Jerry Jones: David Buehler is to blame for his own injury


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is laying into the team’s injured kicker, David Buehler.

On Wednesday Buehler aggravated the groin injury that has been plaguing him this season, and on Thursday the Cowboys put Buehler on injured reserve.

Then, on his 105.3 FM radio show on Friday, Jones suggested that the injury was all Buehler’s fault for failing to properly prepare himself.

“Let me just say this, I’m frustrated because you would expect players to, and I understand injuries, but he has known all along how to prepare and how to get into shape and how to prepare himself and be ready to be a kicker,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News.

Jones didn’t say exactly what he thinks Buehler should have been doing differently to keep himself healthy, but he did say that the whole point of having Buehler on the roster was that with the new kickoff rules, the Cowboys were counting on Buehler to regularly get touchbacks. Now that’s not going to happen.

“It’s frustrating to have your kicker injured,” Jones said. “He’s a valuable asset, especially with the rules as they are right now. We’re going to be playing some key away games out in the weather and we’d like to have him kicking in them because he is a better kickoff guy than [Dan] Bailey. I’m very frustrated. It is his job to stay ready to play and prepare himself so that those kinds of things, for what he’s got to do, don’t come up.”

Those comments about Buehler are just the latest reminder that as long as Jerry Jones is signing the paychecks in Dallas, he’s not going to hesitate to call out anyone on the Cowboys’ payroll.

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of people over the years say that Jerry Jones was just like Al Davis. Both like to dip their hands in the coaching, personnel decisions, and operations on game day.

    Say what you will about Al Davis, but he would have never gone on a radio show to throw Sebastian Janikowski under a bus.

  2. Or, perhaps, he was reinjured because he felt pressured and rushed by Jerry Jones to get back on the field for said away games. The owner can’t even let the physios and trainers do their jobs without meddling. Pathetic.

  3. I’ve read his comments three times now and I still can’t figure what the hell he is trying to say.

    How does one prepare to not be injured? Some of the most highly conditioned athletes in the world get injured.

    And if you are going to accuse someone of something, accuse them of it. He talks around and around hoping we’ll all figure what he is trying to say without him actually saying it.

    Maybe he should run for office.

  4. Maybe some of these injuries could have been prevented if the owners would have let the players have access to the trainers instead of locking them out. I’ve heard many players express frustration and delayed return times because they couldn’t meet with their team trainers.

  5. Maybe some of these injuries could have been prevented if the players didn’t insist on having practically no practice and no contact during the week.

  6. You can afford to be critical of the kickoff specialist when your FG kicker is 20 of 21. I think the real reason Jones is pissed off is because Buehler can’t stay healthy long enough for him to be cut without an injury settlement.

  7. as a 24 year old Dallas Cowboys football fan… I can honestly tell you that I don’t expect my team to do anything until I’m around 40 years old.

    You know it’s the truth.

  8. It’s the Cowboys. They have been a .500 team over the last decade. People cover this team like it’s the mid 90’s and Trow Aikman is still their QB. I’m tired of CBS and FOX broadcasting the Cowboys here in NH every Sunday.

  9. Make sure to tune in to JJ’s next 105.3 FM radio show! You’ll never guess who Jerry’s going to humiliate next!

  10. Hopefully J.J. is llaying the blame on himself for having such a crappy team. Isn’t this the same kicker that had more bench press reps than most LB’s at the combine? What a mess this team is!

  11. Say what you will about Al Davis in his later years but he knew about winning professional football games in the 70s and 80s. Jerry Jones thinks that playing college ball 40 years ago and being rich somehow makes him qualified to be an NFL GM. Until he swallows his pride (will never happen), the Cowboys will never be a true threat to win another Super Bowl.

    The best owners know what they don’t know, get out of the way and let football people do their jobs.

  12. Cowboy’s are over rated. The national media crowns them champs every year. I’m sick and tired of it. Let’s put it to rest, they suck!

  13. The Cowpies will never make it to another SB,as long as JJones thinks he and his Son know anythng about NFL football and think they are GM material. His big ego made him fire Jimmy Johnson and that was the end of Cowpie sucess under Jones ! The Cowpies were never America’s team ,so most NFL fans won’t care that Jones has ruined the team , most will be glad.(Maybe they are South America’s team ? lol )

  14. and my team the bills lost their kicker last week for tacking a jet and preventing a touchdown!!!!! jerry acts like only hurt kickers for dallas matter…the bills had to sign a kicker off the scrap heap this week to play against dallas………..go bills!

  15. You’ve got to ask yourself Jerry – would Dan Rooney ever in his life even think of doing something like this? Art Rooney II? No? Then its probably completely foolish.

    Control your emotions. Hire a good GM, and be a good owner.

  16. Everyone, relax its ok. Let Jerry keep doing his thing and the media doing its thing. As long this happens both will continue thinking everything is at it should be and nothing will change, the Cowboys will remain a .500 team.

  17. This article is the reason the Cowboys have this imaginary “Americas team” label. I’ve never seen one topic on this site or any site for that matter about a punter, but b/c Jerry Jones makes a comment it’s newsworthy. The 90’s are over. No one outside of Dallas cares about this team. Especially with NFL Ticket, I can watch my team instead of a unwatchable “sexy” Cowboys team. Enough already.

  18. Yet another ill-informed assumption by a loud-mouthed, micro-managing control freak who knows dick about football. Enjoy your time in dregs, Plowboys. I know I will.

  19. mrbluedevil04 says:Nov 12, 2011 2:45 PM

    @forthelove Jerry Jones is an idiot when it comes to football decisions at the NFL level…



  20. “Say what you will about Al Davis, but he would have never gone on a radio show to throw Sebastian Janikowski under a bus.”
    Of course he wouldn’t. It would take the strength of several men to throw that fatass Polack under a bus and then he wouldn’t even fit!

  21. As a pat’s fan I know we have a pretty bad rest of the year left to endure thanks to BB. But I feel a lot better when I realize how fortunate we are to have the antithesis of Jerry Jones as an owner. It would be awful to suck AND have a complete ass for an owner.

  22. Jerry Jones’ leadership skills continue to amaze and mystify. As a Packers fan, keep it up, Jerry, and keep driving your toy into the ground with poor decisions, all the way from player procurement to coaching hires to opening your mouth.

  23. “Say what you will about Al Davis, but he would have never gone on a radio show to throw Sebastian Janikowski under a bus.”

    What an absolutely a55inine coment to make. Davis routinely went public to rant and vilify coaches who disagreed with him. Kiffin looks pretty smart right now.

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