Lions melt down in Chicago


At the moment, the leaders in the NFC wild card race are the Lions and the Bears. But when those two teams met at Soldier Field on Sunday, they didn’t look like a pair of wild card teams.

The Bears looked more like a Super Bowl team. And the Lions looked more like the same old Lions.

In one of those games where everything went right for one team and everything went wrong for the other, the Bears destroyed the Lions 37-13. The Bears were better on offense, defense and special teams as they jumped out to a 20-0 lead early, and by the time they extended that lead to 34-6 within the first few minutes of the third quarter, it was clear that this was going to be a blowout.

In the second half, the only people still watching this game may have been the fine police in the league office. Among the infractions likely to draw fines from this game are:

— Earl Bennett for wearing orange shoes, which got him fined $5,000 last week.
— Ndamukong Suh for ripping Jay Cutler’s helmet off.
— Nick Fairley for planting Cutler into the turf after Cutler had thrown a pass.
— Julius Peppers for clothesline tackle of Calvin Johnson.
— Lance Briggs for a hit on Johnson that drew a personal foul penalty.
— D.J. Moore for drilling Matthew Stafford after a play, a penalty that got him ejected.
— Stafford for throwing Moore to the ground during that play, which is what set Moore off.
— A whole bunch of players for a fight that broke out after the Moore-Stafford confrontation.

Bottom line, this was a nasty, chippy game, and one in which the Lions’ tough reputation took a hit. Because the Bears kicked their butts.

76 responses to “Lions melt down in Chicago

  1. Stafford is a punk. Throws Moore to the ground by grabbing his face mask and then once the huge fight takes place he is nowhere to be found. Sure both teams are 6-3 but since they last met in week 5 the Bears are 4-0 and the Lions are 1-3. Lions are sinking fast…

  2. could have been worse, the bears offense never really got going..bears D punched the lions in the mouth early and the lions never countered/recovered

  3. Hey Lions fans that great 5-0 season seems soo long ago now doesn’t it? 1-3 in the last 4. The Lions need to quit trying to be the tough guys cause the Bears handed them their a_-es today.

  4. The best way to deal with a bully (especially a wanna be bully) is to punch them in the mouth. Nice punching Chicago.

  5. So I would assume Stafford will also get fined. Moore was stupid by retaliating. Fairly should have been ejected for his cheap ass hit.

    All that said, the future rivalry between Bears and Lions is looking awesome!

  6. I quit watching after the half, who would ever kick to Hester? Wish I had seen the big fight, probably better than the game.

  7. the bears d is dirty.
    lions d line plays dirty.
    bottom line: nfc north is the best division in football

  8. I lost a lot of respect for Stafford today. He looked like a whiney punk all game. Hope he at least gets a fine for throwing Moore by his head and starting that big fight.

    Go Bears!!!

  9. Once again Suh will get a nice fine from the league. He really needs to be suspended for a game w/o pay.

  10. Ok I love it when the Bears and the Lions beat the hell out each other.

    On Suh being a dirty player. Up until today , I did not agree. But after seeing him push Cutler down. I think SUH thinks he is above the rules and needs to be fined and possibly suspended.

    SUH is a girls name and she is dirty.

  11. Stafford threw him down by the back of the helmet, not the facemask. He was also underneath about 5 players which is why he was ‘no where to be found.’

  12. Cowards and quitters. Get your ass kicked on the field and start a fight. Other guys fight back, you run and hide.

    Way to lead, Jim.

    Where were you, Suh? Oh yeah. Your name only got called when you pulled the QB’s helmet off. Should call you Claude Rains.

  13. I missed the game – sounds like a suckfest for us Lions fans. But I like the idea of of QB being called a bully for beating up on poor helpless defenders.

    @ iabearsfan: you won your home game and we won ours. bfd.

  14. Does anyone on the Lion’s 53 play with-in the rules ??? …… 1-3 in their last 4 ….. The Lions are swooning ….. Couldn’t happen to a better team or fanbase ……

    It’s what happens when you spend your spare time in front of the mirror in self – admiration …… Lion Fans …. Start looking to next season …. This one’s near done for you all …….

  15. Well now maybe we can get back to serious business now that the true Lions have shown their colors. About all they have left to look forward to is hoping to beat the Packers on Thanksgiving, its the closet to a playoff game they will get this year.

