to be about a football rivalry. Families can go to Oakland and certainly enjoy the game. Next to my wife and me were a father and probably 11-13 year old son, and we all had fun. The key is to remember its just a game, don’t say anything stupid, and walk away if its getting heated.

    Yes, there are Oakland fans that can do these things. At the Oakland/Cleveland game, there were about twenty of us tailgating, and one guy brought a Browns fan. And he got free beer.

    How much more love can you get? FREE BEER.

  8. If the victim is being uncooperative then maybe the stabbing had nothing to do with the football game.

    Drug deal gone bad?

    Didn’t buy any beers?

  9. Most of these type of fans have no quality of life outside of football and as tribal type people are very easily angered so you can expect this type of reaction.

  10. The fans are ultimately responsible for their own actions, but who can resist a chance to knock the raiders? Decade long stretches of utter chaos and futility are not providing us with enough material any more.

  11. What ever happened to a good ole fist fight. Old saying is talk s*** get hit, now its expect to get shot our stabbed….

  12. jlv3gem says:
    Nov 11, 2011 7:18 AM
    The man who stabbed you, what was he wearing?

    I’m not exactly sure but there was a man with him, he was wearing a purple shirt and it had the #’s 5 and 2 on it!
    I wish he would stab you. That would make my day.

  13. The sad part is that this isn’t surprising at a Chargers-Raiders game. For a state that isn’t known for hardcore, East-Coast sports passion, the amount of violence that you see at Dodgers, Giants, Raiders, Chargers, and even USC-UCLA games is frequent and disturbing.

  14. I think the question we need an answer to is did the guy with the knife manage to get it into the stadium undetected? If so, combine that with the guy who brought the taser into the jets game this year, and it looks like NFL security is about as thorough and talented as the TSA.

  15. I was at a Colts vs. Titans game soon after Steve McNair died and some Colts fan had a noose tied around a skeleton wearing a Steve McNair Jersey with two holes in it covered in what was supposed to be blood. I enjoyed watching him get beat. Violent things happen at a lot of different stadiums, not just in California.

  16. here comes the smear campaign.. I told you the media (SMITH) WILL TRY ANYTHING to take the attention away from what the world witnessed last night…
    The SuperBowl run of the Oakland Raiders

  17. If I fight this Charger’s fan it means I’m part of the Raider’s team! It’s only a matter of time before it’s scientifically proven that 97% of Raider’s fans are Ra’tards…

  18. Let’s see this year there has been shootings at a game & stabbings at another…..what do both have in common??? The Oakland Raiders……

    But yeah, the Lions & their fans are the classless ones…

  19. Not even remotely suprised. That is why I stopped going to this game when I lived in SD. I spent an hour after the game calling 911 in the parking lot

  20. The weird thing is, I have never heard of a deadly assault happening before or after a game at Ford Field. Maybe the answer to the violence is the traveling strippermobile?

  21. A man stabbed outside of a Raiders game??? Shocker!! In other news, man buys popcorn at the movie theater.

  22. Yeah, and Philadelphia fans are the worst right? Double standards. People get stabbed at Raiders games, and Philly throws snowballs at a santa clause imposter, but nope, Eagles fans are the worst. Right? ….Right?

  23. Always trouble with the Charger Fans, “Low Rider don’t Get No Lower” lol. As for sell outs?, the Raiders have sold out every home game this year, no body like Raider Fans.

  24. Philly fans are really unintelligent. Here is an idea, when another fan base does something stupid, don’t talk about about your fans being misrepresented. it just reminds and reinforces the masses how bad of fans you are.

  25. Ok the update they just put on this article is hilarious. I love that they had to clarify that the Raiders fan wasn’t the attacker. hahaha

  26. oh crap, we allow guns into Lambeau Field and host the raiders at some point this season…

    (idk, not sure about the gun law, just goin’ for the lawls).

  27. Easy solution….outlaw alcohol on the premises including the parking lots and that will put an end to fan violence. Will never happen though because owners are more interested in the $$$ than protecting their fans.

  28. There is an easy solution to this problem, don’t serve Alcohol and ban it from the Stadium and surrounding area and there wouldn’t be this problem. Any one who drinks should just stay home where they can’t harm anyone but themselves.

  29. snnyjcbs says:”Always trouble with the Charger Fans, “Low Rider don’t Get No Lower” lol. As for sell outs?, the Raiders have sold out every home game this year, no body like Raider Fans.”

    Are you sure about that? 😉

  30. I am a raider fan who went with my brother who is a patriots fan to the oak vs ne game. He wore a page shirt. Nothing happened to him. What did happen was another patriots fan got kicked out for trying to fight everyone around him. Raider fans rent the house….niners fans were forclosed on.

  31. Just like the attack at the Dodgers game, and the attack at the Raiders preseason game, I bet the perps in this attack are from south of the border. Welcome to third world America!

  32. “in the second serious incident of fan violence at a Raiders road game this year.”


    Really? You are going to turn this into an attack on Raider fans? I go to this game every year, and every year some gangsters in powder blue are flipping me off, yelling at me, and trying to start fights with me. Yet, every year, we get the blame. BTW, the only dude I saw fight the cops and get yanked out of the stadium was wearing a Rams jersey.

  33. Fan on fan violence is retarded. Fighting over teams of grown men who get paid millions more than you to play with a ball and don’t care about you in the least bit; and for what? Actually, keep stabbing each other please, we need less stupid people on this planet…

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