Tebow’s two completions enough because of Broncos D


The Broncos are bringing back 1950’s-era football.  Here’s what we learned during Denver’s 17-10 win in Kansas City.

1. You’ll hear a lot about Tebow and the Denver running game this week. But this game was won by Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, and the Broncos pass rush. Matt Cassel threw 28 passes for only 93 yards.

Cassel left the game late after taking a hit to his non-throwing shoulder. He was sacked four times and hit 12 times. Miller was an absolute animal. He’s my pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year thus far.

2. The Broncos ran the ball 55 times Sunday! They only threw it eight times, with only two Tim Tebow completions.  Kansas City knew what was coming and they couldn’t do enough about it.

At least Tebow made his last throw count. After underthrowing Eric Decker twice deep early in the game, Tebow connected on a 56-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.

It was surprising to see John Fox trust Tebow to throw in that situation. They repeatedly ran the ball on third-and-long, rarely converting.

3. Denver went for this run-first style despite losing Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee early in the game. Lance Ball rushed 30 times for 96 yards. Tim Tebow ran nine times for 43 yards and a score.

The zone-read was effective early, but this game featured more power running. Denver got creative as well. Eddie Royal had three carries. Fullback Spencer Larsen had five carries.

4. Give John Fox and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy credit for playing to the team’s strengths. They are finding ways to win in unorthodox ways.

5. Denver could be so confident running play after play because they knew Kansas City’s offense was limited.

The standings says the Chiefs are only one game out, but they aren’t contenders. Good teams don’t lose back-to-back home games to the Dolphins and Broncos.

Kansas City enters a brutal stretch of games. They will be heavy underdogs until Christas Eve.  By then, this Chiefs season will be long over.

6. The Broncos are alive at 4-5, but they face a tough game Thursday against the Jets. It’s hard to imagine this offense working against a quality defense, but it’s also hard to imagine a team winning with two completions.

Denver somehow found a way on Sunday.

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  1. He had two TDS, 69 yards passing with 1 passing TD, and 43 yards rushing with 1 rushing TD. They also won. He did what he had to do to win.

  2. just imagine if he got lukewarm support from his coach and management. Or if the ystarted the season with him. Go billboard campaign. Coach Herm said it best “Hello!!??”

  3. I have no dog in this race but one thing was crystal clear in this article. The entire story is framed around the premise that Tebow is a bad QB, and you will not give me credit for this win……at all.

    I really don’t like that type of bias. I prefer you give me the truth and I can decide if Tebow sucks or not.

    Tebow scored 2 TDs again this week.

    He’s now 3-1.

  4. How did The Raiders lose to the chefs? Oh well, thank you Tebow or who ever geta credit for this win. Raiders are the Kings of the AFC west for this week.

  5. I’m not a huge Tebow fan, but I love to see the “conventional wisdom” and talking heads made to look silly.

  6. Yea….The touchdown messiah completed only 2-8 passing and somehow Denver still won…..maybe there is something to this ultra religous thing….I still don’t think that brand of football is winning brand in the long run…..the new NFL more than at any point in history is all about passing…..which sort of make the Broncos victory even more incredible now that I think about it.

  7. We will see where it goes I guess. Whatever anyone says he seems to be winning a bit more that Orton was this year…

  8. Let me give all the iditic Tebw bashers (who don’t watch the game, but rather only check the stat line) a dose of reality.

    -McCoy/Fox called a grand total of 8 passing

    -Yes, Tim started 0-5, but here is the breakdown on these 5 incompletions: 3 deep balls of 40+ yds… a dropped shovel pass by Eddie Royal… and a dropped pass in the flat by Lance Ball.

    All that matters is Tim Tebow is 3-1 on the year as the starting QB!

    And here are a couple of non-Tebow related facts:

    -The O-line was dominant! Consistently getting 2-3 yds push downfield all day.