  16. Hahaha the Lions! Real scary team there. I’ll bet they’re all so glad they spent more time running their mouths than prepping. Phony team got man-handled today. GO BEARS!

  17. The Lions have to learn the difference between tough and dirty, and tough and cheap. I saw a lot of cheap and dirty plays out of them, especially once the game got out of hand. I am sure part of it is they have been bad and beaten on for so long that they are trying so hard to show things are different now. But, they can’t be the team that gets dirty when they fall behind. The best example was in one of the last drives, one of their linemen repeatedly diving at the knees of the Bears defensive linemen. He wasn’t trying to make football plays; he was trying to hurt someone.

  18. Lions gonna miss playoffs. Still just a bit too young. This is grind time in the NFL and they just don’t have the experience. They are a good team, just need another year or two.

  19. Hope stafford never gets hurt again. Shut down cj then he doesn’t know what to do. That or he really likes the color orange. Hester the best ever! So who thinks cutler isn’t tough now…. just keeps getting back up.

  20. The Chicago Bears’ secondary played exceptional, but that’s not hard when Matthew Stafford is throwing directly at them consecutively! So many things went wrong with the Lions today, let’s see the Top 3.

    3) Fumbling.
    Calvin Johnson’s fumble was understandable considering he was closed-line to hell by Julius Peppers, but Nate Burleson’s was unacceptable and the Lions should really look at whether or not his production is declining because of age or Johnson’s emergence.

    2) Special Teams.
    Why the hell would you throw Hester’s way seeing as he returned 11 TD prior to the 12th today? I blame the coaches for allowing this to happen! Also we need to stop giving teams good field position and putting our defense in tough situations.

    1) Matthew Stafford.
    I’m not sure what’s been up with this kid and overthrowing but he needs to get that fixed, especially since defenses have given Johnson double/triple coverage. He threw 3 INT today and the Lions gave up 6 turnovers today exceeding Weeks 1-5. . .

    The Bears deserved to win this one!

  21. A shameful day to be a Lions fan. It’s one thing to lose, but the play was disgraceful that is another thing entirely. Stafford needs to learn to compose himself. Those picks seemed like they were intended for Bears, they were so bad. And who is still dumb enough to kick to Hester??? Humiliating loss and hopefully a wake-up call.

  22. Looks like Mr. Jumbotron or Megatron or whatever the hell he calls himself should have packed a few more fuses before his trip to our house. Nice game buddy…your Megaturnover set the table for us.

  23. Our reputation for being tough didn’t take a hit, for the reasons you listed above.

    Our reputation for winning games, however…


    What reputation? The Lions’ reputation is that they are prennial losers and they’re continuing to prove it.

  24. Oh and one more thing about that game. Did anyone notice how Stafford played dead after he ripped DJ Moore by the head? Real tough guy there, DJ Moore is half his size and he pretty much laid down in the fetal position. Detroit fans, your QB squats when he pees!

  25. @vmannj
    Sorry we aren’t grateful for people feeling sorry for our past teams and can contend with any team in the NFL.

    Agreed, Stafford needs to calm down in the pocket as he was trying too hard to bring us back. The kick(s) to Hester was just sad..

    Again with all of this we’re still 6-3 and ‘can’ make the postseason!

  26. @tommytd
    You mean Julius Pepper’s close-line is what set things up for Chicago?

    The Bears have pulled together a great string of games, but don’t get ahead of yourselves.

  27. Yes, the Lions are who we thought they were… a bunch of punk a$$ bitches.

    By the way… Stafford was not “underneath about 5 players” after his cheep shot on Moore.
    The replay shows him just walking away from the fight that he started.
    It is just a matter of time before someone knocks Stafford or Johnson out because of the Lions crap.

    They got their poop pushed in today.

  28. Good to see some of these houses of cards start to fall (ahem…Bills…Lions…).

    The Bengals are on the rise, but I think they’ll probably end of 8-8 by virtue of their schedule.

  29. beleave the lions are still ahead of the bears in tie breakers. guess if they are that bad the bears must really suck. soory but long way to go.

  30. So much for the Lion’s being a feel good story. They’re just a bunch of punks, just like their coach.

  31. Lions are 6-3…tied for 2nd place in the toughest division in the league. As a Lions fan I’ll take that over what we have had other years.


