NFL players, coaches with Penn State connections can expect to be questioned, at some point


The Penn State scandal represents primarily, if not exclusively, a horrendous example of the manner in which the caretakers of a major college football program can choose taking care of the program over taking care of the young victims of warped and twisted criminal actions. As a result, we’ll be deferring most of the coverage to the folks at CFT, who have been all over ever angle of the story.

But there will be an inevitable NFL connection.  As various investigations are launched, whether by Penn State, one or more agencies of the federal government, or the civil litigation process, anyone who passed through the football program while Jerry Sandusky was employed or otherwise had access to the facility can expect to hear from someone who is trying to find out what was seen, heard, rumored, whispered, and/or suspected.

Some may not want to be involved.  49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman, a 2010 draft pick from Penn State, isn’t talking about anything relating to the scandal.  (Depending on the powers of the investigators, they may have no choice.)  Others, like Pro Football Hall of Famer Franco Harris, will be inclined to stubbornly and unequivocally support Joe Paterno, even if it means ignoring common sense.  Harris, who appeared last night on Darren Rovell’s VERSUS show, blames Paterno’s superiors for failing to handle properly the information that Paterno relayed to them from then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary.

But Paterno was the superior.  Paterno was the program.  In many ways, Paterno was Penn State.  His failure to express any basic human curiosity about the details of what had happened in his locker room or the outcome of any investigation regarding the situation represents deeply flawed judgment at best, deliberate turf protection at worst.  Though any conspiracy quite possibly consisted only at most of knowing glances, the folks who received the information from Paterno surely were smart enough to know that involving external forces would be inviting the very disruption and humiliation that one of the proudest (some would use stronger, and less charitable, terms) universities in the nation is now experiencing.

In the end, failure to do the right thing delayed that disruption and humiliation for nine years.  The question now becomes how long the delay really was.  The only way to find out is to go all the way back to Sandusky’s arrival, and work forward with care, zeal, and transparency.

As that process encompasses men with NFL connections, we’ll provide updates as warranted.  Until then, the place to stay on the cutting edge of all relevant information regarding this story is CFT.

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40 responses to “NFL players, coaches with Penn State connections can expect to be questioned, at some point

  1. Still an interesting fact that goes with all this hanas chrime against children. The man acussed Sandusky is like a second thought here. There have been many many in the last 15 years that could have stopped this and did little, from police to prosecutors to even a investager hearing sandusky try to ask for forgiveness. None of these people did more and had the legal means to do it. Yet Penn State as a university is getting the plunt end of this. Where was the media freenzy when this first broke when a mother reported the action of SANDUSKY? Where was the media when a prosecutor said don’t do this agian OK? Where is the pictures of all that came before last week?

  2. It’s too bad that the cult of personality and hero worship surrounding Paterno and Penn State blinds so many to what is right. There’s a wide gulf between doing what meets a legal minimum and doing what is morally right. As a father and grandfather, I can’t wrap my head around the idea of seeing or knowing about a child being anally raped and not moving heaven and earth to see justice done. I don’t care if the perpetrator was my brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather, coach, teacher, whatever. I’d tear the Effer limb from limb and raise such a stink with the authorities and media that they couldn’t ignore it or sweep it under the rug.
    The warped values and action on display at the Penn State campus are shameful and disgusting.

  3. Paterno’s plausible deniability is about as credible as when Pakistan said they had no idea bin Laden was living down the street from their military academy. For crying out loud, Sandusky was molesting kids in the locker room showers. There is no way people didn’t know what was going on.

  4. Forget any meaningful judgments from the PA courts system. Many of the judges are alumni, no doubt. Who knows how far this coverup extends? Send them all to Texas to answer to the Alamo Bowl allegations and I promise they will all be dealt with.

  5. Wow Bowman. Would you like anyone who knew of your brother being molested to not say anything? Raider fans rent the house and are on section 8 so the rent is cheap. Niners fans spent their money on an oversized house, unnecessary cars and gave their E popping kids unlimited credit cards and are all bring forclosed on.