    -And, oh yeah… this kid Von Miller? Yeah, he is an absolute freaking beast!!!

  9. “johnnyb216 says:
    Nov 13, 2011 4:51 PM
    Well if they’re only going to throw 8 times, why don’t they put Quinn or orton in:”

    Because Quinn or Orton wouldn’t have had 43 yards Rushing and a rushing TD. That’s why. They would have just been mediocre. They’ve already tried the Orton experiment more than once and just ask Cleveland about Brady Quinn.

  10. “bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Nov 13, 2011 5:04 PM
    Seriously, Kyle Orton couldn’t do this?”

    When have you seen Kyle Orton get 43 yards rushing and a rushing TD?

  11. You ppl don’t get it.. the lone fact is.. Tebow being a dual threat passing or running opens up the running game tremendously.. they are avg 229 yards per fricken game rushing with Tebow starting as their qb.. #1 in the nfl.. it opens everything up.. if tebow can become a somewhat consistent passer they will be tough to defend..I don’t see pft hatin on vick.. 108yards passing? Get real.. the fact is tebow is 3-1 this year and getting better.. also Von miller is almost unstoppable.. good luck next week Jets..GB^2

  12. 2 of Tebow’s incomplete passes should have been caught. 2 could have been caught. The whole sadsack passer thing has nice media legs, but the reality is that Tebow is generally functional even if he won’t ever remind anybody of Dan Marino in the passing game.

  13. In Tebows defence,
    Our receiver dropped 2 of those long passes.
    Ugly throw, but in and out of our receivers hands…..
    should have been caught.

  14. I have never seen such a high winning percentage attacked so fiercely.

    vick is 3-5. tebow is 3-1.

    is it all about results or not?

    it better be about results, and not “how many passes did he throw”…

  15. Tim Tebow a passing threat? Seriously? He had a 25% completion rate this game and his other games haven’t been much better. He doesn’t miss people by inches but by several yards, regularly.

    The Broncos find ways to win but it is NEVER because of Tebow’s throwing ability because his accuracy is rare enough to be still be considered lucky.

    Now, if he buckles down and improves his accuracy to even 50% on a consistent basis, then the Broncos might have something going forward.

  16. Everyone is missing the boat. If the Broncos had an upper tier QB, they wouldn’t have been forced to trade Brandon Lloyd, and they’d have him and Decker, McGahee, and a suddenly feisty defense. As a Chiefs fan, I hope Tebow keeps fooling them. I don’t want to see this team, with the base it already has, get a real QB.

  17. I’m glad Denver fans want Tebow. As a Raiders fan, the longer this mess continues, the better. If Denver wins another game this year, I’ll be shocked. They play the Jets this coming Thursday. Good luck with that.

  18. 2 of 8 for 69 yards, 1TD and no pics translates to a QB rating of 102.6. I don’t care if his QB rating is 2.6, he’s 3-1 as a starter, out running game is fast becoming legendary, our defense (especially Von Miller) is playing lights out…haters gonna hate, but my beloved Broncos will not be drafting Andrew Luck – they are, in fact, in the thick of it for the division lead. Catching the Raiders won’t be easy, but it’s certainly not out of the question.

  19. “bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Nov 13, 2011 5:04 PM
    Seriously, Kyle Orton couldn’t do this?”

    Seriously, Orton didn’t do it…scoreboard. When has the media/fans ever complained about success before?

  20. “orthodoxdj says: Nov 13, 2011 6:12 PM

    I’m glad Denver fans want Tebow. As a Raiders fan, the longer this mess continues, the better. If Denver wins another game this year, I’ll be shocked. They play the Jets this coming Thursday. Good luck with that.”

    Tebow is 3-1 since becoming the starter. Isn’t Carson Palmer 1-2?

  21. This just goes to show what everyone has known since 2006….

    You don’t need a quarterback to beat the Chiefs.

  22. As has ben pointed out, the NFL rules are setup for passing game, but this mean defences are designed to stop the pass. A good running team may be the way to counter this.