  32. Lions blew it today. Stafford, Johnson, and Burleson played the worst I have seen them play. Everyone was dropping balls when they were thrown good. That is except for the nice passes and catches that stafford threw to the bears.

    Either way, good job Bears you deserve the win, you were by far the better team today. Just hope my Lions get it back together. They are not a bad team like they showed today, just everything that could have went wrong did, and the bears did a good job capitalizing on those mistakes.

    Good luck the rest of the season bears. Both teams control their own destiny.

  33. @honolubluekoolaid

    You guys need to develop a running game to take the pressure off your passing game. The future is bright for your team, but they were ugly, in more ways than one today.

  34. Cowards and quitters. Get your ass kicked on the field and start a fight. Other guys fight back, you run and hide.

    Way to lead, Jim.

    Where were you, Suh? Oh yeah. Your name only got called when you pulled the QB’s helmet off. Should call you Claude Rains.

  35. ” Cutler still looks like a division II QB”


    I don’t understand the Cutler hate. The man is one tough son of a gun.

    Stafford on the other hand, just showed himself to be a whiny crybaby who can’t control his emotions. Wish he would have tried that move on Briggs or Peppers.

  36. notalib says:
    Nov 13, 2011 8:26 PM
    To call the Bears a Super Bowl caliber team is a bit of stretch, Cutler still looks like a division II QB


    notalib: You obviously have notaclue either. The Bears are exactly where they were last year after week 10 and ended up one game away from the SB. Usually teams with the best defenses in the second half of the season make the play-offs and have a chance to go all the way. GB’s defense is starting to slip so we’ll see what happens. Cutler took big hits from Detroit’s best today and made very few mistakes. How did Stafford do against the Bears defense? He’s the one who looked like a division II player today.

  37. @suhsquad

    do you even know what a clothesline is? Are you not aware that Peppers tackled Johnson by his shouldpads? Stop whining. A real cheap shot is trying to twist a guys head off from behind and also being a big man by driving a defenseless qb into the ground after he has already thrown the ball.

    Suh and Fairley are garbage. Charles Martin style garbage. Raiola is garbage as well for trying to end Melton’s season/career with a BS chopblock.


  38. Thank you Bears for doing your part in putting the scum at the bottom of the garbage can MN vikequeens solidly in dead last place 4 games back and most likely to end there 2 years in a row.

  39. Suh is making a mockery of that meeting with Goodell. Time to suspend Suh for a game…he knows the rules but repeatedly choses to ignore them. Stafford was a punk. After starting the fight, he sat on his a## for a minute then walked away. Totally lost respect for him today. (no, I am not a Bears’ fan)

  40. With Detroit still needing to play GB twice, NO, OAK, and SD, they’ll be lucky to finish 9-7. The Bears on the other hand should end up 10-6, and possibly even 11-5. Good luck on making the play-offs now Lions.

  41. Bears didn’t look like the team who played last Monday and the Lions didn’t look like the team with the bye week. Bears were a lot better prepared than I had expected… I thought that was going to be an edge for the Lions.

  42. No, I shouldn’t have said that and I apologize. But as a professional, I take my job seriously. It’s very difficult for me to understand moderators who use theirs for petty games and vendettas and who have so little respect for other people.

  43. tonight the lions showed who they are… a team that’s won ONE playoff game in the last 50 years.

  44. The Lions are a 6-3 football team. The Bears are a 6-3 football team. Both teams have kicked each others respective butts on their own home turfs.

    After next week the Lions will be a 7-3 football team. There will be few in the NFL who can boast the same record. You are what your record is.

    Hate the Lions, as you all clearly do, but this rebuild is still in process. Matthew Stafford is 23 years old, folks.

  45. It’s great that Suh met with Goodell. But he shouldn’t need the commissioner to tell him to stop deliberately yanking off opponents’ helmets. That’s the second time I’ve seen him do that. It’s dangerous and he’s going to cause a serious neck injury if he doesn’t cut it out. I don’t believe in fines except for extreme behavior. To me, this repeated helmet thing fits that category. Third time should be a suspension.

  46. Why is everyone still talking about Earl Bennetts shoes?

    It was mentioned half a dozen times during the game, and here as well.

