Patriots add Nate Solder to injury report


Patriots first round pick Nate Solder apparently suffered concussion in practice this week.

The team added him to the injury report as questionable with a concussion Saturday; he practiced throughout the week. Solder started for the Patriots for most of this season, but has recently come off the bench after Sebastian Vollmer returned from injury at right tackle.

The Patriots still used Solder on 22 snaps as an extra tackle/tight end last week against the Giants, according to Mike Reiss of Solder is also the “swing tackle” in case Matt Light or Vollmer suffer an injury.

It’s possible the team could activate Marcus Cannon from the PUP list to help boost the team’s offensive line depth.

8 responses to “Patriots add Nate Solder to injury report

  1. Soulman45 says: Nov 12, 2011 3:54 PM

    Frist to say the Pats trouble keep rolling along.
    No – D that need to be fix pass rush none.


    Uhh, what??

  2. So many questions about his ability at handling the stronger rushers before the draft but Solder has been fantastic this season in filling in for Vollmer – a second team all pro himself.

    That will be a nice set of bookend tackles in a few years when Matt Light has retired.

  3. Frist to say the Pats trouble keep rolling alon

    I’d say either he’s posting from Slovenia, or got a good start on hitting the bottle earlier today.

  4. I’d say either he’s posting from Slovenia, or got a good start on hitting the bottle earlier today.

    Trust me as a Patriots fan if you had to watch our defense play… you would hit the bottle too!!!

  5. I’m surprised at two things…

    1) That the Patsterisks even reported the concussion as a part of their injury report

    2) That they didn’t make him practice anyway like they’ve done in the past with other players

  6. Funny how Solder is viewed by pats fans as a star in the making, and Vollmer is already there, yet they were both human turnstiles against Woodley two weeks ago.

    Pats definitely have great players in Gronkowski, Welker, Brady, wilfork. But you’re seriously overrating a bunch of younger guys like those two tackles, Mayo and McCourty

  7. Squealer fans shouldn’t be commenting on a Pats players till they pick up a rule book. Pushing or punching the ball forward is NOT legal. Should have been Pats ball on the 20yd line. But hey that’s how they do it in Pittsburgh.

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