Get to know Patrick Peterson

The Cardinals have won two games in 2011.  The decisive points in each game were scored by rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson, via punt return.

But since his team is struggling and he doesn’t play quarterback, Peterson isn’t getting as much attention as other 2011 rookies.

So here’s a chance to get to know him.  Peterson visited with PFT Live on Friday.  He talked about his game-winning punt return from Week Nine and various other issues.

You can also download Friday’s show — and every show — on iTunes.  It’s the perfect thing to listen to while you’re working your way through the list of all of the stuff you have to do around the house so that you can settle in for 12 hours of NFL football on Sunday.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

3 responses to “Get to know Patrick Peterson

  1. As someone who is an Arizona fan, this guy is gonna be the next Antrel Rolle. He’s WAY to full of himself and he has done nothing more than be a decent returner. He’s getting TORCHED on passing plays and if Arizona wouldn’t have lost a cornerback early on, he would be playing nickel and that’s it.

  2. Awesome kick returner. Bad corner. Arizona needs help on defense. This guy gets all the headlines cause he is scoring more than Kolb

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