  6. I’m so tired of everyone blaming paterno. He was not a good guy by any means. But his superiors were suppose to be just that, superiors. They are to blaim for their lack of action. JoePa was just the face.

  7. I am tired of this story focusing on Joe Paterno. Lets put the story back on the man who did despicable things to young defenseless boys-Jerry Sandusky. It seems to me Sandusky has been given a pass by the press and he should be the one the press investigates even more. I am sure his “story” is a lot uglier then the public knows.

  8. First, let me say I understand by the Board of Trustees ousted JoePa. This thing is far bigger than him or any one official at this point. A statement had to be made. But as I’ve said recently, I can’t shake the feeling that Paterno is being scapegoated here. There is a lot of misinformation out there about what he knew, when he knew it, and about the proper procedures under PA law. I am a JoePa fan, but not an apologist. So consider that when reading on:

    1. Multiple sources corroborate that Paterno did not know about the accusations until 2002. He did not know “for 15 years.”

    2. Paterno did not witness the alleged crime. He was informed about it the next day. He immediately called two of his superiors, as is the proper procedure not only under University Admin policy, but under PA law.

    3. At the time of the report, Sandusky was not a member of the Penn State staff. He had access to the facilities. Apparently, he didn’t speak with Paterno much as they had a falling out a few years back. JoePa may have “been” Penn State, but he didn’t manage the facilities. After the report, Sandusky’s facilities access was very restricted. He was no longer allowed in bathrooms or, I believe, locker rooms.

    4. Here’s the question: What was Paterno told by the AD, VP of Finance, and President? Apparently there was an investigation that was closed, and the campus police were involved. If he was told that, and Sandusky no longer worked for him, what was he to do? Call the police? I don’t know about that. In hindsight, it’s easy to say he should have. But in that situation…a man you’ve known for 30 years and who vehemently denies the accusations..a man that truly fooled everyone as multiple people report…a man who is not part of your staff…and whom you’ve reported to your superiors? I don’t know. I am not saying he definitely made the right decision, but I think I can understand how he made the one he did.

    Oh, and I agree…it’s a shame that the focus has been on Paterno and the University instead of the sick, twisted Hell-bound bastard that committed these heinous acts. God bless the victim’s and their families.

  9. For the past 10 years I’ve been hearing from the media that Paterno was just a figurehead with no real power. Now I’m hearing that he was the program and Penn State. Make up your damn minds.

    Despite all of the media’s BS Paterno was just the head coach, and his powers as a head coach were dwindling by the year. Even he had superiors and the superiors that he told even had power in the campus police, which have the same powers as any other police force. There are chains of command for a reason and Paterno followed it.

    How bout crucifying the RIGHT person for a change? It’s sick that the media has twisted this so that there is more hate for Paterno then there is for Sandusky.

  10. On-the-ground morality doesn’t do well within authoritarian structures that hire people who are loyal to a fault. Telling your superior is the standard. Hands washed, back to work, business as usual.

    McQueary and everyone else involved fully deserves what they’ll hopefully be getting and Penn State will be lucky to survive.

    I’d like to know if the NCAA knew about any of this.

  11. Paterno kept the donation money rolling in for the last 20 years while he was just kinda there. If a businessman is willing to donate 10k bucks to have his pic taken with paterno at a banquet just so he can hang it on the wall of his office, the univ is more than willing to hang onto someone who quit coaching decades before. He felt it was his program and that he needn’t report to nobody. If Paterno would have done more when he was told about the rape, that would bring negative publicity to the program and that would affect donation monies. Thats why it was covered up

  12. NFL players, coaches with Penn State connections can expect to be questioned, at some point
    It’s a little late to be questioning these people now don’t ya think?. What are they expecting to learn? Either the people will say they don’t know anything or they say they knew about it but did nothing (making themselves somewhat complicit). Which option do you think they will take? This should have been completely handled when the first accusation surfaced. Many are to blame for not stopping this but Sandusky is the monster. McCleary is not much better since he observed the rape of a child and cowardly walked away. The authorities should prosecute all that they can and the NCAA needs to sanction the university and help take care of the victims.

