A note of support for Andy Reid

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Ashley Fox was a longtime (and underrated) writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer before getting a gig as NFL columnist for ESPN.com.

That’s why I read her interesting take on Andy Reid this week a lot more seriously than if it came from, say, some talking head who was debating Skip Bayless.

“Andy Reid is not going to lose his job. Not during this season, or afterward, no matter what happens Sunday against Arizona or later this month against the Giants or in December against the Jets,” Fox writes.

That’s pretty definitive. The reasoning for Fox’s take — which has to have a lot of reporting buried behind it — is fairly clear.  Eagles owner Jeff Lurie doesn’t want to be swayed by the passion of his fans. Reid’s contract runs through 2013.  And after evaluating Reid, the owner will determine the team is better off with Reid than without him.

Logic says that the next eight games make a difference.  Imagine if the Eagles finished 3-13 or even 5-11.   Imagine if this season gets worse before it gets better. That wouldn’t factor heavily into Lurie’s decision?

If Reid and the Eagles finish respectably — even if they miss the playoffs — Fox strongly believes Lurie’s default will be to keep Reid around.  Whether Eagles fans like or not, that makes a lot of sense.

78 responses to “A note of support for Andy Reid

  1. GR, I disagree, Ashley Fox is a terrible writer. Most of her commentary is pure diatribe and usually unreadable. One of the reasons I cancelled my subscription to that paper.

  2. All of the Eagles fans can say what they want, but Reid is a good coach…this coming from a rival fan…it’s not Reids fault the management tried to go all in and make some questionable personnel decisions that on paper looked good, but chemistry wise was not good at all…

    More than half of the teams in the NFL would take him as a head coach

  3. ARI, SEA, MIA, WAS, and DAL on the schedule, as well.

    I’d be shocked if the Giants keep this up and go 13-3.

    Combined record before they faced them, I might add. They’ve had to have the toughest schedule so far, right?

  4. The single biggest problem with the Eagles is the Linebacking corps…had that problem been addressed (along with getting a proven DC) in the offseason, we wouldn’t be having this discusion

  5. The problem with the Eagles is not Andy Reid, per se, it is the structure. Andy Reid is a football coach and you need to support his personnel decisions with football people. Having a haberdasher, whose only qualification is that he is friends with the owner, and his intern, who is lawyer and has never had any football playing or coaching experience, kind of makes the structure fundamentally weak.

  6. reid has been the coach there with plenty of power to get his way. he should move on and let the team try another approach. being close all the time is as frustrating as having a bad team. i would can him.

  7. Firing Reid wouldn’t be very productive. Even though the Eagles aren’t playing well this year, they are still obviously loaded with talent. Firing Reid and bringing in a new, inexperienced coach (or even someone like Gruden, Cowher, Fisher, ect. (all overrated) would set the team back and put them in re-building mode. Stick with Reid, because winning coaches are hard to come by.

  8. Alternate headline: “Biased, mediocre writer makes biased, unsubstantiated claim”.

    I routinely skip her column at ESPN because it is typically superficial observations already made elsewhere by others.

  9. Great coach? You have got to be kidding me. In over a decade he hasn’t been able to comprehend the notion of clock management or equitable distribution of the run/pass. He has a horrible track record of drafting players. He always thinks hes smarter than the rest of the world which has become abundantly clear this year when he lobbied to have an offensive line coach become his defensive coordinator. He doesn’t have the respect of all his players or the fans. He always gives the same generic answers for his actions and gets mad at journalists who ask him reasonable questions. The guy cant even get his own household in order. If it wasn’t for an owner who loves him and one of the greatest defensive coordinators that ever lived (R.I.P. Jim Johnson) then he would have been out on his @$$ years ago.

  10. Philly fans are the most entitled of any fan base. Most teams would love a coach who has put as many wins and playoff appearances as Reid. Who would you rather have? Its not like Tomlin or Belicheck are waiting in the wings. Reid is a good coach and the best option for the Eagles.

  11. Every loss this year was against teams with winning records. There wins are against teams with losing records.
    Fire the bum… And take vic the pos with him!

  12. Great Coach?

    Seriously??!!?…Great coaches are coaches who have WON something….and that doesn’t mean regular season games…13 years and he’s 0-13 in what matters. This is a team that has never won a Super Bowl not that it should matter as every team should have one goal…winning the Super Bowl. In fairness Reid came close once back in 2004 but since then it’s been a slow decline.
    He needs to go somewhere where they’re happy just being competitive not ever being champions. (Minnesota?)

  13. are there any more harbaughs left? i believe jim zorn is available. seriously tho, getting close all the time with one sb appearance would drive me bonkers.

