Redskins quarterback will be a week-to-week situation


Mike Shanahan said last week that he was sticking with John Beck, so it was a bit of a surprise to see Rex Grossman under center against the Dolphins today.

After the game, Shanahan was asked to explain his decision. He said he thought Grossman, who was told he’d start on Saturday, gave the team their best chance to win. Grossman was 21-of-32 for 215 yards and threw two picks in the 20-9 loss and Shanahan was asked if he was going to get the start next week.

“Well we’re still going to do the same thing. We’re going to look at the scenario, what gives us the best chance to win, and make the decision based on that.”

Mike Jones of the Washington Post has the rest of Shanahan’s post-game comments about the quarterbacking, including an emphatic denial that veterans came to him and asked him to make the switch. The coach struggles to convey just what it was about Grossman that gave the team their best chance of winning, although, to be fair, the overall state of the Redskins offense would make it hard for a lot of quarterbacks to win games right now.

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  1. They need to pull a “Ditka” and trade their entire draft to the Colts and get Andrew Luck.

  2. “Well we’re still going to do the same thing. We’re going to look at the scenario, what gives us the best chance to win, and make the decision based on that.”


    Which is why they may not win this year again. I would expect this from a rookie Head Coach, not from someone with as much experience as him.

  3. “Sniff…sniff” This strategy reeks of desperation. Shanahan needs to remember this is the NFL, not NCAA where some teams alternate between quarterbacks throughout the season. I really doubt this is a winning formula.

  4. “The Redskins QB situation will be week to week”

    Yet their season has already been decided….

    Maybe he meant weak to weak.
    As I already said, maybe the quarterback situation is not the biggest problem with the Skins.

  5. Sign Culpepper. I know it sounds dumb but think about it for a minute.

    Could he possibly be any worse?


    There is a reason he isn’t on an NFL roster

    Skins should have made the trade for Carson Palmer back in August

  6. It’s clear to me that Shanahan just wants to get through this season so he can draft his QB of the future. This whole “best chance to win” thing is just to not lose the locker room or fan base by creating the image that he’s doing everything in his power to actually win games.

    Skins haven’t drafted a QB in the top 10 since Shuler. Lookin forward to seeing who they draft next year, hopefully with better success than Shuler.

  7. Grossman may not be a very good QB because of his inconsistency, but he is much better than Beck. Changing QBs week to week never has and never will work out well. Stick with Grossman and use Beck on an injury basis. By being wishy-washy, he will do nothing but jack up the chemistry and cause grumbles in the locker room.

  8. Shanahan is waiting to draft a QB of the future, just like all of the ones he developed in Denver. Oh wait that’s right he hasn’t won anything since Elway retire and he didn’t have those coattails to ride. Good luck Redskins fans. At least Gruden will have a high draft pick to use after this season. Hurl!

  9. “You talk about a guy not being experienced—I believe in the guys, I believe in `em. And I’ve been doing this for a long time. And I put my reputation on these guys that they can play.”

    -Mike Shanahan

  10. Quarterback situation will be a week to week decision? Sounds about like my bowel movements. I’m really never sure what’s gonna happen. Fair enough coach. I get it.

  11. Time to serve some walking papers. This guy Shanny is an idiot. Got rid of Andre Carter, Carlos Rogers, and drafted defense first. And his own stubborness wouldn’t allow him to get a decent free agent qb or trade for one. Beck, Grossman, and Shanny are a mockery to football. Why is Torain starting when Helu is clearly better. The whole world can see it except this bum. I personally think Evan Royster is better than both of them. But he’s on the practice squad. FIRE SHANNY!!!!!! HAIL!!!!

  12. Tom Brady couldn’t save this team.

    THEY HAVE NO OFFENSIVE LINE. The worst I’ve seen watching 40 years of pro ball and its not close. Every play is pressure. Every ballcarrier is touched intially behind the line.

    Stop blaming the most obvious.

  13. Is it about time to deem the Mike Shanahan experience in Washington a failure? I’m no Dan Snyder fan, but with all the short leashes he’s had on coaches in the past, the nepotistic Shanahan has more than worn out his welcome, and credibility.

    Look at this QB carousel – it’s a joke. But Kyle said Grossman can play in this system!

    And the RB carousel is an even bigger joke – start Torain after Helu, as a rookie, breaks the receiving team receptions record?

    I suppose in the end it’s good ole karma kicking this owner in his face.

  14. For me shanahan should be fired! he is an idiot!
    he went into this season w/ the ultimate arrogance thinking these two QB’s could succeed in HIS system. doesnt matter who I plug in, because Im a good coach and my kid calls a great game.
    I hate to start over AGAIN, but this is hard to watch.
    bye shanahan.

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