  13. >God bless the victim’s and their families.

    It’s a little late for that. I wonder how many victims and families believe that Joe Pa and the other Penn State employees who knew but didn’t deal with it effectively are clear of blame.

  14. Whats the point of questioning the players? Penn State has as much credibility right now as those wackos in charge in Iran. We know that Paterno was told that a young boy was being sexually abused in his locker room. I highly doubt McCleary gave him a PG version of what he saw. Even if he did, Joe Paterno is the coach and the whole program. thats HIS locker room, the same way the locker room at Gillette Stadium is Bill Belicheks.

    How could any human being brush off a young boy being abused by an adult. I dont care how well he knew the person abusing these boys. Paterno is lucky he doesnt get charged in this case. His reputation is destroyed and rightfully so. No need to question players. This was his locker room and he was told what happened. My heart goes out to the victims there is truly nothing worse than harming children

  15. JoePa did deal with it. He reported it to his superiors. In investigations such as this, the person who reports it isn’t made aware of the results of the investigation. You can ask until you run out of breath, but your superiors will not tell you what they found.

    So what was JoePa to do? He had to trust that his bosses handled it the correct way. Paterno has been made the scapegoat here for university officials who didn’t do what THEY were supposed to do.

    In hindsight its easy to say that Joe should’ve done more, but until he was questioned by the grand jury earlier this year he had only a vague idea of what McQueary saw.

    All of you blaming JoePa are either ignorant of the facts or don’t care about them.

    Just for the record, I’m not a Penn State fan or JoePa apologist. When the news first broke, I was pissed at Joe, too, until I did a little research and read the charges against Sandusky and the facts of what Joe knew and when. You self-righteous people need to point the finger where it should be pointed: at the Athletic Director who failed to follow the legal process and report all sexual abuse claims to the proper authorities.

  16. Not a single person here would ever call the cops on someone they knew based simply on hearsay. Anyone who claims they would is a liar or a pile of garbage of a person.

    Child molestation is a very serious matter. Accusing someone of child molestation is an equally serious matter. There is no clearing someone’s name after they have been accused.

    Ben Roethlisberger is branded a “rapist” by many, and he has not been convicted of that or any other crime … nor has he been charged with that or any other crime ever.

    Those types of labels stick, so you don’t toss them around lightly.

  17. To sum up:

    There’s what’s legal and there’s what’s right.

    Paterno didn’t do what’s right.

    Looking the other way is what makes it possible for crimes like these and many others.

    In the coming weeks many others will be asked whether they looked the other way.

    The important thing to take away from this is your own resolve to do what’s right, and not look the other way, when any wrong is being committed.

  18. “I can’t shake the feeling that Paterno is being scapegoated here.”


    Paterno is not the scapegoat. He is the one and only person in this whole mess who is being protected. Read the GJR. You will see that JP claims we wasn’t told that McQueary witnessed Sandusky’s sodomy. Instead JP says he was told that McQueary witnessed Sandusky fondling and doing something of a sexual nature. Anyone who believes that lie needs to have their head examined. Of course McQueary told JP EXACTLY the same thing he told Curley and Schultz, he saw Sandusky having anal sex with a boy. All the testimony was designed to keep JoePa safe from prosecution and preserve his reputation. And he is still lying today when he claims he didn’t know about Sandusky’s sodomy.

    One last thing, as a part of his protection Paterno will not be allowed to speak to reporters. If he makes any public statement it will be a prepared statement, probably written by his lawyer son. At this point in time, it looks as though he won’t be prosecuted. And the only way he could get in trouble (since he won’t talk to reporters) is if one of the other’s involved in the cover-up testify to the truth about Paterno’s complicity.

  19. Not sure why some are holding onto the notion that JoePa properly notified his superiors and that was the end of it. And I don’t want to hear all the “its corroborated that he only knew about this in 2002 and that was it.” Do you really think people are going to through him under the bus? Essentially what you’re saying is that EVERYONE knew about this and was covering it up BUT JoePa? Come on now. Anyone who is looking at this objectively and has actually read the entire indictment can see this cover up was far reaching from top to bottom. Additionally, JoePa didn’t IMMEDIATELY notify his superiors as noted above. A quick look at the timeline, admittedly I’m filling in a couple pieces of the puzzle but it’s a pretty easy conclusion given the rest of the facts.