  14. “Whether Eagles fans like or not, that makes a lot of sense.” – Ah, yet another national dope writer who knows nothing about the city of Philadelphia (and I’m sure has never been to Philly, or the Vet back in the day) wants to preach that they know better to Philadelphia fans. Let me guess Rosenthal, Philly fans “never appreciated Donovan McNabb” as well? Keeping Reid around if we go 6-10 makes NO sense, unless you want to go into year #14 with no Super Bowl. When will you national media people get a clue?

  15. He’s a good coach with questionable game planning. And he’s not good with in game adjustments. Other than that I think he’s the perfect fit for the Eagles. Who else is available that could come in and takeover as head coach without trying to change the entire team to fit their coaching style?

  16. Eagle teams win like 900 to 1 games in which they rush a certain amount of times/yds yet he is constantly passing. He made Castillo the dc. He said Kolb was the man, but it had to be apparent that Vick was back and better than ever. He should have made Lurie give T.O. his money and made another run @ the Superbowl. Reid is expendable. And put Castillo back where he knows what he’s doing, ’cause it’s not defense. Great coaches win Superbowls.

  17. Oh goodie, nothing like knowing that 350 lb dead weight of a coach is gonna stay as long as he wants. Come on Lurie, grow some stones and clean house (meaning getting rid of Roseman and Banner along with Reid and start over).

  18. Reid never was and never will be a great coach. He is a great quarterbacks coach and offensive mind but thats about it. He is horrible at time management and gameday playcalling and adjusting. McNabb, Kolb and Vick were his choices and all 3 will never win a super bowl. They will win some games and excite never take a team to the promised land. Reid = OVERATED.

  19. ravens, sf, lions, changed coaches and things get better. even tommlin in pittsburgh has done a real good job. changing the coach can be positive. fisher in tennesee was getting stale, billick too.

  20. Ron Wolf said his biggest mistake as the Packers GM was not hiring Andy Reid to replace Holmgren after the 98 season. This guy is a top caliber head coach that if not for McNabb could very well have 2 -3 Superbowl rings.

  21. What’s the definition again of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, right? C-ya next year coach.

  22. As an Eagles fan, we don’t give Andy enough credit. You KNOW that if Lurie fired him, he’d be in Washington or Dallas the next day.

  23. The other question is, could Chuckie come in and repeat what he did in Tampa? Win with some one else’s team? I’d enjoy seeing that, but we’d need Monte Kiffen as the D-Coord.

  24. Reid is Bill Cowher until 2005, just rounder and a few hours east. Lots of wins, lots of conference title games, no super bowl wins and only one appearance. Maybe like The Chin, he’ll finally win one title.

  25. Using the fact that he’s never won a Super Bowl as an argument is moronic. Most coaches haven’t won a Super Bowl. In fact, most haven’t even been. Reid lost one close one (to a team that was cheating) but some how he’s an awful coach. I actually saw one Eagles fan say that they should extend an offer to Jeff Fischer. I’m not going to bother explaining the stupidity of that. I hope the Eagles do fire Reid so he can escape that absurd, obnoxious fan base.

  26. Roseman learned to be a GM playing madden. Bring in a new GM in the offseason and clean house. Andy has been a great coach, but it is time to move in a new direction with whole new staff.

  27. Combined record of opponents they’ve faced so far: 28-12.


    The Rams and Redskins combined have 12 losses. The actual record of their opponents is 36-28. Take out the Eagles games and their combined record is 31-25.

  28. derekjetersmansion says:
    Nov 12, 2011 10:06 PM
    You guys do realize that only 1 team wins every year, right?

    I’d much rather go 10-6 with a chance every year, then 14-2 then 3-13 then 9-7.
    I would much rather actually win the Super Bowl. But I guess “commitment to competitiveness” works for some people.

  29. Simple way to put this, if John Fox can walk from horrible coaching (although he seemed to be a really good guy, that doesn’t always work in coaching) in Carolina the last couple years right into another head coaching job, then Reid can take any of the soon to be available teams he wants if he were let go at the end of the season.

  30. thesmartest1 says:
    Nov 12, 2011 7:05 PM
    Great coach. If the team stops turning it over all will be fine.
    Calling Reid a “great coach” cheapens the phrase and is an insult to coaches that have achieved true greatness.

