Dolphins on a winning streak as Grossman falters for Redskins


So much for Andrew Luck heading to Miami. The Dolphins are on a winning streak.

After starting the season 0-7, the Dolphins have now won two in a row and won them both decisively, first blowing out the Chiefs this week and then handily defeating the Redskins today. Miami is finally making the most of Reggie Bush’s talents — Bush ran for two touchdowns — and quarterback Matt Moore is demonstrating that he can be an accurate, efficient passer.

Of course, for Dolphins who were hoping their team would draft another accurate, efficient passer — Luck, the Stanford quarterback projected to go first overall next year — may have mixed feelings about seeing their team play so well with Moore at the helm the last couple of weeks. Now that the Dolphins have won two games (and therefore two more than the Colts), it’s looking highly unlikely that they’ll end up with the first overall pick. Moore is trying to show that the Dolphins already have the quarterback they need.

The Redskins, on the other hand, most certainly do not have the quarterback they need. Coach Mike Shanahan changed his mind once again about the quarterback position and started Rex Grossman today, but going back and forth between Grossman and Beck is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Grossman’s two interceptions were costly today.

Ultimately, what we saw in Miami on Sunday was a pair of bad teams on the same field. But the Dolphins looked like a bad team that’s starting to make some progress. The Redskins looked like a bad team that’s getting worse.

25 responses to “Dolphins on a winning streak as Grossman falters for Redskins

  1. Wow, Grossman plays great and gets a “loser” headline. Tebow is playing like crap and will get a “winner” headline. Gotta love that unbiased media, where facts don’t get in the way of the story.

  2. Grossman’s passer rating was 58.7 while playing against the same Dolphins defense that previously gave up 500 yards to Tom Brady. I wasn’t aware that that constitues “great.”

  3. The Skins are really pissing me off!!! I feel really bad for the D. We need a QB n the worst way, but not Luck. He is really overrated. We have the pieces, but the QB is not getting it done. There will be a lot of options n the draft, so Shanny should not listen to his “EGO”. Draft the best QB at our pick and move on!!!!! Barkley or RG3 in the first or Tannenhill in the second. Hail!!

  4. Redskins getting worse…IDK if it is that clear cut. They clearly have promising pieces like Helu, Hankerson, and Kerrigan. The QB situation is just too much to overcome. Come on down Matt Barkely….

  5. Wouldn’t worry too much about losing out on Luck. Every time I see him he looks good, but much closer to Eli than Peyton. There are other good QBs coming out too.

  6. The best part about all these 1 win teams that won today is there’s only 1 team in the league now that has a worse loss record then the team with the 3rd highest payroll in the league and that team would be the vikequeens. What a bunch of losers.

  7. Shanahan has a worst record than Zorn through the same amount of games. What the over/under on Snyder has already called Gruden/Cowher/ HURL

  8. If you read stat lines and try to be a sports buff, Grossman played horrible and the Redskins need to fire Shanahan.

    If you actually watched the game, Rex played considerably well aside from the 4th quarter interception. The first interception was not his fault, Leonard Hankerson slipped on his route.

    What this game showed was that our offensive line still sucks, and our defense continues to be a total mystery.

    This team could win games with Rex Grossman if they had better receivers and better protection.

  9. Hankerson and Helu will become good, maybe real good. Nothing and no one else on the offense looked like paid professional athletes

  10. Funny how boysroll is no where to be seen when ever Cowgirls have a bad game but when they win he’s the ultimate troll. Grossman had a decent game, one pick was Hankerson falling down. The other pick was all on him. We need a new QB first and foremost. DO NOT TRADE OUR FUTURE FOR ANDREW LUCK.

  11. Shanahan, will eventually suceed, BUT he has to have players that can play. He got some this last draft, and he knows he has more years to get a good quaterback because he won’t be winning for another 3 years at least.

  12. I hate to say this, but i live in va. I could probably find 2 – 3 high school teams who could whip the skins right now…fan for 20 some years and pretty fed up with this crud…ravens are looking pretty descent right now. i mean 9 points vs the fins – i think i could do that running around on my own…give me a bunch of fast fat guys and i got the 9 points

  13. The first interception wasn’t Grossman’s fault. The second very definitely was. Please can we sign a QB that tries to look off the defense, pretty please, with sugar on top.

    Still, it was either a terribly executed or designed play. They pushed a load of receivers into the middle of the field. Of course it’s going to be crowded when put your number 1 and 2 receivers within 5-yards of each other.

    There is some consolation. Helu made some tacklers miss and looked better in pass protection. Perry Riley looked decent and Hankerson caught a lot of passes.

    On the downside. Hankerson got injured. Maurice Hurt got skinned on a number of occasions. Chris Nield missed a tackle on the Reggie Bush touchdown and Gomes cannot beat out Doughty, who is at least two steps too slow to start.

    It’s great that rookies are getting reps but we suck so badly it hurts.

  14. tough times being a redskins fan! the bigest question for me is the QB position? what was shanahan thinking? going into the season w/ these two.
    I just hope that mike wanst looking ahead to 2012. like people have posted. sure seems that way now?

  15. Before the Skins game the Dolphins had 4 interceptions all season……As soon as I found out Grossman was starting I knew that total would go up by at least 50%. He didn’t disapoint. This QB mess lands squarely at the feet of the Shannahans with of course a major assist from Snyder.

    Before Shanahan coached a game he decided to trade two high draft picks for McNabb and get rid of Campbell. That blew up spectacularly in less than one year. What kind of scouting of McNabb did he do? Why didn’t he realize McNabb wasn’t a fit for his offense? He then turned to the turnover machine Grossman and going into this season tried to convince everyone that both Grossman and Beck were quality options at QB. That’s 3 QBs Shanahan has been wrong about in less then 2 seasons. Meanwhile before he got hurt Campbell provided steady if not spectacular play at QB. He will probably the top free agent QB next season (Kind of by default since most teams don’t let their QBs hit free agency)…..In any case I would take a healthy Campbell over anything I’ve seen over the past 1.5 seasons from Skins QBs.

  16. As a Skins fan I have no problems saying the team is bad, because it is, but I do not believe it is getting worse. Still to this point rock bottom was the Buffalo game. Almost as bad as the 59 point ass kicking the Eagles put on the Skins last year.

    Seems crazy to say, but Matt Moore was the difference in this game. Both defenses played ok, and had their moments, but it was the QB position that made the difference today. Matt Moore isn’t good, but he is a hell of a lot better than Grossman or Beck. Switch QB’s today and the Skins would be the winner.

    Hankerson had 7 catches and 97 yards today before he got hurt. Brandon Marshal had 7 catches for 98 last time I checked. Big positive for the Skins that that kid has a break out game. Praying his injury isn’t serious. Don’t need another Malcolm Kelly scenario.

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