Palmer makes Raiders best in AFC West


It may not have been the greatest trade in football history, but Oakland’s acquisition of Carson Palmer should win the Raiders a division.

Oakland looked like the best team in the division before the trade.  They are the only AFC West team with wins over quality opponents like the Texans and Jets.

After Thursday night’s too-close yet dominant 24-17 victory over the Chargers, the Raiders still look like the best team.

At some point, people are going to come around to the fact that this isn’t a good Chargers squad. You can’t name a single impressive game they’ve put up all year. They have four close wins against bad teams, and now they’ve lost four straight games to fall to 4-5.

Philip Rivers isn’t right and the defense has been consistently soft.  It entered the game 27th in points allowed.  It allowed Michael Bush to look like Bo Jackson; Bush racked up 242 yards from scrimmage on Thursday night.

If Darren McFadden was in this game, he might have topped 400 yards.

The Chargers were very lucky to keep this game close in the fourth quarter. They were manhandled on both sides of the line, but penalties and some gutsy second half throws by Rivers kept it interesting.

Palmer out-played Rivers throughout the night. At one point, Palmer was 10-for-12 for 250 yards and two scores. Palmer’s deep ball is back, as evidenced by a couple nasty throws to Denarius Moore.  (Moore had 123 yards and two scores after Jacoby Ford left with an ankle injury.)

The Raiders know who they are. The defensive line can outmuscle soft opposition. The running game rolls no matter who has the ball. Palmer’s arm clearly benefited from his time away from football.

Oakland may not be a perfect team, but they are the best this mediocre division has to offer. They should be favored when they host the Chargers in the Black Hole in Week 17.

With Palmer only getting better, the Raiders are the team to beat in the AFC West.

98 responses to “Palmer makes Raiders best in AFC West

  1. Rivers threw a lot of jump balls… He looked like Favre on a bad day, undisciplined and forcing the ball.

    Palmer was solid, consistent.

  2. Chargers line is pathetic. This game, even the interception, is squarley on them. Rivers has to throw off his back foot, throws it so high in the air that Jackson never sees it, intercepted. Fire AJ, fire Norv…Bill Cowher, are you out there?

  3. Palmer looked pretty good,Chargers are done,Norv is a good coordinator terrible coach just like on the Niners Manuskys defense plays soft and gives up the nig plays…I predict a San Diego implosion..

  4. What a lousy trade for the Raiders. A seasoned vet QB who can throw bombs to all the speed receivers for a couple of draft picks. Raiders have one of the best offenses in football with Palmer playing like that. Enjoy the picks Cincy, we’ll take the QB. Dalton couldn’t throw the ball like that on his best day.

  5. watch im putting a bet in this week in the NFL that all of the road teams are going to win this raiders-chargers game was one i won this one now im 16 games away of winning the bet

  6. Afc west is pretty bad….Oakland should take the sivision if palmer keeps playing this way..San Diego is slowly self desructing and overrated..Still cant beleive they fired Marty for this…

  7. And welcome back, delusional Raiduh fan! I’ve missed your ridiculous comments. “Carson Palmer is the best QB in the league!!!” “The Super Bowl is ours!!”. Please keep it up. Everyone who frequents this site enjoys your antics.

  8. McClain is the MVP of Oaklands defense. He gets them in the right position and makes plays even though you could tell he’s still hurt.

  9. Wow … when was the last time you saw a Raiders team run a no huddle offence.
    Just wait until Palmer has afew more games under his belt and when McFadden is back this will be a top 5 offence.
    Thank-You Bengals for the greatest trade of all time.
    No wonder are the Raider haters were choked about the Raiders getting Palmer … this is only the beginning … just win baby.

  10. And all is quiet in Charger fan land. McFadden would have set records tonight without a doubt.

    Just scary to think what this team can do when everyone gets healthy.

    Raaaaaaiiiiders !!!

  11. Palmer sucks!?? Wait, what? Haha Raider haters, wake up and try again. We all know once DMC comes back (MVP before he got hurt haters, admit it) the O is darn near unstoppable. Our QB has been here 3 wks and we beat a 7pt favorite in their house while you all cried our coach was out of his league. Dline is real, Oline is real, that’s how you win football games. I love it, tell me about dead arms and INT’s, and quitters, power trippers, blah blah blah. HATE! You need us on that wall……………….

  12. oh man, no one expected Carson to have a good game, he was on the couch halfway thru’ the season, no one expected him to have TD passes this year…

    Carson Palmer = 2011 MVP!

  13. tampajoey says:Nov 11, 2011 12:18 AM

    Philip Rivers is the west coast Tony Romo.



