The Colts take another step toward 0-16


It’s getting easier and easier to see Roger Goodell saying, “With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select…”

The Colts lost 17-3 at home to the Jaguars on Sunday afternoon to move to 0-10 and continue to show almost nothing that makes you think they can win a game this season. In the last 22 quarters, the Colts have had 64 possessions. Those possessions have ended with four touchdowns, three field goals, 13 turnovers, a missed field goal, a blocked punt and 34 punts. The rest either ended on downs or at the end of games or halves. The last of those turnovers came from the third man to quarterback the team this season.

The Colts turned to Dan Orlovsky after Curtis Painter’s second interception of the game in the fourth quarter (an interception that came a couple of plays after an earlier interception was overturned on review because the Jags had 12 men on the field). This being the 2011 Colts, Orlovsky promptly fumbled on a hit by Jeremy Mincey and Tyson Alualu recovered to set up a Maurice Jones-Drew touchdown that put the game out of reach.

We’ll see if Orlovsky gets a chance to start after the bye week, but, frankly, it probably doesn’t make much of a difference. Neither Orlovsky nor Painter, who has regressed terribly after a decent start this year, is good neough to lead a deeply flawed roster to victories. Orlovsky, a veteran of the 2008 Lions, will be able to tell his teammates what to expect as a winless season draws closer so maybe he should be the man going forward.

On the other side, Jacksonville’s 17 points on Sunday were their second-highest total of the season. That tells you just about everything you need to know about the state of their offense, although Jones-Drew — 137 of 251 total yards — remains a very productive player despite the lack of talent around him. Blaine Gabbert did throw a touchdown in the third quarter, but, at 4.8 yards per pass, there’s still a lot of work for him left to do as he develops as a quarterback. The Jacksonville defense has been pretty good this year and they were very good on Sunday against the admittedly overmatched Colts. That might be enough to get them another two or three wins this season, but, as with Gabbert, there’s much work to be done.

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  1. The Colt’s season isn’t really enforcing the idea that football is a team game. Apparently the difference between mid-level playoffs contender and 0-16 is one man?

  2. Yep throw the season for the 1st overall pick. Stay classy Indy.

    The marketing folk at the NFL and Indy are just all over themselves with the thought of a player named Luck with a horseshoe on his helmet.

  3. NaPolian and his son have to go, no matter how great Manning is and no matter how clueless the HC is, this is on the Polians. To quote Parcells, this is still a talent acquisition business and Polians have been failing at least for 3 years now.

  4. Jags generally seem to do just enough to keep Del Rio employed. Wonder how long that particular treadmill will continue?

  5. Gannon, Manning and now luck… it’s just not fair.

    (Coming from a frustrated dolphins fan that has gone through clemons, green, feeley, culpepper, beck, thigpen, etc.)

  6. The plan is working perfectly. Next, I would IR Mathis and Freeney. No need to waste them anymore this year, especially with the remaining schedule. Also, help from the Rams, Dolphins and Cardinals. Lookin’ good. In Caldwell we trust.

  7. Luck doesn’t guarantee the Colts anything. They have a lot of problems, and they’ll be losing a couple of their better players after the season.

    Even if they draft Luck they are a long way out from being relevant. It’s sad how far they’ve fallen without Manning out there.

  8. Jeff Saturday’s speech obviously didn’t motivate the losers on the team. They’ve been mailing it in all season and will continue to do so until they have a coach with some spine.

  9. FYI: The Colts ARE TRYING to win. They just suck! Everything they suck at this year, they’ve sucked at for the past 5 years.

    The only difference is that now their passing game ALSO sucks, and thats why you have an 0-10 team, on their way to 0-16.

  10. I will be stunned if they win a game this year. By far the worst team in the NFL this season.

    Oh yeah, as a Bear’s fan, Roy Williams sucks.

  11. Anyone who thinks Andrew Luck is going to save the day hasn’t watched him against USC and Oregon. Limited arm, happy feet, locks onto one receiver, doesn’t handle pressure well. He’s not as ready as people think. He’s a darn good prospect, but he’s not Peyton Manning/John Elway.

  12. Props to the people who found the wherewithal to either watch or attend this game. Come to think of it, I don’t think the RedZone channel once broke to this game.

  13. …and that’s what happens when you let Peyton “Big Head” Manning hog every rep in practice and don’t have a competent, prepared back-up.

    Does Manning work for the Colts or do the Colts work for Manning?

  14. Colts go with a healthy Manning for 4 more years and forget about Luck and go for O-line and D-backs in the draft with some major trading and deals. In 4 years their will be another QB come around for the Colts to start with.

  15. Can someone explain why they say that Dan Orlovsky fumbled instead of throwing an interception? It looks like his hand is hit as he is throwing the ball and it flies right into the hands of Tyson Alualu. Even the NFL seems to be perplexed by what to call this play. The highlights of the game have the clip of the play titled “Alualu INT”. Meanwhile in the box score on the same website it says that the Colts only had the 2 interceptions thrown by Painter and 1 fumbled by Orlovsky. So what is it? A fumble or an INT?

  16. The Colts were their best between 2003-2006. Everything after that has been a watered down AFC SOUTH and handing more responsibility to Peyton Manning.

    Even when they went to the Super Bowl a couple years ago they were getting by during the regular season with wins less then 7 points or so, not a very dominant team. As that season winded down you could tell teams were getting closer and closer to beating them, but yet there NO changes made. For a team that only has as many plays as Tecmo Bowl to run, Peyton Manning is the greatest, he deserves all the credit for their success.

    A year later after their Super Bowl loss, with Caldwell as their non changing ways coach, they continued on to do the same things as before. They ran the same routes, called the same defensive plays, guys were getting KILLED!!Collie and Clark kept running these post patterns up the middle (same plays)and the defense were concussioning them helplessly and obviously on television. I’ve seen careers either over or close to being over the last two years because this franchise is poorly run. People waiting on routes and small fragile players trying to tackle giant running backs.

    The NFL had caught up the fraud Colts and no longer had just mediocre talent to help Peyton out, it was now high school talent at best, Division II College talent is what the Colts have. Manning just kept bailing them out. Manning is greater then this franchise has ever been. In this case the quarterback made everyone around him inferior including his coaches, Gm and owner. Jealously never wanted to surround him a great coach, because they wanted complete control. Sad

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