    1998 when the accusations first service. You get an investigation by the University Police, which just so happen to be under the direction of one of the guys who has also been charge(forget his name off the top of my head). Campus police investigate. Suddenly it goes away. The one PSU admin who oversaw campus police could have easily ordered this dropped. The investigating detective is on record in the indictment as saying that his superiors told him to immediately drop the investigation and look no more into it. Cover up begins. There was more than enough to continue an investigation but the BS line of there not being enough evidence surfaces. The only outside official involved in the investigation to our knowledge was the DA, who conveniently has been missing and presumed dead for 6 years. So this gets covered up, Sandusky suddenly retires in this prime of his career. We’re supposed to believe it’s because he was told he wold never be the head coach of PSU? Come on now. This guy was very marketable and could have had a head coaching job at many D-1 schools. Doesn’t take a genius to see this was swept under the rug, the police were ordered to drop the case, and they forced Sandusky to retire. I’m sure they thought this would all go away then.

    Fast forward to 2002. McQueary sees what he does, seeing it’s Sandusky whom he grew up with being in the PSU community didn’t know what to do(any normal person, or even him had it been no one he knew would have stopped it). Instead he goes and tells his father. Next day they talk to JoePa. JoePa then waits another day(as said right in the indictment) to notify his superiors. It’s then more than a week(during this time no law enforcement is notified) til these superiors even talk to McQueary. It’s then a couple more weeks before they come back to him(this goes against the statement above that JoePa or anyone else wouldn’t have been told what was going on) and tell him that they looked into it and have since told Sandusky he has to return any keys to the facility and isn’t allowed to be around there with children. Do you think JoePa didn’t know about this decision? Do you again think that everyone knows what is going on BUT him? Again they’re sweeping it under the rug, which is even easier this time since no outside authorities are involved. Conveniently soon thereafter McQueary goes from grad assistant to an assistant coach. Maybe to keep him happy/quiet? Conspiracy theory a bit? Sure, but it all seems far too convenient and coincidental with the whole time line. I would have loved to know if the DA got wind of this event, but we’ll never know if he was in the dark and his disappearance a couple years later was purely coincidental. His laptop was recovered from the river lacking it’s hard drive so no one will know what he ma have been working on. Fast forward again to 2008 where again more accusations surface and finally an investigation outside of the college is launched.

    We’re honestly supposed to believe that JoePa was the only person to NOT know and be at least AWARE that this was being covered up? A man that everyone wants to keep saying was so powerful and above everyone there, he was the only one who DIDN’T know? Im in no way a PSU hater or JoePa hater and it’s a shame his legacy ends this way, but the notion that his only involvement was just hearing about this in 2002 and then just “making bad judgement” in his reporting is completely ridiculous. The only way PSU can move forward is to have the entire football staff and entire administrative staff to be removed. Additionally, changes need to be made in the way various police angencies handle certain crimes there. If a police offer were to be accused of something or involved in something, it’s typically investigated outside of the department. Same goes here, an incident like this should have never been handled by university police. Had the Pennsylvania State Police been notified and involved this would have never progressed.

    I will agree JoePa shouldn’t be getting all the heat, but he’s far more involved then just hearing this in 02 and notifying superiors. The lack of action and the desire to preserve the image of PSU’s football team led this sick individual to pray on little boys from his own charity for well over a decade.

  20. “But JoePa did what he was supposed to do! He told his bosses!”.

    I love that “defense”. Paterno WAS the superior. McQueary was the subordinate who witnessed the act, and he reported it to his superior (Paterno)…..who just sent a watered down version of the events up the chain (probably with an admonition to keep it in-house). No coach in history lorded over a school he way Paterno did. Nobody there held more power or more sway. Enjoy the civil suits JoePa, because they’re coming soon to a theater near you. Wouldn’t be surprised if criminal charges eventually come your way as well.