  14. Anyone remember that post I did w/ all the Carson Palmer stats from Cincy? Complete w/ his best games from last year? Including the clinic he put on my Falcons here at the Dome? 99% of you said he was washed up b/c he threw 3 picks with only 2 practices in his pocket for his debut. The guy can play. He has a tram full of young guys that will listen to him–kinda like he had when Ocho/T.O. got hurt in the final 3 games of last year. He has the tools to keep Oakland alive. Couple that with a top 5 running game–skies the limit on offense. The D–has a ton of talent, they just need to play consistently. Stock Up for the Raiders…follow @ d3murf #raidernation

  15. The Raiders D line can out muscle softer competition? Then what exactly happened last week when Denver rushed for almost 300 yards on that vaunted D line?

  16. Is anyone else growing tired of Philip Rivers blaming everyone else for his own horrible play?

    He’s completely overrated. If Eli Manning played this way, he’d be raked over the coals, but all the commentators give him a pass because he is Philip Rivers. That interception he threw into the double coverage on Vincent Jackson was obscene. And the commentators blame Vincent Jackson who had almost zero chance of catching that ball. Philip Rivers is horrendous.

  17. Gweg –

    The Raiders are better than you give them credit for. They beat Houston in Houston. Beat the Jets. Dominated a SD team that GB struggled with a week ago. Of their 4 losses, they blew 2 late double digit leads (Buffalo and Denver). Some could argue this team could very easily be a 7-2 team. When they get Jacoby Ford and DMC back and healthy and Palmer has a complete grasp on things, this team could be VERY tough to beat.

  18. What a game!!

    I’m ecstatic about the win, but still came away with worries over the second half defensive adjustments.

    Got learn about two obscure rules I’ve never heard of as well. Seems to happen a lot when the Raiders play. One I can understand, and agree with, but the overturning of the rookie WR Brown’s TD catch for the Chargers, wash beyond lame. They ended up getting the points anyway, while being helped with only ten Raiders defending the field (one of which was trying to call time out), but it should have never came to that.

    Rivers is a great QB, but something seems “off” with him. Obviously it doesn’t help when his line can’t protect him, but he missed some key throws he would normally make.

    I know we Raider fans can claim “if McFadden was playing, he could have” …and you can finish the sentence. The thing is, the Raiders/Chargers games have been the kind of battles over the years, where Bush was the perfect back. Having him being forced to take the bulk of the carries may have been a blessing in disguise. He deserves the game ball, and could be offensive player of the week.

    Hue Jackson deserves some credit as well. Seems he stepped back and reigned in his play calling by focusing on the run instead of trying to force Palmer to prove he made the right decision. He instead, went back to what the Raiders were doing with Campbell under center. Run the ball and have the QB manage the game with fewer drop backs. He used a game plan that helped Palmer succeed.

    This was a great win for my Raiders, and it’s obvious they have a lot of work to do and a lot of injuries to overcome. If the defense can get healthy and pull it together, it’s not impossible to think they can win the AFC West.


  19. Good thing I was told on this website that the Raiders were up a creek without DMC.

    Hating eventually ran into talent and right now haters….you got nothin.

  20. The Hue Jackson haters and the ones who thought Bey was better then Ford & Moore. (in my best triple H impression) Two words for ya. Suck it…….

  21. This year’s AFC West is last year’s NFC West. No truly defined leader and all four teams have a shot Until the last 2-3 weeks. Raiders may have a slight edge over the rest, but they can lose a game just as easy as the others. They blew a 10 point lead last week to Denver. Chiefs got drubbed by a “resurgent” Dolphins team. There is no ease of predicting how the AFC West plays out.

  22. Bengals Wi……….wait a minute.. Oh that’s right it’s Cincinnati west. All jokes aside that was a big win for those guys.

  23. Greg Manusky is the very essence of softness when it comes to defensive scheme. Had him as DC in SF and he was teddy bear soft alright.

  24. TeamBalco says:
    Nov 11, 2011 12:24 AM
    And you do know that!


    I saw a dominant team and the true victor of the AFC West. But they have to be consistent

  25. Where u at Humbolt? Let’s hear your mouth now? Oh ……ur team sucks do you hot nothing to say? You and Rivers both sick! Raider Nation biatch!

  26. Wow that was rough drunk typing. Humbolt…..u are a tool and you and Rivers both suck! Nation fool!

  27. Rolando McClain makes the defense so much better and as soon as Darren McFadden, Michael Huff, Chris Johnson, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Chimdi Chekwa gets health this team will get better.

  28. Great win for the Raiders!!!

    Game balls to Palmer, Moore, Bush and Wimbley!

