Andy Reid told DeSean Jackson to stay home

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As the Eagles struggle at home against the Cardinals in a game that is even more “must” win than usual, one key player is watching, if at all, at home.

With receiver DeSean Jackson inactive after missing a special-teams meetings, coach Andy Reid told Jackson to stay home.

Jackson’s spokesman, Bobby McCrae, told that Reid advised DeSean not to attend the game.

“He understands the severity of what happened,” McCrae said of Jackson.  “It had nothing to do with the contract.  It was an honest mistake.”

Not everyone thinks it was a mistake.  During ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Keyshawn Johnson seemed to suggest that Jackson deliberately skipped the meeting, in part because it was a special-teams session and Jackson had a significant special-teams gaffe on Monday night.  (Keyshawn also strongly hinted that Jackson is broke.)  Even worse, Tom Jackson clumsily tried to compare Jackson’s apparent decision to take a stand regarding his contract to the failure of officials at Penn State in 2002 to do the right thing.

As a PFT reader pointed out on Twitter, when Cris Carter comes off as the most reasonable guy in the room, it’s a strange, strange day.

26 responses to “Andy Reid told DeSean Jackson to stay home

  1. He should have told Vick to stay home. It’s safe to say the 3 maybe 4 great games he had last year were a fluke. Vick is a very poor NFL qb.

  2. I stopped watching that program about 7 years ago, I heard they added an extra hour. I really feel sorry for anyone that watches it.

  3. Way to cut off your nose to spite your face…should have paid him. Take your best deep threat and return threat totally out of the picture. This is about to get very ugly in Philly.

  4. Andy Reid deploys his OL buddy as a D-coordinator — yet tells DeSean to stay out of the way.

    Genius moves Andy — I’m sure Philly fan is digging your act. Same for the millions in new contrasts kissed away too in reliance upon your stewardship.

  5. This is a team with obvious locker room problems. They played like they knew they were already out of the playoffs. Steve Smith almost plays like he’s trying to help the Giants. Maybe DeSean knows it and is aggravated Smith makes more money. This team has completely degenerated into the twin of last year’s Dallas Cowboys.

  6. As an Eagle Fan I choose not to attend the game today! They needed to prove something to me like try a be consistent! Andy Reid has no control over his team and it shows.It shows up with his poor choices he has made and the non-leadership on the field.
    Andy you sound just like Rich Kotite and I’m tired of listening to you. As fans if you don’t have a ticket don’t buy one so that you can voice your opinion by not showing up to the games!
    LURIE needs to know that we are paying customers and we expect better Leadership!

  7. DeSean is a smurf receiver who cant go over the middle, cant jump for balls and cant catch more than 3 passes a game. Hes not worth a big contract and the Eagles know it. He a pint sized Bernard Berrian and we all know how that contract turned out.

  8. I know what exactly is going to happen.If Desean gets shipped out of town then the next team Desean plays for will be dominating and then all the haters will say Eagles are dumb for letting him go when now the haters are saying Desean sucks and will never make another impact season.

  9. Tremendous job keeping your team in-line. Suspend the lone player who has played a hand in 75% of your teams victories over the past three season. #10 will never sleep in again, missing a special teams meeting, and you’ve also publicly shown that he has behavior issues, lowering his free-agency value. Yes, it was all worth blowing a game against the Cardinals.

    What an asinine move on the part of the Eagles. #10 has to be at Special Teams meetings? Considering he’s returned 9 punts all season? Maybe if he had the opportunity to return a few more they’d also have a few more wins. Do you think Andy Reid watched the Giant film from last year?

  10. Tom Jackson is a jacka$$ and has been for years. Why are morons like him and Warren Sapp still on the air?

  11. DeSean Jackson is Pathetic and annoying! I used to like to watch him but he took on that same I don’t get paid enough,I want a new contract attitude.
    It’s a shame with all of that talent why wouldn’t you want to be the best in the game. Instead your letting an agent who we all know ruin your career!
    Like T.O. Great player with a whole bunch of talent wasted away.
    DeSean deserves a new contract and would have gotten one if he did it the right way. Like Larry Fitzgerald go out and play to the best of your ability and you will be rewarded.

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