  21. Dang… you couldn’t write a better tragedy if you tried. Paterno and the football program helped take PSU from another state school and made it into one of the most respected schools in the country. But the price???

    I’m sure the administration is praying that the 5 terminations (and McQueary better be next) will be enough. But you are not going to tell me that others didn’t know including the Trustees. An outside special prosecutor (with no ties at all to the school) should be appointed.

    I watched the game in tears. Tears for the victims. Tears for the students and alumni who believed in the integrity of their school and Paterno. Tears even for Paterno who may have lost a lifetime of good works by failing terribly as a human being

  22. I find it highly unlikely that every player that passed through the program in the last 15 years will be contacted and questioned regarding this matter.

  23. Another thought to those who think everyone is unfairly piling on Paterno. Sandusky is sitting jail charged with multiple child sex abuse crimes. Joe is sitting at home in his living-room watching the game on his big screen. Big difference.

  24. Sandusky is not sitting in jail. He’s at his home next door to an elementary school!

    “On Saturday, District Judge Leslie Dutchcot ordered Sandusky freed on $100,000 unsecured bail — meaning he won’t have to post any money unless he doesn’t show up for court.

    Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach charged in the sexual assault of children, lives next to an elementary school.”

  25. These things are never that easy to just report and see the perpetrator punished. As a teacher 8 years ago a student made allegations about a family friend to me. I reported them to the appropriate person. I soon found that no one agency takes responsibility for these things between the school, police and child services the allegations fell though the cracks. The kid acted up, damaged my car, and was expelled. His mum eventually took maters into her own hands and had the guy beat up. She did a 12 month stretch in prison and lost her kids to foster homes. Four years later the guy was sprung with another kid and eventually went down for 12 years for 26 proven counts of sex with a minor. Sex abuse is a hideous crime but as a society we haven’t yet figured out the best way to deal with these situations. We have a lot to learn. Rather than go after Penn State let’s just make sure we learn from this and look after our kids better. The system is too easy fir creeps to exploit.

  26. The Paterno apologists are utterly wrong. It is highly doubtful that further info will come to light exonerating him. Why? Because those who know the most, the university officials, chose to fire him. That tells you all you need to know. Wrongful termination is a serious legal issue. You can’t just fire someone because some voices in the media are calling for it. Paterno could sue for a lot: his salary, his reputation, emotional distress, lost opportunity to become the winningest coach, etc. The University and its lawyers likely have very good evidence that Paterno meaningfully participated in the coverup.
    Contrast that to how they handled McQuery: he got suspended and the university even said it was a complex legal question of his situation. That means he may have fulfilled his duty by reporting it to his superiors and that the University may be open to a legal battle if they were to terminate him.
    Legal issues aside, this is a huge story because raping a child is one of the most horrific crimes imaginable. If that happened to someone you cared about a NORMAL reaction would be to take matters into your own hands with a baseball bat, a gun, a car…whatever it takes. To let the legal process take care of it would require enormous restraint. That is why the average person can not possibly understand the response of Paterno and PSU officials.

  27. Obviously there is plenty blame to go around here but there is a possible scenario that make sense her.

    The way that Penn State is handling McCreary implies to me that he has them by the balls. It appears that McCreary walked in on something that everyone else in power knew about except him. When he called his dad, who is Sandusky’s long time friend, he tells him to get out of there. What father does that? Maybe one who also knew of Sandusky’s heinous act. His dad suggests that they tell JoePa….who does that? His son just witnessed a crime and not a hint of calling the police. JoePa tells his superiors and they meet with McCreary and assure him it will be handled. At this point, McCreary becomes a problem because he is not in the “LOOP” so they have to buy his silence by promotion after promotion.
    IMO, the only person more guilty than McCreary is Sandusky. How does he keep his job, then get paid administrative leave? If everyone else who was directly or indirectly involved (atleast those who have been revealed) is no longer at the University and facing charges? It appears that the Board of Trustees also are a part of this problem as they have retained the man who literally could have stopped this terrible act. This implies to me that McCreary’s silence has been purchased by promises and promotions. Penn State football made $70,000,000 last year, yep 70 million. It is also a bit suspicious that this comes to light immediately after JoePa becomes winningest D1 coach. All of this is FISHY!