    Chargers might have more talent but the Raiders are tougher.

    Raiders upcoming schedule is

    @Minnesota (2-6)
    Chicago (5-3)
    @ Miami (1-7)

    All winnable games.

    Go Raiders!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Boy that defense looked a lot smarter with Rolando McClain In the
    Lineup….what big difference.

    Proud of the squad…although these aren’t the games I’m worried about..It’s when they play teams like the Donkies and Browns, when they go into the game without that underdog chip on their shoulder…those are the games I worry about.

    But good job Raiders…dam good work.

  30. OK, Lets pump the brakes a little here. This IS the team that just had there butts handed to them last week buy the Broncos.

  31. Maybe if Norv Turner took a minute to light a fire under someone’s A, Like Vincent Jackson, other than have a personal conference with his good ol’ friend and QB phillip Rivers on the sideline after EVERY series, he would have grittier performances out of his players. Instead, it’s just him and his best friend talking, so nobody else is addressed by the head coach.

    What’s more, maybe NOW every single football expert (mostly from the ‘world-wide leader in sports) will STOP selecting the Chargers as their AFC superbowl representative EVERY YEAR over teams such as the Ravens and Jets. When will everyone in media learn that this team is soft, underachieving, lacks initiative, and has no true leaders? AFC Cowboys, anyone?

  32. sure palmer in his 3rd game finally looked decent but it was his 2 terrible turnovers that allowed san diego to remain in the game. first by having no idea he was being pressured from behind and fumbling the ball and then again nearly had it happen again plus his interception in the red zone when he hurried for no reason to get that play off.

  33. Chargers fans are finally coming to the conclusion that their superbowl window has closed. Us Raider fans knew it was never open the day they hired Norv.

  34. Way too premature to say that the Raiders are the best of a very mediocre division. This is like the NFC West from last season. I wouldn’t be surprised if a 7-9 team wins it.

  35. i have liked the bolts allot since rivers has been there. they are fun to watch or were fun to watch until this season so its kind of boring watching them flounder. however, one thing i do enjoy is watching aj smith look BAD. he was a giant a-hole here in buffalo when he was part of the staff. why did he fire m schott? or am i wrong and it was somebody else that fired him after a great season? i believe they were 14-2? does my memory serve me correctly?

  36. The ‘best team in the division’ got whooped by both Denver & KC not long ago …… I mean, lose to KC 28-0 ….. How can you be the best anywhere? …..

    Regardless, the Raiders have to play all four teams yet from the NFC North …… They’ll be fortunate to go 1-3 in those 4 games ….. More likely, all four will be losses ….. NFL needs to adapt rule that says Division Champs must be at 8-8 or better to qualify for playoffs ……

  37. I think the Chargers might win one more game with the schedule they have. I think they will come in dead last this year and I think at the end of the year they will make alot of changes, amd I think it will be more than just players.

  38. And just like that all the Raiders go back into their caves lol… Where is all the Hue criticism? Player are questioning Hue?

  39. Palmer was NEVER an “elite” QB except in the minds of the TV hypesters… he was fine tonight because he was given cushy-soft protection. As soon as that ends, he’ll be threatening to quit football again.

    Another near-choke tonight by the king of chokers, Carson Palmer.

  40. Is everyone forgetting Denver stomped Oakland Sunday?

    And if denver beats KC Sunday they’ll be 4-5. Huh. Denver could easily win that division.

  41. Palmer looked really sharp and he’s only been with the team for 3 weeks. I have no questions about his arm strength from what I’ve seen. Most of his INT’s have been excusable. He led the the team to 24 points last week against Denver, which should have been more than enough to beat them.

    The offense is only going to get better each week when he’s had more time to adjust. If he catches a hot streak and DMC gets healthy, they could really make a run in the playoffs.

  42. Not a Chargers fan, but Vincent Jackson’s “attempt” at that jump-ball Rivers threw was absolutely pathetic. What the hell was that?

  43. damnyoulinelliot says:
    Nov 11, 2011 12:20 AM
    “Best” with an asterisk.


    Why? For sacking Phillip Rivers six times and not 7?

  44. Ahhh so now the fickle PFT crew thinks the trade for Palmer was a good one ? 24 hours ago they thought it was a dire one and the Raiders were going on a downhill spiral under Hue ‘Al Davis II’ Jackson ?

    Love the way the media change their tune week in week out to try and look like they know their stuff


  45. LOL. The Raiders finally win a game since trading for Palmer and suddenly the sky is the limit.

    News flash: four days ago they got beat at home by a team running a college offense.