  31. Ashley is not always spot on, but she is about this. Lurie and Banner have no reason to get rid of Reid; the place sells out every week, Eagle fans keep buying untold amounts of merchandise, and Lurie and Banner are smart enough to give lip service to how heartbroken they are when the Eagles are bounced in the first round that they don’t offend anybody. But that’s the whole point, Andy isn’t what’s keeping them from winning a title, indeed , they got lucky on him, the average caliber coach they would get if they got rid of Reid is a guy like Ray Rhodes, because they don’t want to relinquish control of the football operation. Andy is politic enough to put Joe and Jeff in the room on draft day and give them jobs; he knows exactly how to handle them. So it isn’t that the Eagles won’t win a title with Reid, it’s they won’t win with Lurie and that’s a much longer term problem. But I’m an Eagles fan, so I’ll keep hope alive, at least until after next week’s game with the Giants.

  32. Hey Philly fans wanting Reid gone. Who do you want instead? Do’t give the BS copout answer of “anyone is better than Reid”. Name a coach. And let’s name one that has a shot in hell of coming to Philly. There’s MAYBE 3-4 coaches who are better than Reid. Tomlin, Bellichek, Coughlin, and who else? And you aren’t getting ANY of those guys. So who do you suggest? The chin? Ain’t happening. Parcels? Nope. Del Rio? LOL.

    Philly fans always regret what they wish for. You wanted Vick to start and now you want him out.

  33. Can one actually debate Skip Bayless? Doesn’t “debate” imply some form of intelligent exchange of ideas, rather than the mindless, uninspired drivel that Bayless spouts on a regular basis? Or is “debating Skip Bayless” a euphemism for literally beating one’s head against a brick wall until one is knocked unconscious?

    If you are trying to praise her work, maybe set the bar a little higher. One of those birds that bobs its head up and down could debate Skip Bayless (and, 7 out of 10 times, win the debate).

  34. The most frustrating thing about Reid is his (and management’s) complete inability to see his own weaknesses and plan accordingly. Every week, the Eagles lose 3-7 points with their atrocious clock mismanagement alone. Then you have the ubiquitous wasted timeouts, the buffoonish use/misuse of replay challenges, the stupid wildcat gadget crap that ruins the momentum of a good drive, the failure to commit to the run, the hubris to promote the OL coach to Defensive Coordinator, and the stubbornness to try (unsuccessfully) to prove at any cost that they could win without any talent at linebacker. It’s the same problems year after year after year, and that is inexcusable.

  35. I’ve been an Eagles fan for over 20 years. The other Eagle fans on this site that say firing Andy would be good make me sick. Maybe we can get Rich K or Ray R again there were some great years. The only thing we need is a new DC and upgrade the linebackers. And I hope any of the people that were talking about Vick are not Eagle fans last year he was the savior now a POS please sometimes this city drives me crazy with stupid s&@t like that. If god forbid he took us to a SB this year all the haters would be on his jock. Some people don’t know when they got a good thing. I for one don’t want to rebuild or go back to the old days KEEP REID HERE

  36. It’s hilarious to me that rosenthal is delusional enough to actually look down on real journalists. The “talking heads” he so flippantly refers to on ESPN typically have 15+ years of journalistic experience.

    Oh, I should clarify what that means: NOT writing an consistently biased, over-the-top blog.

    And let’s be honest, surely you got this job through nepotism or cryonism; if you got it legitimately I’d hate to see the other candidates.

  37. “Perfect! As a Giant Fan, I love it. Keep Andy around as long as you want.”
    Wow considering Andy’s record against the Giants this has to be the most moronic comment of the year on this site.

  38. “Oh goodie, nothing like knowing that 350 lb dead weight of a coach is gonna stay as long as he wants. Come on Lurie, grow some stones and clean house (meaning getting rid of Roseman and Banner along with Reid and start over).”
    Oh goodie more idiocy from the drooling mouthbreathers.

  39. marshmont says:
    Nov 12, 2011 10:32 PM
    ravens, sf, lions, changed coaches and things get better.


    What actually happened in San Fransisco might be instructive to Philadelphia fans. It wasn’t that SF made one coaching change and everything was great. SF made one coaching change and ended up in coaching hell for a decade.

    Mariucci was fired after getting to the Divisional Playoffs in 2002 because of the feeling that Mariucci could not get the team to the Super Bowl. They were 10-6 that year, 12-4 the year before.

    They fired him and the 49ers hired Erickson and they were 7-9 the next year and 2-14 the year after that. And then began the desperate search for a solution with Nolan up next and then Singletary after that.

    I think it’s easy when you’re sitting in the situation with a long time coach and no championships to think the grass is greener. But no coach is infallible and there are probably deeper problems on your team that a coach isn’t going to magically fix.

