Haynesworth gets a starting assignment against Houston

Cut by the Patriots and claimed on waivers by the Bucs, defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth simply won’t be playing for Tampa on Sunday against the Texans.

Haynesworth, per Adam Schefter of ESPN, will be starting.

The Buccaneers have placed the former $100 million man on a short leash, but they nevertheless need him in the wake of the season-ending injury to Gerald McCoy.  And so with Haynesworth’s self-described last chance in New England blown, he has one more last chance in Tampa.

The honeymoon could end up being shorter than a Kardashian wedding.

Yeah, the reference is a little stale.  But for a guy who seems to be destined to be the subject of a reality show, it’s still fitting.

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  1. Bucs, he will lie on the ground after a few plays exhausted because he is in great football shape. But don’t worry, just have the cart ready to take him off the field! As a matter of fact, you might want to use it to shuttle him in and out??

  2. How can teams still give this guy a chance he’s getting paid to do nothing. People complain about TO and Ocho but they at least didn’t quit like Haynesworthless did. SMH

  3. As a Die Hard Buccaneers fan, I will give this a chance. I have yet to see 1 positive comment since Albert signed with the Bucs.

    I see a lot of bucs “fans” are so Fairweather.

    1. Bucs are too cheap to spend money on Free agency, but, when the Bucs did better than expected, the “fans” kept talking about youngry, and talked a lot about how good they are, and how smart the owners are.

    2. When they started to lose a couple of games, you say it was because they are too young, and the owners are too cheap.

    3. When the Bucs only signed one “big name” in free agency, you said how they over paid. However, I loved the pick up, because the Bucs went through so many Punters in recent years, and opponent’s starting field position was killing them. They have improved imencely this year.

    4. You Tampa fans have sold out 1 home game this year.

    5. Beginning of the season: Freeman is the best! Now: Freeman Sucks.

    6. Now: bitching and moaning about Haynesworth, a position that the Bucs needed to fill, and Albert is the best option available. He could be good, or he could be a flop. We will find out, and if the “fans” supported him, and embraced the situation, instead of bitching thinking they know everything, maybe it would work out better.

    I look forward to it, and hopes he proves everyone wrong…. Just so 2 months from now, you “fans” will jump on the banwagon and say “I knew this pick up was great, hahahah to all you haters”

    Haynesworth can be a dominent force, he does have a lot of talent, and when you need to fill that position, and your options are:

    1. Undrafted free agents that don’t know your system.
    2. A former dominent force, probowler, 1st round draft pick, that knows your defense.

    I’d go with #2. Before you jump all over big Al, give him a chance…

    Okay, time for the thumbs down.

  4. His contributions to the Texans rushing for over 200 yards will be immense.

    Why teams continue to give this loser a chance is beyond me. He’s had only 2 good seasons in his career, both of which were contract years.

  5. I love the dig at the Kardashians there can never have too much of that.

    towniesman November 13, 2011, 11:32 AM EST

    I’m from Boston an this guy is a joke…..You’ll see

    NEWS FLASH: You don’t have to be from Boston to know Albert Haynesworth is a joke!

  6. is the starting assignment to eat as many hot dogs as he can, and sit on the sidelines? Mark Sanchez will know a thing or two about that

  7. The fact that he’ll be paid to put forth zero effort is a disgrace. He’s a disgrace to himself and the game. He needs to be gone. He needs to be gone now.

  8. The biggest lame issue here is these teams seem to think he is worth the trouble…you have to feel sorry for the guy practicing his butt off has lost a job to a slacker.

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