John Skelton sends Eagles to another loss

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The stakes for the Eagles were pretty clear entering Sunday’s game at home against the Cardinals.

They needed to win to keep their flickering playoff chances alive because a loss would drop them to 3-6 in an NFC race that’s jampacked at the top. They struggled to get anything going offensively all day, but still found themselves up 17-14 with five minutes to play against a team quarterbacked by John Skelton. They couldn’t make it stand up.

Skelton completed 5-of-8 passes for 100 yards (there were a couple of negative plays to allow him to rack up so much yardage) and hit Early Doucet for a touchdown to give the Cardinals a 21-17 victory. The biggest play of the drive was a 37-yard completion to Larry Fitzgerald that set the Cards up on the one just before the two-minute warning. The ball looked like it was overthrown, but Fitzgerald laid out and caught it fully extended to make the kind of play that has secured him a right to argue that he’s the best receiver in football. Fitzgerald finished the day with seven catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns, which was just the kind of superstar performance the Eagles needed from their quarterback.

Michael Vick wasn’t up to the task, though. He completed just 16 of 34 passes and was intercepted twice, including an A.J. Jefferson pick on the final drive of the game. Vick had two more picks called back on replay reviews, drew a flag for intentional grounding and generally played a terrible game when the Eagles desperately needed so much more.

He was hardly alone in blame for another fourth quarter fold. The Eagles had bad penalties throughout the game, including a pair on the drive that ended the game, and the defense couldn’t stop Skelton when the game was on the line. You also have to wonder why LeSean McCoy gets just 14 carries, or you would if you didn’t know Andy Reid’s history on that front.

You have to wonder what this loss will do to Reid’s security, as his team has now lost four fourth-quarter leads at home this season and almost certainly will wind up wildly underachieving compared to expectations this season. His decision to banish DeSean Jackson will surely come under fire and if things get much worse it may be impossible for the Eagles to stick with their longtime coach.

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  1. Let me guess what Andy Reid will say at his press conference.

    “I need to do a better job”

    “We need to do a better job”

    and repeat that about 10 times.

    3-6 🙂 this is what happiness feels like.

  2. People say Romo and the Cowboys choke, but haven’t at least 5 of the Eagle’s losses come from 4th quarter comebacks by opposing teams? The Eagles are the clear chokers of the division, with Vick leading the way.

  3. This season is a complete disaster. I honestly think the biggest problem (other than Castillo and the non-existent linebackers) is just having too many idiots on the team. Vick, Young, Jackson, ect… the list goes on and on.

  4. Mike Vick is & always has been a waste of time.

    He has never had back to back winning seasons.
    He has a career QB rating of 80.
    He has never been a guy that delivers when the pressure is on, he never comes through in the big moment.
    He has never been a guy that delivers in post season as well.

    Fellow fans, do not be blinded by his momentary flashes of brilliance, thats all he’s ever been. 5 bad plays & one good one that amazes.

    We will never win a damn thing with this guy at QB & we will never win a damn thing with Reid as coach.

  5. This is the biggest joke of a team I have ever seen. No chemistry. Players showing up late. Vick doesn’t know what he is doing. It is really quite comical.

  6. Pigeons 1st team in NFL history to ever blow 4, 4th quarter leads at home……..

    Cry, Eagles, cry
    On the road to misery
    Sigh, Eagles, sigh
    Blow the big games 1,2,3-Empty trophy case all you’ll see
    Miss ‘em low, loft ‘em high
    And watch our Eagles die!
    Bye, Eagles, bye
    Chokers of the NFC!
    L-O-S-E-R-S Eagles!

  7. Oh I have been waiting to comment on this post since the end of the game! I can not believe they lost to the Cardinals. I mean how do you let John Skeleton throw for over 300 yards with three high priced corners like that. I mean WOW! And yeah, Andy Reid will get some heat for benching Jackson. But let’s be honest here. One, unless Jackson can jump 20 feet in the air, he wasn’t going to catch some of those crappy passes Vick was throwing. Secondly, Jackson wasn’t the one playing undisciplined defense on the final drive. Three, if Andy Reid allowed Jackson to play, he would have lost the team’s respect anyway. Only one way this story ends, and that is with Reid resigning at season’s end.

  8. Let’s see … what’s Andy Reid going to say tomorrow at his press conference?

    “We need to do better … the coaches need to do better … everyone needs to do a better … I’m going to fix it.”

    Sound familiar? It’s been the same thing after every loss for 13 years.

    Newsflash Andy: You’ve had longer than any other coach in the NFL to “fix it”. And it’s the same thing every year! Different year, same old Arrogant Andy.

    PS – I’m sure someone will mention he has a lot of new players and a new Defensive Coordinator & a shortened offseason.

    After you do so, please also explain then the success of the 49ers. Jim Harbaugh wasn’t even in the NFL last year … took over a team with NO EXPECTATIONS … installed a NEW Offense AND a NEW Defense … and somehow he has managed to coach them to first place in their Division and 2nd in the NFC … beating the Eagles, Lions, Tampa along the way. Not just the lousy West teams.

  9. As a Eagles fan I think this team is a Joke.When you see Lesean McCoy doing good running the football then you give him the ball more and why not put Nnamdi on Fitzgerald everywhere he goes ?Nnamdi was locking up Fitzgerald.Michael Vick was awful , coaching was awful , and this whole team was awful.This season is over.

