“Stupidest play in football history” helps Pats take lead

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Rex Ryan knew it was a mistake right away.

When Mark Sanchez took a time out with 1:24 left in the first half, Ryan was angry, already thinking about the Patriots next possession.

Ryan told NBC’s Michele TaFoya that the timeout was the “stupidest play in NFL history.”

Sanchez scored a touchdown on the next play. And sure enough, the extra time allowed the Patriots to move the ball all the way down the field for their first touchdown of the first half.

The Patriots lead 13-9 in a game that has included a lot of good red zone defense, a safety by the Jets, and some oddly off-target throws by Tom Brady.

We think that the winner of this game will win the AFC East. If the Patriots prevail, the sequence at the end of the first half will loom large.

The Patriots are playing without starting cornerback Devin McCourty, who is questionable to return with a shoulder injury.

77 responses to ““Stupidest play in football history” helps Pats take lead

  1. Its not even the stupidest play this weekend…
    how about the 4th down call by the Falcons in overtime?

  2. Well, that didn’t take long for the Jets to replace one “stupidest plays ever” by another. Joe McKnight muffing the punt and another Jets player who was right there somehow couldn’t fall on it, thereby giving the Patriots on the Jets 13 yard line….stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

  3. wow the home teams in the nfl have only won 9 games the last 2 games thats only thats only 19 percent of their games they won the last 2 weeks what is going on with teams playing at their own stadiums wow they look like they dont want to play football at home wow!!! poor fans

  4. Typical Jets hyperbole…and I thought the stupidest play in NFL history was the Jets getting fooled by Dan Marino, the fake spike then TD toss.

  5. “Its not even the stupidest play this weekend…
    how about the 4th down call by the Falcons in overtime?”

    I liked the playcall. Ballsy. If Turner gets it, people are singing Smith’s praises.

    You don’t want to give it back to Brees, period. Saints would have won anyway if they punted, imo.

  6. The 4th down call by Belicheck against the Colts that let Manning go down the field and win the game was the stupidest call in NFL history

  7. Sorry Rex but the “stupidest play in football history” still belongs to a player (Jim Marshall) from a team who couldn’t be more deserving of having a player run the wrong way for a TD then the always pathetically inept and incompetent MN vikequeens.

  8. Stupidest play honors have to go to my Lions for punting to Hester. Despite getting burned for a 30 yarder or so the first time, they do it again, and get it run back for a TD. Plain dumb.

  9. It may not have been the stupidest play in NFL history, but when your coach feels the need to tell the media that it has to hurt.

  10. I’m sorry but schotti needs to be fired and also maybe the Jets can trade with the Colts for Luck cause I’m about to go to the Medowlands and show Rex that I’m better then Sanchez

  11. Is there a TE in football better than Gronk? And he’s only 23?

    And Hernandez aint bad either and he’s 22?

    I guess the rumors of NE’s demise were greatly exagerated. Oh yeah, they have 2 firsts and 2 seconds next draft!

  12. Sanchez is just sad. His team has to claim to wanna “ground and pound” to cover up for the fact that he can’t take over a game with his arm …now he needs a timeout to figure out “run it up the middle”..

  13. Multi-tasking is obviously not Sanchez’s strong suit. But, hey, at least he didn’t get a delay of game penalty.

  14. I thought this was a SB calibre team? The Pats, with their back ups on defense, and with as one dimensional a team as you can get (no defense of any kind, no run game, no deep ball) ring up almost 40 points on you? At home? With first place on the line (and a lot tougher road to the playoffs for the loser)? Nothing like being booed off your home field, huh?

    All-star talkers but they can’t back it up. Again.

  15. There are never stupid plays against a team that cheats. And yes, the Patsies still cheat. How else can it be explained that they win?

  16. Where are all the Jet fans running their mouths about how good their team is and how they aren’t a product of their garbage schedule every year?? Come up small in big games as usual. Wasn’t even competitive! hilarious. Last ranked D and they only mustered 16 pts.

  17. J-E-T-S……… SUCK SUCK SUCK but Sanchez is so much better than most of the league 😉 I guess I’ll stick to that sorry Alex Smith and his 8-1 record. Love watching the jets choke.

  18. Even BUDDY Ryan wouldn’t have said that …
    (although he likely would have just clocked Sanchez and gone on with the task at hand)

    I LOVE when a leader throws his guy(s) under the bus, especially when you don’t even know if it will effect the outcome.

    Classy as ever, Rex.

  19. The Jetz are like a Thanksgiving turkey – they’re done! Hey Jetz fans, you think maybe Belichick was filming your practices again? Care to resurrect that old excuse? Face it – the Jetz are second-rate, and Sanchez is strictly second-tier. Brady is a unanimous first-ballot Hall of Famer, and he proved it again. GO PATS!