  46. The so called best team got spanked by Tebow and the broncos the raiders have always been a joke they will be lucky to finish 8-8

  47. Palmer had a nice game, but still committed two costly turnovers while in position to close out the game. The headline should read “Bush and Wimbley make the Raiders best in the AFC West”

    When McFadden is healthy, I hope he sees a reduced role then before the injury. Bush is plenty capable of being a number 1 back, so why not give him some more touches. Keep McFadden healthy, and the Raiders are real dangerous.

  48. The Raiders were rolling big time when they lost Al Davis, then Jason Campbell and then Darren McFadden.

    They make a deal for Palmer (yes, they paid big) when Campbell went down and they suffered for a couple of games while Palmer got up to speed.

    Everyone and their brother jumped all over them, saying they were done and that Palmer didn’t have it anymore.

    Well, a funny thing happened on their way to the basement and the haters are all eating crow now.

    They were missing 15 layers last night, FIFTEEN, and they walked into Qualcomm Stadium and beat the Chargers, yet again.

    Go Raiders!

  49. That might be the worst I’ve ever seen a “professional” team play. The O-Line (even accounting for injuries), the non-existent pass rush, and weak secondary (how ’bout that Denarius Moore TD!) were an embarrassment to the NFL.

    Guess we can stop talking about how the Chargers robbed the Giants in the Eli Manning trade.

  50. Completely not fair comparing Rivers to Romo……I mean sheesh……..according to the “experts” early in the year Rivers is an “Elite” quarterback! Heck, he has to be, him and Brees lead the league in ints. Brees is an “Elite” QB….right? I can only hope Romo can throw a few more picks so he can achieve Elite status and finally get the recognition he deserves. Oh, and this is sad……Rob Ryan had way more posts that Rivers (you know….the elite qb) and San Diego Chargers. I guess it’s true, Dallas is America’s Team. Even the assistant coaches are more news worthy than anyone or anything else in the league.

  51. Loser #1, a butt hurt Bengals fan….

    dennyg2 says: Nov 9, 2011 3:10 PM
    Write this down. The Oakland Bengals will be 0-3 after this game under the new Carson Palmer regime.

    dennyg2 says: Nov 10, 2011 5:32 PM
    Mark it down Palmer apologists… Palmer is 0-3 after tonight. While raider fans keep making excuses for his awful picks and bad decisions, he is only a shadow of what he use to be. How have Bengals done without him? Hmmm

    dennyg2 says: Nov 8, 2011 4:33 PM
    Count on Palmer to hand Chargers 14 points with 2 pick 6. Chargers win in a route. I hate both teams, just calling it as I see it.
    “Mark it down”, OK.

  52. The Chargers play this season is one of the major stories of the NFL in 2011. How they’ve wasted the talent they’ve had over the last few seasons is shocking. This should’ve been a superbowl team. As they are now, even my beloved but bad Broncos may finish with more wins than them. Pathetic.

  53. Loser #2, dumbolt himself….

    humb0lt says: Nov 10, 2011 5:54 PM
    You must not watch the NFL much.
    Palmer the third best QB in the league from 2007-07? What a crock.
    First, there is a guy named Drew Brews who was and still is pretty good, better than your boy Palmer. Brees won in the playoffs, something Palmer never did.
    Next there is a guy named Phil Rivers who not only beat your boy in Cincinnati, but won more games in just two seasons 2006-07, than Palmer did in those three seasons, 2005-07.

    humb0lt says: Nov 10, 2011 12:31 PM
    I find it interesting that it’s now the popular thing to say the Raiders controlled the AFC West before the injuries to Campbell and McFadden.
    Yet the Raiders were never alone in first place in the division. The best they have managed is to share a piece of the lead.
    Only one team in the division has lead the division alone.

    humb0lt says: Nov 10, 2011 1:13 PM
    One more thing. The Bolts’ offense doesn’t need to target a washed up CB in order to exploit the Raider’s defense.
    Phil Rivers and Vincent Jackson have made a living abusing Raiders’ corners, including Stanford Routt, Namdi Asomugah and Chris Johnson.
    Asomugah would climb all over Jackson, and get the yellow flag for his efforts, but VJ would still come down with the ball for a first and goal
    Only a true loser would be a fan of a loser franchise like the Chargers.

    Got rings?

  54. I absolutely hate the Raiders, but it would be kind of interesting to see a Bungles vs Raiders playoff game and Carson walking off the field with a one finger salute as he walks off the field towards Mike Brown

  55. Bush was a BEAST last night.

    So was the D-line. They sacked Rivers 6 times, but put him on the turf many many more times.

    When Palmer was 10-12, that included 10 (TEN) straight completions.