  28. This sad, strange trip is just getting started, folks. The more we find out in the coming days and weeks, the more likely that it will dwarf even the shocking things that have already come to light. As you may already be aware, there’s even the possibility of a MURDER being linked to this scandal. (Referring to Ray Gricar, a PA prosecutor who investigated the first Sandusky incident in 1998, then disappeared in 2005 under suspicious circumstances and was declared legally dead earlier this year.)

  29. This is one of those emotional topics where you arent going to change one sides opinion over the other. But I would caution everyone especially the media who have so much control over what readers believe, to be careful of reporting your opinions as facts. Irresponsible reporting can and does lead to mob mentality. Mike you can dislike Franco Harris’s opinions all you want but his opinion is no more invalid than yours. The only difference is you run a web site where you can put his opinion down and belittle him, and Mr. Harris can not refute your opinions.

    Too many in the media behave as if they have all of the facts, when in reality no one does. Child abuse disgusts us all. No one is saying that this situation was handled properly, but we do not know what Mike McQueary told Paterno. We do not know what Paterno told his supervisors, and more importantly we do not know what Mr. Paternos supervisors then came back and told him about the situation. For all we know they told Paterno that there was no evidence and the DA couldnt and wouldnt prosecure. What we do know is Mr. Paterno did inform his superiors and nothing was done by THEM. McQueary observed a man abusing a boy and walked away!.

    For every time I hear Sanduskys name in the news or in an article, I hear Paternos 50 times more. An outsider would assume that Paterno is the molester instead of Sandusky. Lets be realistic about this story. When there is a cause, and we need to rally around said cause, its better to have a face to that cause. Sandusky isnt a known face nor is McQueary’s. But Paterno? Now thats a face and a name to rally against.

    For years the penn state administration has tried to get rid of Paterno, but because the alumni and student body holds paterno in such high regards they couldnt. Media for years has said Paterno should ahve retired because he is purely a figure head, and is practically senile. But now the media is saying that Paterno isnt senile, wasnt a figure head and should have done more, and even more so are saying he controls not only the University, but also controls the District attornys office and the Pennsylvania government??.

    I get it, I understand why its “easier” to blame Paterno, but lets start talking more about Penn States administration lack of action, and the prosecuters lack of action, and Mike McQueary lack of action, and espcially Sandusky’s actions. I’m sickened by this mob mentality. I seriously doubt PFT will allow this post. But at least i got to say it.

  30. @mancave001. I applaud you for distancing yourself from the main stream rhetoric, and looking at this situation objectively. I’ve been hesitent to even voice my opinion on this matter. I fear how people will judge me because i may look at this and have other opinions. It seems as though if I looked at this story from any otehr angle other than Paterno is just as guilty, then people looked at me as if i was saying I condone child abuse.

    Being objective can be a hard thing especially when it comes to sports Fans. (we are Fanatics) Normally I look to established sports reporters and analysts for objectivity. But it seems like every sports station i listen to, and every sports reporter I read is not being objective. To me being objective isnt using hindsight to report. But rather it means having all of the facts before coming to a conslusion and if you dont have all of the facts than using what you do have to draw conslusion(s) and yes there are consclusions. Plural. Since we dont have all of the facts you have to look at all sides and have more than one outcome. If a grad student accuses a man you have known for 30 years of a horrific crime, and there is no evidence, and your very own superiors tell you there is no evidence, and you yourself have never witnessed this man do anything, why would you go to the police? Its easy to look back now knowing what a monster Sandusky is, and say why didnt everyone go straight to the police?. But Sandusky hid this from everyone to include his own wife, so how is a co woker supposed to have known he was a monster? I just ask for people to review facts and be objective. I hear a lot of people say ” I dont have all of the facts, but im just connecting the dots” The problem is you are connecting dots that arent numbered. You can draw any kind of picture you want when the dots arent numbered.

