Leon Hall is done for the year

With cornerback Jonathan Joseph gone via free agency, Leon Hall became the top defensive player in Cincinnati.

And now he’s gone, too.

Adam Schefter of ESPN first reported, and PFT  has confirmed, that Hall suffered a ruptured Achilles’ tendon against the Steelers on Sunday.  Hall will miss the balance of the season.

And so the best cornerback on the team becomes Pacman Jones, if/when he’s able to play after suffering a hamstring injury in the only game he has played since injuring his neck during the 2010 season.

Hall has played in every game of his five-year career.  He signed a five-year, $39 million contract in September, as he prepared to enter the final year of his rookie deal.

20 responses to “Leon Hall is done for the year

  1. I hate seeing ANY player for ANY team being lost to injury. yeah, big part of the game, but you hate to see it.

  2. The very surprising Bengals take a harsh hit on this one.

    They’re going to need their D in the second half of the season if they want the division or a wildcard..

    Leon Hall being gone severely hurts that D of theirs.

  3. Even before this injury I was hoping we would have traded for Asante Samuel before the deadline. The front seven is fantastic (especially with the 8 man dline rotation) but the secondary is weak. No I guess it is scrap heap time.

  4. So the Bengals, Bills, and Lions all look like they are in trouble, and the Jets, Bears, and Steelers are all surging.

    Sigh…the NFL may return to the status quo in the 2nd half of the season. As a fan, that is disappointing, because I was really looking forward to seeing some long-struggling teams make it into the postseason this year. Oh well, the Raiders are still showing some promise.

  5. Being a Bengals fan this is tough, but we will make it through. Hats off to the Steelers, they played hard today and earned the win. As for my Bengals, we’re be ready for the Ravens next week.

  6. This is where Mike Browns penny pinching hurts. Good teams have a next man up ethos but Briwns cheap ways mean that when a talented starter goes down there is no depth to replace them.

  7. Jesus I’m tired of seeing people write the bengals off already because they loss 1! out of their last 6…Before it’s written off because easy oppents Ravens ave lost to 3 of the teams Bengals have beat…

    As for Losing to the Steelers it was a Close Game and Bengals were in it until the End,Andy Dalton had a solid game for being a rookie now he has experiance vs them…I look forward to round 2

    PS,Let’s also not forget AJ Missed Most of that game.Bengals only Relieable Threat at WR…

  8. ——————————————–
    This is where Mike Browns penny pinching hurts. Good teams have a next man up ethos but Briwns cheap ways mean that when a talented starter goes down there is no depth to replace them.

    Not everyone has strong depth across the board,I’d also say Pacman is better then alot nickle corners out there he simply needs to stay healthy.

  9. countsnail — how do you figure the Bengals are in trouble? They were playing without Adam Jones (dynamic returner, playmaker at slot corner), Carlos Dunlap (one of the best pass rushers in the entire league) and AJ Green and Leon Hall, arguably the best players on their side of the ball for Cincinnati, left the game early due to injury. I’d hardly say they’re in “trouble”. The only serious injury is Hall. Sure, it’s a blow but it’s definitely not fatal.

  10. Brandon Ghee will come up from the practice squad. If he hasn’t already been signed, maybe we go get Morgan Trent back?

    We need Dunlap back, because that pass rush can conceal any holes in the defensive backfield, and I’m really curious when or if Keith Rivers will be back at LB.

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