Hanson not talking about how he injured his knee


As MDS pointed out Friday, the Lions are dealing with injuries both to kicker Jason Hanson and punter Ryan Donahue.  Hanson, who is listed as probable for Sunday at Chicago, has a left knee injury that he suffered during the bye week.

How did he do it?  Hanson isn’t saying much about it.

I don’t think I was being an idiot,” Hanson said, via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News, which perhaps should be the subtitle of the next Jackass movie.

Now that we’ve established Hanson isn’t an idiot, his explanation of an injury that apparently had something to do with an ATV was a little, shall we say, idiotic.

“To say that it was an ATV conveys something that it’s not,” Hanson said.  “I’m not even sure what classifies as an all-terrain vehicle.  But I was not out riding a four-wheeler and goofing around when this happens.  I was with my kids, so as far as the other details, I don’t feel like sharing.”

In other words, I wasn’t being an idiot, and you’ll have to just take my word for it.

“The risk factor for what I was doing is about one or two,” Hanson said.  “I mean, I’m angry.  This is an important week, but I also just throw my hands up in the air — what can you do?”

What the Lions did was try to see if Donahue could add placekicking to punting.  And Donahue became the next domino to fall, suffering a strained quad while trying to kick field goals.

The Donahue injury prompted the Lions to bring in three punters for workouts:  Matt Dodge, Glenn Pakulak, and Robert Malone.  The Lions signed Malone.

“It’s terrible timing,” Hanson said. “I can’t believe it happened and I feel super sorry.  It really is a terrible week for this to happen.  But my guilt level is pretty low.  I didn’t feel like I was doing anything irresponsible or putting myself at any risk.”

So Hanson says the risk factor was one or two, but Hanson also says he wasn’t putting himself at any risk.  It sounds like he knows in his heart that whatever he was doing he shouldn’t have been doing.  If he hadn’t been doing it, the risk factor would have been zero, and it’s not unreasonable for a team that pays a guy to use his body to expect the guy to take as much care of it as possible during the season.

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  1. Written like an attorney who follows football. Once a dirty scum-sucking parasite, always dirty scum-sucking parasite. 🙂

  2. A 1 or 2 risk factor and we won’t give the particulars? Could it be the “wild thing?”

    I hope Hanson is healed by Turkey day. Both teams need to be at full strength so there won’t be any excuses.

  3. Can’t fault the guy for playing with his kids, things happen. Yeah its a bad week for it, but how many fathers don’t take time for the children. I’m a life long lions fan and am not upset at all by this. If he was out doing something illegal or something stupid, then that’s different. He was playing with his kids during his week off. At least he takes time for them.

  4. I’m not even a Lions fan, but hey give the guy a break. He’s put in many years in the NFL. Just because he’s a kicker shouldn’t be a reason doubt him. He got hurt. Life happens. Get well, Lions will need ya for stretch run.

  5. Hanson has nearly 90 points in standard fantasy football leagues, thats pretty good for a kicker. Like many, i shall now be scrounging last minute for a replacement.

    And didnt he need stitches of all things. I mean there a millions of stupid accidents a day that no one could see coming that involve stitches.

  6. Yes, whenever he’s not on the football field, he should be preserving himself in a humidor.

    FOOTBALL IS GOD!!!!!!!!

  7. We’re talking about a kicker right? I’d bet the average fan couldn’t name more than 10 kickers in the NFL. Would this even be a story before fantasy football?

    Kicker gets hurt, bring in canidates A and B then hire one. If they get hurt, repeat the process.

    I think I could even kick in a dome.

  8. “To say that it was an ATV conveys something that it’s not,” Hanson said. “I’m not even sure what classifies as an all-terrain vehicle. But I was not out riding a four-wheeler and goofing around when this happens. I was with my kids, so as far as the other details, I don’t feel like sharing.”

    It’s unbelievable that this actually came out of an American’s mouth.

  9. What’s the risk of getting out of bed, 1 or 2? Maybe he should stay in bed all week and then be wheeled down for the game where the only time he’s upright is to kick FG’s. “It sounds like he knows in his heart that whatever he was doing he shouldn’t have been doing. ” “It sounds like…”???? Is your job to write a factually based article or to assess things and form opinions? Is this PFT or Dear Abby? Talk about what other people “shouldn’t” have been doing? I say you shouldn’t have written this garbage article, or the 1,000’s you’ve preceded this one with.

  10. I think Hanson deserves a little slack. He holds the record for most games played with a single team. Yea mabey he shouldn’t have been skrewing around on an ATV, but word is the injury was to his left (non-kicking) leg so he should be good to go. That said I still wish the Lions would have held on to Dave” Rayner as a backup. He did well for us last season and I don’t think anyone but the Bears wants to see Suh kicking our extra points… >.>

  11. Rumor has is a dirty player named sue was told Hanson found some HGH and was going to dispose of it. That enraged sue,( because he is fresh out) he chased him down, tackled him, and injured his knee. The loins are just covering the story up with an “ATV” story.

  12. It is unreasonable for a 20 year kicker to refuse to explain to his teammates and fans how he hurt his leg during the bye week. He’s obviously embarrassed about it and concerned that disclosing the details will portray him in an unfavorable light. That’s why he’s trying to hide the facts.

    Whether he was with his kids is irrelevant. He owes his team, teammates and fans a simple explanation about what he did to injure himself before one of the team’s biggest games of the year. Being “super sorry” is not enough.

  13. He’s been out Captain for eons, playing week in and week out….even through 0-16 campaigns. If he needs a week off, so be it – Detroit loves Hanson!

  14. Someone already said golf cart. I agree. I also think one of his kids was driving and rolled it…thus he’s not talking for the kids sake.

  15. Another Lion who seems to be losing focus ….. You play football during the season ….. The off-season is for everything else ……

    Regardless, it really is a moot point …. The Lions are going down starting Sunday against the Bears …… The equation representing the Lion’s 2011 is pretty simple ……. 6-2 + 2-6 = 8-8 ……

  16. Are we ABSOLUTELY sure Matt Millen has left the building? This is just the kind of thing that has driven Lions fans mad over the years.

    Well, if they’re not sure about being able to get 3 points they will just have to settle for 7 each time. Go sic ’em!

  17. Reads as if he was playing with his kids and got hurt. Questioning a person’s thought process for playing with his kids is lower than low.

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