  31. grandpoopah says:
    Nov 12, 2011 11:29 AM
    Paterno’s plausible deniability is about as credible as when Pakistan said they had no idea bin Laden was living down the street from their military academy. For crying out loud, Sandusky was molesting kids in the locker room showers. There is no way people didn’t know what was going on.


    Please, dont include Bin Laden in any reference to a college coaching situation gone wrong. U.S. Foreign policy misadventures and false WMD, and comparison with a truly tragic, and fateful ending to a college career have no place here. If you dont know about BCCI, the Pakistani ISI and CIA connections with Bin Laden please dont comment. Its two completely different things. Bad analogy.

  32. From reading the comments that stick up for Joe:
    If I ever witness a work place rape of a child and tell a boss and not the police and nothing is done about it than I am sure glad to see that there are those who will be understanding.
    If I get fired from my job because of the incident, you’ll have my back. Right?

  33. 12is3times4 says:
    Nov 12, 2011 7:00 PM
    This sad, strange trip is just getting started, folks. The more we find out in the coming days and weeks, the more likely that it will dwarf even the shocking things that have already come to light. As you may already be aware, there’s even the possibility of a MURDER being linked to this scandal. (Referring to Ray Gricar, a PA prosecutor who investigated the first Sandusky incident in 1998, then disappeared in 2005 under suspicious circumstances and was declared legally dead earlier this year.)

    You think a prosecutor only has one, just one, enemy? Honestly?

  34. @packmanfan Bad analogy there Packman. In your sceanario you are McQueary. You actually witnessed the rape, you should have stopped it and immediately called the police. So no I wouldnt have your back buddy.
    I wouldnt defend you at all. You witnessed the rape, you didnt stop it, and even after you reported it to your superior, you hung out with the rapist and went to his chaity events, so obviously you didnt care that your superiors didnt do anythign about it.
    Now if you told me that you never ever witnessed the rape (Paterno) but were simply told that this rape occurred, and yoru superiors fire you, then yes I have your back. Considering it was all hear say then you did exacty what you should have since you had no evidence at all other than a co workers word for it.
    And for the record I am not a Penn St. fan. I dont even care for college football. But I am a big fan of justice, and facts.

  35. Stop and think…but don’t over analyze
    Is Penn State bigger than any coach? Yes
    Is Penn State bigger than any ten year old child? No

    Pass this test and you did think and did not over analyze

    Which father or mother would put Penn State or a preying man or a bunch of “cover our fellow chosen one” over the innocence of an impressionable little kid?

    Don’t get it yet? How about this: how would you feel if you were a ten year old boy stuck in a shower room with Sandusky? You want others to cover for the sick man?

    Anyone with knowledge of this abuse and did not report it to POLICE should be charged. I am sickened by the perps but also all those who cried because Penn State looks bad or those who feel their fine bubble has been trespassed upon. Quit protecting these adults. They knew!!!
    Lastly, I am concerned about the victims right now but agonize much more thinking about how they had to go through their teens having experienced a Sandusky assault.

    Keep it simple. Predator. Mandatory reporters. Humanity. Little kids.

  36. sepl12 says:Nov 12, 2011 11:33 AM

    I’m so tired of everyone blaming paterno.


    Your naivete about Ped State and how much control that JoPed had there is stunningly obvious…

    And I hope you have a son…

  37. To help all the Paterno apologists accept reality do yourself a favor and read the grand jury presentment.

    The grand jury found McQueary’s testimony to be extremely credible.

    The grand jury found Curley’s and Schultz’s testimony to be not credible because they watered down what McQueary told them.

    JoPa did the exact same thing as Curley and Schultz, yet there was no judgment rendered on the credibility of his testimony. Why?

    Does anyone really believe McQueary didn’t tell JoPa exactly what he saw? Does anyone really believe JoPA didn’t say WTF, let me hear that again?

    Everyone leaving a comment on this situation would, if they were in JoPa’s position , asked detailed questions of McQueary.

    Come on folks, be honest with yourselves.

    JoPa is getting a major pass here!

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