  10. And in the end …..
    Eagles to Feagles ……
    Once again ……

    So long Andy ….. Been good to know ya ….. So long …… Been good to know ya ….. etc. etc.

  11. Juan Castillo is the main problem. Nnamdi is a shut down corner, why was he not covering fitz all game? Andy Reid is safe, wouldn’t be surprised if they fired Castillo tomorrow

  12. players still have to play. my damn eagles are soft and too busy looking around for someone to make a play. finally when asante samuel takes a pick 6 to the house, our offense has its worst game of the season and the defense can only do so much when vick and co. go 3 and out. not to mention we have a suspect d in the 1st place.

    not gonna lie, im confused as a fan because we’ve made deep playoff runs with lesser talented teams. this season, were top 3 in offense and scoring, and our d was actually ranked 12th coming into this game. same issues, vick holds the ball too long, reid/marty hate to run despite having the lead’s leading rusher, and when it comes to to crunch time they fold. i would love to play poker against them.

    with that said, i love my team it just feels like the universe has been tilted lol. after today, we will be 2 or 3 games out of the wildcard picture (behind lions and bears), and 3 or 4 games behind the giants. we still have a chance and all you have to do is get in, but we gotta play MUCH BETTER FOOTBALL in every aspect.

  13. The eiggles were beaten by Red Skelton HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAH! Do the talking heads on TV like Rodney Harrison who believe the eiggles will still win the division realize that its the most wins and not the most loses that win you the division ? 1960 buhahahahahahaha!Buhahahahahaahah!

  14. If there’s still an Eagles fan out there that thinks they will still make the playoffs…I’d like to talk to you about a fantastic opportunity you just can’t pass up. I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t a pyramid scheme…

  15. DeSean Jackson…Watch Larry Fitzgerald, you will never have his skill set, but you can conduct yourself with class…catch touchdowns, and walk away like you expected to do so.

    The Eagles are quite possibly in the midst of the most dissapointing season in the history of the NFL.

    Go Eagles, I’m still here…I’ll be rooting for ya!! (starting to wonder why!)

  16. Andy Reid run the ball. Andy Reid, don’t send a guy who can take it to the house anytime he gets the rock. Andy Reid, don’t make Alicia Silverstone (Clueless…see what I did there??) the defensive coordinator. Need I go on?

  17. What a disappointing year for Eagle’s fans. But for all the smack they talked before the season, its easy to not feel bad for them.

  18. Don’t know why they didn’t run McCoy 30x today. Vick is more flash than substance. But anyone who remember his time in Atlanta knows this.

  19. The only person who can stop Lesean McCoy is Andy Reid. Vick 16-34 2 INT really 3 INT priceless! Stick a fork in them there’re done.

  20. Because Vick drops passes and is heavily involved in the defense and he’s the one who hired Juan Castillo. Oh don’t forget Vick blew the coverage on fitzgerald as well. All the haters can hate. The eagles are bad every once out of every five seasons. Stuff happens. Giants will still blow there division lead and Dallas will benefit from it and lose in the first round. Stuff happens.

  21. Castillo has no answer when it comes to solving the offensive game plans thrown before him. He needs to tell the DL to just stand there, motionless, in protest. Make the offense come to them instead of having the rush caught up in a bunch of tricky, “unfair” blocking schemes.

    Or in other words, throw a temper tantrum like the crybaby Flyers.

  22. You know Andy isn’t losing games for the high draft choice as he is very sporadic in the first three rounds. 6th and lower, he does well. I wonder when he will finally realize he is not smarter than everyone.

  23. John Skelton to Fitzgerald: Fitz finished the day with seven catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns.

    Forget Kolb…Skelton will be a MUCH more polished QB for the cards.

  24. Poor fundamentals, flawed offensive and defensive schemes and I imagine a lot of finger pointing in the locker room = a well deserved 3 and 6 record. It would be a big mistake by Lurie not to make some wholesale changes next season. I’ve been a fan since 1977 and I’ve almost had enough…

  25. DeSean Jackson needs to shut his mouth and play football like all the rest of the players with contracts!
    Andy Reid(Rich Kotite) needs to get out of town because you don’t have control of your team anymore!
    McCoy can’t do everything! Your doing a great job!
    Hello Gruden!

  26. Losing at home to Skelton pretty much means your season is rightfully over.

    Eagles need to sign McCoy and be rid of Andy Reid and DeSean Jackson. The coach has no choice but to sit you if you miss a meeting, otherwise he loses the locker room. With that group of personalities they have there they couldnt afford that. Michael Vick is who most of us thought he is. A great fantasy football QB and a mediocre real life QB

  27. As an eagles fan i am dissapointed to see this team not have the sence of urgency to be winning it seems like they have no hart, no disire to win, they always come out playing bad football its seems like they dont prepare well, to me is andy he doesnt do get this team ready to play, i think is time him and all the coaching staff has to go.. but its not gonna happed thats the fustrating part about all this there is not gonna be a change. God help us.WOW!!! we lost to the cardinals.

  28. Reid should be fired just for having faith in Vick…give me a break….when are these people going to wise up and realize Vick is a total loser……

  29. Michael Vick:”How you gonna stop me?”

    Umm, let you play quarterback?

  30. I can’t stop laughing. Reid was so sure they could win, he benched Jackson. Some Eagles fans were so sure it would be a party Sunday…it’s just the Cardinals after all right? They could never beat the Eagles in Philly right?

    How funny, and how cool.

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