Cassel leaves stadium wearing cast


Matt Cassel wasn’t able to finish Kansas City’s humilating home loss to the Broncos.

Todd Haley confirmed after the game that Tyler Palko didn’t play late in the fourth quarter because Cassel was unable to continue.

“He was beat up there at the end; he was unable to go physically. We’ll have to see as the week goes on, but it was physical in nature,” coach Todd Haley.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star wrote that Cassel had his index and middle fingers immobilized.  Tyler Palko replaced Cassel late in the game.

The Chiefs are now 4-5 and fading fast in the AFC West. They head to Foxborough next Monday night.

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  1. I cannot stand the Chiefs. Ive said that many times on here. Least favorite team in the NFL. But I will give them credit: They have bounced back from a number of injuries to be respectable. Do NOT write them off yet; Oakland got burned the first time doing that.

  2. Time to be honest about Matt Cassel – he’s an average starter at best, and likely always will be. I don’t see the Chiefs, albeit a talented team, ever seriously doing something with him at the helm.

    Part of me wonders if Haley is grooming Ricky Stanzi to, at least possibly, to take over for Cassel down the road.

  3. Call me crazy but, I’m honestly intrigued about Palko against the Patriots. I feel like at least, Palko is an unknown variable at this point whereas Cassel has already established himself as just average.

    Some guys just don’t ever get a chance. There are more Tony Romo’s out there, but they’re not ever given a shot to play

    See – Bartel, Richard.

  4. You can’t write off any team in the AFC West at this point. The Chiefs have a bitch of a schedule, though, and their offense is inept. I don’t think Cassel even had 100 yards passing.

  5. I tried to tell you all, I will one last time,..the Oakland Raiders not only run away with the west this year, they will own it for the next five years…enjoy yourselves. I just set you all strait.

  6. Intrigued by Palko, on MNF, in New England? Are you crazy? That’s a disaster. This team is about to go completely off the cliff. @New England, Pittsburgh, @Jets, @Chicago, Green Bay. That’s bad news with or without Cassel.

    This team is headed to 5-11.

  7. I think the end of Cassel as an untouchable starter is nearing an end. I would love to see what Stanzi has at some point even though it might be best to wait until we improve the line.

  8. Thats right, all you suckers in the west other then the Nation fans, look at ya all now, sweat pourin down ya faces,…we aint sweatin, we laughin,..and I took notes from all you suckers,..I remember each and every one of you,..I have an app that I developed to keep track of all your baloney,…the Nation owns the west and you can kiss me where the good Lord split me…I just set you all strait.

  9. The Chiefs are terrible….I’m trying to figure out how they have 4 wins…..

    Indy/ Minn – OK, those teams are awful
    SD – not very good and the PHumble
    Oak – QB lost the week before

    Man, I could see this Chiefs team not winning another game – they are awful.

    Didn’t they spend some high draft picks on D-lineman? How can the Broncos run over 50 times???

  10. “…his index and middle fingers immobilized. Tyler Palko replaced Cassel late in the game.”

    Which Hand?

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