    Andy Reid obviously has flaws as he tends to pass more then most coaches in the league even when he has a good run game, but he has strengths too. He seems to have a nack of making average Quarterbacks look good… consider McNabb, Kolb, and Vick. Vick’s completion percentage went up 10% under Reid. Jeff Garcia had a career resurgence when he went to the Eagles.

    Good coaches are hard to come by. Eagles fans may regret casting off a coach who has a 120-77-1 record when they see how little is actually out there.

  40. brmorgen82 says: Nov 12, 2011 9:10 PM

    “Whether Eagles fans like or not, that makes a lot of sense.” – Ah, yet another national dope writer who knows nothing about the city of Philadelphia (and I’m sure has never been to Philly, or the Vet back in the day) wants to preach that they know better to Philadelphia fans. Let me guess Rosenthal, Philly fans “never appreciated Donovan McNabb” as well? Keeping Reid around if we go 6-10 makes NO sense, unless you want to go into year #14 with no Super Bowl. When will you national media people get a clue?

    Not so fast. I’m an Eagles fan, and everything you just quoted is exactly right. I don’t want Lurie listening to Eagles fans. AT ALL. If Pittsburgh fans ran Cowher out of town after 13 years, they’d have missed out on that Super Bowl. But they knew that you can’t win the Super Bowl without getting to the playoffs, and getting to the playoffs consistently gives you the best chance.

    And what exactly does having been to Philly or been to the Vet mean when it comes to having an informed, intelligent opinion about the team? That would be nothing.

  41. Andy is so yesterday. After 13 years, people have figured his pass-obsessed offense out (actually, they did that a long time ago). His clock management is beyond awful. No lead is safe. The fourth quarter belongs to the other team. We are helpless in the red zone.

    Still, I believe Lurie will give him another year regardless. After all, as Joe Banner tells us, to do the same thing you’ve always done and expect different results is insane. We’re all in with this guy.

  42. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense to keeo him until his contract expires. History shows he’s done very well and had plenty of playoff appearances, making him a pretty solid revenue generator. If you fire him, you pay out his deal AND pay the new coach. Letting him ride it out you maximize cash intake over paying out, plus you get that extra time to evaluate coordinators around the league, former head coaches, and even college coaches for your list of candidates. So, speaking from a business standpoint, it’s cheaper to keep him.

  43. nfl fan says:
    Nov 12, 2011 8:20 PM

    Perfect! As a Giant Fan, I love it. Keep Andy around as long as you want.

    Yeah, because losing 6 out of your last 7 games to Reid is something to be proud of…use some logic next time…

  44. I love all these out-of-towners that want to stick up for Reid. Get a clue, you are all writing ohh if they just did this, or if they just picked up a few LBs in the offseason, or if they would have only signed a reputable DC all of this wouldnt be happening….PEOPLE….REID RUNS THE SHOW, all these things you are saying they should have done, were not done because REID DIDNT DO THEM. He doesnt believe linebackers are an important aspect of a team, he doesnt believe safeties are important, he doesnt think that you need a top notch DC because he thinks he is SMARTER THAN EVERYONE!
    We are sick of it, if you want him as your coach you can have him. And I am sooooo sick of the “you could do so much worse” attitude…did anyone know that Mike Tomlin, Mike Smith, Mike McCarthy, ETC ETC ETC would be good coaches before they were given their opportunity? NOOOOO, they were all under appreciated coordinators or assistant coaches that have excelled with their opportunity.
    Come be a Eagles fan for 20+ years and live the Eagles day in day out before you tell US what WE should think, do, or say, or how we we are wrong for thinking what we do…worry about your own teams

  45. Did Ashley Fox get this crap from Peter King???

    Fox is wrong about Reid, but King is even more wrong to compare Reid to Bill Cowher back in 2005.

    Cowher at that time went to two AFC Championship games and a divisional playoff in the previous four years!!!

  46. Just a hint to all you egirl fans
    If your lucky enough to come to the home of Champions next week stop into the Legacy Club
    You will see what great coaching is all about
    There you will see three VL Trophies that is what a good coach gets your team

    As far as the Chin goes you will see him on the sidelines twice a year when he and the Giants kick your butts.

    TC is about done he got us our Trophy and he is ready to walk away a winner.
    Andy has gotten Philly nothing but a couple more kids in jail

  47. weneversaiddreamteam says: Nov 13, 2011 9:21 AM

    Come be a Eagles fan for 20+ years and live the Eagles day in day out before you tell US what WE should think, do, or say, or how we we are wrong for thinking what we do…worry about your own teams.

    Okay, have it your way. I’m 41 and I’ve been watching the Eagles since before the FIRST time they lost a Super Bowl. And you’re wrong for thinking what you do.

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