  23. Just b/c an offense hasn’t worked in the NFL it doesn’t mean it can’t. If Tebow continues to improve as a passer with his ability to run his offense WILL be unstoppable b/c teams will neither be able to stack 8 in the box or run 6 DBs.

    Smashmouth NFL.

    I can’t wait.

  24. More needs to be said about John Fox as a coach. Looking at those numbers, its hard to see how a team could win against a competitive squad. the Chiefs arent playoff caliber, but they arent the Colts either.

    The Broncos have almost no talent on the offensive side of the ball, and Fox has always been a good defensive mind. they wont make the playoffs, but the fact that they have this many wins with that team says volumes about the job the coaching staff has done there.

  25. I disliked Tebow for no particular reason during most of his college career. Yet, as I saw him play I really started to appreciate this guy. He plays hard, he never quits, and he makes the most out of his talent. The guy has heart. And I absolutely love h as a pro. Let’s face it, the guy through some clunkers. Hahaha…those are entertaining to see. In fact, they are so far off target, he doesn’t get picked. But In between, he throws some beautiful long balls. He could easily have had 2 -3 40+ yard completions today if his receivers could catch the ball. And the Broncos running game is just fun to watch. With the schedule they have, the lax of receivers, and their running backs hurt, I don’t know if the Broncos will win again this year but they sure are fun to watch.

  26. 2 for 8? That’s still pretty bad.
    Anyway I won’t jump on the Timmy Tbag bandwagon or think he’s any good until he starts beating teams that are just as good or better than the Broncos as elite QBs, such as Aaron Rodgers, are able to do.
    Until then, Timmy Tbag still sucks.

  27. bonniebengal says: Nov 13, 2011 6:46 PM

    Oh, I take that back. Carson Palmer is 2-2, but that’s still not as good as 3 – 1.

    Take that back, too. Palmer has only stared two games.

  28. greendreams6 says:Nov 13, 2011 6:50 PM

    The Jets will destroy the Broncos on thursday.

    You are probably correct. The Jets will most likely beat the Broncos. That being said, it will also spell the beginning of the end for the Jets.

    Sanchez will be in need of some major medical care and the rest of the team will be so beaten up they won’t recover for three weeks if at all.

    Way to go Mr. Fox !!! Smash-mouth football is back and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  29. Two thoughts here= Lance Ball getting 30 carries seems odd until you realize that Fox is committed to the run so much that 5th string back Nick Goings got meaningful carries in the 2005 playoff run for Carolina.

    Also this isn’t the first time in recent memory that Denver has put the shackles on a QB. Remember when Orton was hurt and Chris Simms started? Pretty much the same start, but Simms got pulled in the 2nd quarter.

  30. Holy Crap! 2 Completions??? And he played the whole game? He didn’t like, have both his arms amputated at the half??? How awful do you have to be?

    John Fox may just be the best coach EVER.

  31. When talking about Tebow going 0 and 4 in first half today and still going to the locker room at half time winning it is interesting to point out even the great Brett Favre once went 0 and 6 in the first half of a game while with the Green Bay Packers in 1994, just give the young Denver QB a chance.

  32. I get it…the Bronco’s are winning with Tebow. BUT, does anybody remember how awesome the wildcat was a few years ago…right up until defenses figured out how to stop it the majority of the time? Unless Tebow can become a threat THROWING the ball (because he is, afterall, a QB), it’s only a matter of time before defenses are able to stop him. I’m not a “Tebow Hater,” but I would like to inject some reality here…Tebow MUST get better as a passer to have long-term success as a QB.

  33. As Bear Bryant once said about someone, “He ain’t nothin but a winner.” Bear was saying that you sometimes can’t measure the intangibles. I think Bear knew something about football… and I just laove all the talking heads being made to look like idiots. Tebow 3 – 1….. he ain’t nothin but a winner!