    He won’t get fined for wearing them. The rule is you must wear shoes that match one of the two primary colors. Last week, Bears wore Dark Jerseys and White Pants. Orange is an accent color, fined. This week, they wore alternate Orange Jerseys, making his shoes a primary team color.

  47. To the bear fan:

    You won a home game against a team that – for the first time in most of our lives – poses a threat to you. The Lions did not showcase it today, but this longtime one-sided rivalry is finally becoming interesting and your distress over that fact is showing. For a fan-base that once celebrated players like Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary you sure do whine about “dirty plays” and the like, especially in a game that you dominated.

  48. Bears kicked our butts today no question. Stafford played terrible. But again I ask why the hate? I haven’t seen any Lions fans spewing their mouths off (even when we were 5-0) but “fans” (trolls) of other teams just have to hate on us no matter what. Don’t you have anything better to do? We’ve come a long way and obviously still have more growing to do (which we realized at the beginning of the season) we’re happy to have some success.

    Also, how is no one is talking about the cheap shot Julius Peppers took on Calvin Johnson that caused him to fumble the ball on the first drive? He hit him in the head/neck basically clotheslined him, grabbed him by the head and threw him to the ground, no flag, Bears ball.

  49. So as a HUGE Bears fan I’m naturally fired up about today’s showing…when all three phases are working together the Bears are tough to beat. But before we crown ourselves king, let us not forget that the defense and special teams outscored our offense – who barely managed to eek out 200 yards total. We have got to become more consistent on offense if we are going to keep this run going…otherwise we are hanging our hat on the defense playing out of their heads week in and week out.

    As far as the playoff picture is concerned, the Bears’ remaining opponents are 30-31 and the Lions’ remaining opponents are 36-25 (GB twice…ouch!); advantage Bears. 9-7 looks like a legitimate result for the Lions, and I doubt that will be good enough to lock down the final Wildcard spot. Better luck next year, Jim.

    Super Bears Super Bowl!!

  50. bearswinby1 says:
    Nov 13, 2011 10:25 PM
    Why is everyone still talking about Earl Bennetts shoes?

    It was mentioned half a dozen times during the game, and here as well.

    He won’t get fined for wearing them. The rule is you must wear shoes that match one of the two primary colors. Last week, Bears wore Dark Jerseys and White Pants. Orange is an accent color, fined. This week, they wore alternate Orange Jerseys, making his shoes a primary team color.
    Orange is NOT a primary shoe color. Black or White. Those are the choices, and teams must choose one or the other by the middle of August. No deviations, or you get a fine. Earl will pay 7500 this week.

  51. No mention that the fight never would have started IF the refs would have called the player down after the INT. which was so sadly clear my blind grandma called it!!

  52. The WHOLE game would have been different had that clothesline been called. Instead of Bears Ball, it’s a big gainer for Detroit. Almost guaranteed they come away with points.

  53. LOL Stafford started the fight.. Not the guy that charged the QB who was sitting on the ground long after the play was over… Priceless…

    Bears fans are so stupid.

  54. Also, I can guarantee Nike is paying Bennett to wear those shoes. Fines aren’t going to stop him. Coach could, though.

  55. @lionsfan2086

    Your fans have been awful all season. Most of us pitied the lions and thought their revival could be something special, but the fan base acting like they’re the 2007 patriots and the players acting like human garbage have reversed our opinions.

    The idea that our disdain is baseless is laughable.

  56. You stupid inconsiderate fans. I would personally beat half of your Fing asses for talking so much sh8t.

  57. nothing good to say about this game. Lions were embarrassing to watch. I just hope that this isn’t the beginning of the end.

  58. In all my years I’ve never heard Lions fans. Ever! Well, mayhap Tim Allen on Home Improvement. I’m used to them wearing paper bags on their heads in shame. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for the Lions being a playoff contender and being competition in the NFC. However, last night was absolute proof that they can’t handle the big games. They can’t handle losing after they’ve tasted moderate success in the season and baby Stafford did in fact skulk away from the fight. Some on here would have you believe he didn’t. They want to believe he was burried under a pile. Look at the overhead camera shot as the fight begins. He takes his widdle wions tail and tucks it squarly between his legs and runs to the sideline.

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