Bengals cut into lead, but hold their breath on Green injury

Getty Images

Overlooked and underestimated despite being 6-2, few were willing to buy the Cincinnati Bengals since they’d yet to play the Steelers or the Ravens.  The Bengals gave those nattering naybobs of negativity some more ammunition early on Sunday, falling behind the Steelers 14-0 at home.

An eight-play touchdown down following a three-and-out from the Bengals and a nine-play touchdown drive following another have given Pittsburgh a big lead.

But rookie quarterback Andy Dalton responded, leading the Bengals to the end zone via a long touchdown pass to receiver A.J. Green, who made a catch in traffic reminiscent of a rookie who made good on his vow to rip up the NFL in 1998.

The bad news is that Green landed awkwardly on his right leg.  He was down on the ground for a while before walking off.  Trainers have checked out his right knee, and he’s jogging on the sidelines.

UPDATE 1:44 p.m. ET:  Green’s return is probable.