    If he keeps playing like this I’ll be eating my words that there’s no way this trade was worth it (happily eating my words!).

    Raiders were held scoreless for the final 27:00 of the game (seriously). Offense has to finish better. Defense showed up big in the 4th.

  56. That picture shows Heyward-Bey and Palmer, but he didn’t have a single catch last night. I don’t know what is going on here, he was looking like the #1 receiver a few weeks ago. I’m almost wondering if he was close with Jason Campbell and not too happy they brought in Palmer.

  57. Michael Bush and Kam Wimbley put the Raiders in first place. Palmer is a statue who cannot stand up to a good pass rush. The Chargers couldn’t dial one up consistently. When they did, Palmer turned the ball over twice. That game shouldn’t have been as close as it was. With a QB that actually had elite skills, the Raiders would have won that game by three TDs. Anyway, the Chargers looked awful.

  58. I am a native San Diegan and Charger. This is the worst team ever! Thanks to AJ Smith AK. Lord of No Rings) He has ruined this organization. Norv has no personiality as a coach, he has no fire and he has no spark. He never does. The team has taken on his personality!! I heard Phillip Rivers make a comment 2-3 weeks ago and he ment it in a good way about them playing well and loving what Norv is driving seat and were all on the same page. They all have to go! From the Top down. or send them to LA. I cant take this @#%! no more. I see better football at the local high schools and I know aleast a dozen coaches that can…. I think I will use Inspire and motivate the players. This team has taken on the personality ofthe COACH!!! and it is all Lord of no Rings fault.

  59. norv turner looks lost.
    carson palmer played well. you cant annoint him after one solid game, the way he shouldnt be villified after one game either
    sd’s def is soft
    oakland’s offense will be very effecient when all their pieces are there

    my takes.

  60. Good job by the Raiders, but they still have a long way to go if they want to be a real playoff contender. Palmer made some beautiful throws and should continue to improve. The defense still needs to get a lot better. All things considered, it feels better being a Raider fan now than over the last 10 years.

  61. That was the Chargers third game in 10 days. Blame the schedule as much as anything else for this one.

  62. As a Houstonian and a Texans fan, it sure is refreshing to read the words “quality opponent” associated with the Texans. I’m pretty optimistic about our season, especially given the pitiful state of our division. But the local talk radio shows are now hoping/predicting home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Not holding my breath on that one, but it sure would be spectacular.

  63. I’m glad to see him doing well, I liked him at Cincy, but was glad to see him go. I hope he can mentor young Terrelle Pryor and bring him up to speed too.

  64. Raiders beat Vikes and will lose the remaining games. I mean c’mon… Greenbay, Chicago, Detroit, KC!!!

    Chiefs win the division, again.

  65. The Chargers should have beat the Green Bay Packers in their last game. Facts are if not for Rivers throwing 2 INT’S for pick sixes they would have beat Green Bay. Even with the 2 pick sixes they almost beat Green Bay.

    So the Chargers are not the lowly bad, bad team you want to make them out to be. As for the Raiders?, they took down the Jets with a THUMPING, beat Houston and the Chargers and should have beat Buffalo.

    All this Raiders team needed was a top notch QB that could hit the wide open receivers that had been consistently missed or over and under thrown by other Raider QB’s No more 8 man fronts with a passing game like the Raiders are developing, D Mac and Bush will have a Field Day.

  66. You can’t be serious annointing this guy the 2nd coming after one pick free game. Come on, I watched him in Cincy for 8 years. He’s a crybaby that wants it his way, now that they have the biggest whinner #84 Hush they will implode soon. Wonder what’s taking so long to get his little brother and Ocho signed, then the Raiders will have the complete collection of Turds.

  67. As a Chargers fan – the Charger suck – they are the worst no talent team in the league. Wish Norv had stayed in Choakland. Rivers is a lumbering giant who lost his ability to throw deep ( never could throw the short ball) – stick a fork in him cause he’s done. No defense, no o-line. I hate Choakland but have to admit they can run the ball and Palmer looked like an NFL QB. Chargers should can Norv and AJ, sell the team and move to LA.

  68. wcman says:
    Nov 11, 2011 12:26 AM
    What a lousy trade for the Raiders. A seasoned vet QB who can throw bombs to all the speed receivers for a couple of draft picks. Raiders have one of the best offenses in football with Palmer playing like that. Enjoy the picks Cincy, we’ll take the QB. Dalton couldn’t throw the ball like that on his best day.

    Oh, we will enjoy the picks the Raiders gave us. Palmer is not done throwing pick 6’s. Guaranteed,
    he’ll lose you more games than he wins you.

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