  34. It continues to amaze me at how many people want to see Tim Tebow fail outright. Short of that, they want to take every thing he does positive and find some reason why it was a fluke.

    Seems like the Broncos coaches are putting him in a position to succeed by tailoring an offense that suits his style of play. He has shown that he wants to learn and readily admits his mistakes and seems to be improving each week. Each week they put in more plays that are not run from the shotgun and Tebow seems to be more comfortable every game. The lack of an offseason hurt him because we were starting to see what he was capable of at the end of last year. The guy had no opportunity to learn Fox’s system, terminology and so on. He did not get to work with his receivers until training camp. John Elway looked pretty sad in 1983 and into 1984 when the defense helped win a lot of the 13 games they won that season. It was not until 1985 that he came into his own. And that was with a relatively stable coaching situation in Denver. Very few QB’s come in and just pick up an offense right away. The conventional thinking was to give a QB 3-5 years as a backup before starting him. Now you have guys ready to start midway through their rookie season. And that is assuming that they are in a good system run by a head coach that is not on the verge of being fired. This is now the 3rd coach/system he has played under in as many years. Tebow failing to win or improve also reflects poorly on the coaching staff and their ability to hold down a job.

    You need to view this season this season as transitional at best and a full scale rebuild at worst. Some of the young guys on defense are playing solid and the offensive line is looking better than it did in early September. I want to see where Denver finishes after the last game before passing judgement on Tim Tebow. I won’t be surprised if one third of the current roster is gone by this time next year.

    As to the ever growing roster of “saviors” at QB in the college game that may or may not declare for the 2012 draft, the Tebow haters will back me up on this one: good in college doesn’t necessarily translate to good in the NFL. If you take Luck or anyone else touted as the next Elway or Marino, you get someone who may be a total bust. Not every QB of the 24 or so in the HOF was a first round pick. And if you watch game film of them, they were not technically perfect. But they all had the desire to win. And that can’t be coached. Tim Tebow is a football player and wants to win. Just because a lot of fans put him in a position that even he feels uncomfortable in, doesn’t mean he can’t or shouldn’t succeed in the NFL.

    If Denver keeps winning they may not be even close to acquiring a pick that would allow them to pick a QB. Unless you want Kyle Orton to come in and go 32-50 for 325 yards with a TD and 3 INT’s along with a fumble on the potential game winning drive. He plays just well enough to lose you the game. So lets drive the season off the cliff with Kyle in there so that the stats look good on the way to a top 5 pick! Do you seriously think that the Irsay’s are going to let John Elway screw them a second time? And after the Shanahan track record of wheeling and dealing for some total busts, I doubt that Bowlen is going to let even Elway give away an entire draft for Andrew Luck or anyone else. It didn’t work for Ditka in New Orleans with Ricky Williams.

  35. I am not a Tebow homer, but I did watch the entire game and I hate to read the recaps of the game that say that Tebow was a horrible passer today. Today, most of his pass attempts were very low percentage deep throws that were definitely catchable by the receivers. I do not think it is fair to say that a ball that hit Decker between the numbers was “underthrown”. I do not think a ball that went off Eddie Royals hand was “overthrown”.

    There were six catchable throws and two off target throws today. This was an example of Denver playing to their strengths and “taking what the defense gives them” . I am confident Tebow is getting better, no doubt about that.

  36. A few things about the 2-8 stat everyone is freaking out about:
    1. tebow doesn’t call the plays, not his fault he had only 8 pass attempts.
    2. All but 1 of Tebow’s passes hit the receivers hands. A few under-throws, but not inaccurate. Touchdown pass was perfect.
    3. No turnovers again, 102.6 rating
    ’nuff said!

  37. If they win with Tebow, then they need to keep him in – period.

    I guess some people on here would prefer the Cam Newton results – huge numbers and a loss. If Tebow were the QB of my team and we won with him, I’d be thrilled.

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