  20. trbowman says:
    Not so fast my friend! The Bills might have something to say about that

    You mean the team that got spanked 44-7 ……. by the COWBOYS ???

    THOSE Bills?

  21. Yeah yeah what else can you saw now? Too bad you guys couldn’t do anything to stop the “Cheating.”

    SUCK ON THIS JETS FAN. HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE. YOU all are going to hell, oh wait new jersey IS hell.

    Hahahaha. “patriots defese is awful.” The patriots turned the tables on the jets. People were talking about how Brady was going to get sacked and hit a lot. WRONG LOSERS.

    Goodnight, I’m gonna go enjoy this win and pop some pills. 🙂

  22. NO gb4mn0 –
    Jim Marshall running the wrong way was not “stupid”. He was just turned around.

    The STUPIDEST, most ARROGANT, CHILDISH play of all time was when a PACKER named Sterling Sharpe decided he would try to score a touchdown by stopping OUTSIDE of the endzone and holding the ball over the line.

    With SNOW all over the field no less, with no clear way for the Ref to see if the ball was over.

    He was almost tackled and had to struggle to get into the end zone almost totally blowing 6 points just because he was an egotistical blow-hard.

    Like apparently ALL of the Packer Fans… like you.

  23. Stupidest play I’ve seen is Dan Orlovsky running out the back of the end zone. Another favorite was John Elway trying to take a snap from behind the guard.

  24. nannymcsack says:
    Nov 14, 2011 12:12 AM
    btw he caught that ball and a pass interference should override someone being out of bounds
    It would have if they hadn’t deemed Brady out of the tackle box when the penalty occurred. Now, if you want to believe that Brady wasn’t out of the tackle box, you would have a case.

    I still can’t believe they won this one. Amazing. Maybe this Pats team has the grit and mental toughness a Pats team hasn’t had in years.

  25. I have to nominate my Tampa Bay Buccaneers for at least an honorable mention.

    They gave up an 80 yd TD on the first play of the game. They consistently make 3 yd passes on 3’rd and 13. Blount runs for 7 yds on 1’st down, and then they pass the next 2 plays for zilch. We have the best punter in the league… or at least the most experienced. And the number 1 reason…. Albert Haynesworth is the best player on our team.

    Yea !!!!!!!!! We Suck!!!!

  26. where did all the new jersey fans go? its hard to tout sanchez as “one of the best of all time” when his coach doesnt even support him. first time in history i agree with rex!

  27. I saw the Vikings put Joe Webb at QB and line McNabb up wide. That was pretty stupid.

    Throwing your QB under the bus? Could be the stupidest thing a coach has ever said.

    Jerry Jones likes to throw players under the bus. Maybe he has the wrong Ryan working for him.

  28. richm2256, no, its the bills that are in 2nd place in the division, with a win over the pats, and by the numbers a better qb than the jets. those bills.

  29. Yeah, it’s Sanchez’s fault that Rex Ryan’s defense can’t keep the Patriots from going 80 yds for a TD in 80 seconds.

    Rex Ryan is all mouth.

  30. What is the big deal here? You have to trust your defense Coach. It looks like the Jets “D” is at fault on this one . Don’t blame Sanchez. Your defense should be good enough to stop Brady.

  31. The thing that is great about football as a fan, or as a player, is that after a bad loss you get another chance to pick yourself up and go at it again next week (well it applies to just about everyone except the 2011 Colts).

    And true to form, the Jets will find a way to get into the dance as a wildcard team. And a dangerous one at that.

  32. When you pick the username “RexCanCoach” – and it’s clear he can’t, you’ve got as much credibility of a coach who guaranteed a Super Bowl Championship.


    If he COULD coach he wouldn’t make promises he couldn’t keep, or throw a young QB with fragile confidence under the bus.

    On national TV.

    It’s no coincidence that Sanchez imploded after that.

    Good coaches don’t do those things.

    Rex can’t coach. He has no credibility – with his players, with the fans, with the media or with the front office.

    The good news for Jets fans is that Joe Paterno is available.

  33. On one play (I think it was Lions/Vikes), DET QB Dan Orlovsky was “patiently” going through his progressions, scanning the field, all while having positioned him a good 2 yards out of the back of the end zone the whole time.

    Even the defensive linemen starving for the two point safety sack — stopped rushing, incredulous that an NFL quarterback could have such jaw-droppingly piss poor situational awareness.

  34. As a Colts fan, I am offended by Rex Ryan’s comment. How could Ryan forget about Jim Caldwell’s timeout which helped the Jets beat the Colts just 10 months ago???

    CALDWELL still owns the award for STUPIDEST PLAY IN NFL HISTORY & you can’t take that away from Coach Caldwell. I just hope Jim Irsay gets smart & takes the head coach job away from Caldwell.

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