Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno leave game


Willis McGahee’s great season has hit a setback.

The Broncos running back went down in pain Sunday without being hit. He had to be helped off the field.

Knowshon Moreno replaced McGahee in the lineup.  After getting the ball on a short field, Tim Tebow made a nice move in the hole to rush for a seven-yard score.

UPDATE: Moreno left the game on the next series with an undisclosed injury.   The Broncos have called nine runs and no passes as of this post.

UPDATE II: Both players went to the locker room.  Moreno is doubtful to return with a knee injury. McGahee is questionable to return with a hamstring injury.  Lance Ball is now the team’s primary back. Denver has called 15 runs to one pass.