Titans view Newton’s running as Panthers’ biggest weapon


As the Titans prepare for today’s game at Carolina, it’s not Cam Newton’s arm they’re worried about.

At least, Newton’s passing ability isn’t the first thing Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray says his players need to stop. Gray says the real threat to the Titans’ defense is that Newton can beat them running the ball.

“You’ve got to make sure that all of a sudden he doesn’t turn into a runner,” Gray told the Tennessean. “That’s their secret weapon. That’s their biggest weapon.”

Before the season started, that’s what everyone said about Newton: That he wasn’t ready to be a pro passer, but he’d be a major running threat. However, Newton has proved that analysis to be half-wrong by 2,393 yards in the first eight games of the season.

It says something about how amazing a runner Newton is that even after Gray has seen Newton’s brilliant passing, he still wants to force Newton to throw.

8 responses to “Titans view Newton’s running as Panthers’ biggest weapon

  1. I respect Gray and the Titans defense, but as a Panthers fan, I don’t care if they stop Cam as long as the Cats come out with a W. We must be 1-0 for the second half after the game- PERIOD!

  2. Titans better bring it!! Its game day, son! Beautiful day in Charlotte, NC for heading out to Bank of America Stadium to watch the Panthers and Cam Newton rock the house!

  3. Love the fact that they worry about the running of Cam but u better watch his arm and his leggs along with the supporting cast D Will , Stew , Smitty and the other WR Panther will win 38 to 21

  4. Newton has been great as a passer, no doubt, but I can’t blame a DC to want to force any rookie QB to pass thinking that he can be fooled by coverages he’s never seen because he’s so young. I’d take that chance over his making big plays running the ball or throws by running around while the DBs try to plaster the WRs/TEs.

  5. A friend of mine called the Panthers stadium “Cam-elot”. I thought that was pretty fresh. Good luck to both teams today. Put up some points. I wanna see Newton do the “Super-Cam” touchdown pose.

  6. I was a HUGE supporter of the Titans drafting Vince Young. It took me 4 years to realize I was wrong. (Yes, I’m stubborn.) As a Titans fan living in Charlotte, I can tell you the two quarterbacks are night and day. Whereas VY was quick to run the ball (especially his rookie year), Cam Newton goes through his progressions. If nobody’s open, then he takes off … He’s very patient in the pocket. As strong as Vince’s arm is, Cam’s is MUCH stronger. And he’s a much more accurate passer than VY. Most importantly, Cam is very sharp (and stable) mentally. Though I was never of fan of his, I must confess Cam Newton is everything Titans fans were told Vince Young would be. Brace yourselves, Titans fans …

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