Bears call Lions dirty, starting with Matthew Stafford


Another team has accused the Lions of playing dirty, and this time Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford is bearing the brunt of the blame.

When Bears defensive back D.J. Moore blocked Stafford after an interception, Stafford grabbed Moore by the helmet and threw him to the ground. Moore responded to that by getting up and running head first into Stafford, after the play was over. And even though Moore was ejected while Stafford wasn’t penalized, Moore insisted after the game that it was Stafford who committed the dirty play.

“If you’re going to grab my helmet and threaten my career, I’m going to come after you,” Moore told John Mullin of “You have to do something. When you are going after my livelihood, my neck, and you’re trying to hurt me, I just can’t let that go.”

Several other Bears joined Moore after the game in ripping the Lions, but when Detroit coach Jim Schwartz was asked whether Stafford could face league discipline for throwing Moore to the ground, Schwartz insisted that that’s ridiculous.

“Discipline for what?” Schwartz said. “For their guy getting kicked out of the game? For their guy getting kicked out of the game? Did Matt get penalized? No, Matt did not get penalized.”

The Bears also complained about other infractions, including chop blocks from the Lions, and a pair of hits on Jay Cutler, one from Ndamukong Suh that didn’t draw a penalty and one from Nick Fairley that did. But it was Stafford throwing Moore to the ground that started a fight, and Stafford who drew the Bears’ wrath afterward.

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  1. The Lions flat out got whipped yesterday.

    With that being said, Moore was holding Stafford during that block and Stafford out of frustration threw him down. Watch the play again.

    We probably should also mention all the dirty shots the Bears took, because this was clearly going both ways.

  2. “Discipline for what?” Schwartz said. “For their guy getting kicked out of the game? For their guy getting kicked out of the game? Did Matt get penalized? No, Matt did not get penalized.”

    Still stinging from that Harbaugh love-tap there Jim?

  3. “Wah, the quarterback threw me to the ground.”

    Better to keep quiet about it, that’s embarrassing.

  4. “Remember the old Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam? Little guy with an enormous cowboy hat and bright red beard, always losing his temper and acting tough before being humiliated by Bugs Bunny?

    That’s the Lions. Or maybe it’s just Schwartz, their leader. ” – Greg Couch

  5. If the Lions are going down, it’s going to be in a street fight and I like that.

    This is called pride and playing with a chip on your shoulder.

  6. Watching the Lions yesterday was pathetic. How an NFL team can play so dirty and obviously beyond the whistle is beyond me. Not a fan of theirs but outright embarrassing for the league. I guess we know all we need to know about the heart of the Lion’s team. If you can’t beat em, hurt em.

    Stafford should have been ejected, or at least penalized. I know it’s always the second guy, but come on. He instigated that whole fight and then skulked away like a little kid.

    Lions are punks and I hope they lose every game the rest of the season. Can’t wait to watch the Packers annihilate them on Turkey Day. Suh who?

  7. ha ha Stafford is soft. Hes lucky he didn’t get injured, Mr. Glass that he is. And the Lions are dirty. And they played like bitches last night.


  8. The Lions play dirty, the Bears play tough. It’s the difference between a well coached team and a poor coached team. Get a clue Schwartz.

  9. Surely a georgetown grad like scwartz realizes you dont have to get flagged for something to be disciplined by gooddell after the fact.

  10. This all started with the Calvin Johnson take down by the head – by Julius Peppers. Burleson caught a pass, was tackled, got up, then got his helmet ripped off by a Bears player. No flags on either play.

    Some Bears players need to stop the crying and look at their own team first. Crying after a win is about the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen, and that’s twice this year now.

  11. It’s funny how this Lions team has fallen apart since Schwartz had his meltdown with Harbaugh.

    Looks like the testicular fortitude of the Lions players is as strong as their coach’s.

  12. The Lions have taken on the persona of their loud mouth, no composure dbag coach. You would think that the Lions would be well liked after 20 years of futility but instead they went from losers to LOSERS !!. What dirty cheap shot pile of dung this team is. Can’t wait to see them miss the playoffs……and they will.

  13. emphericalevidence says: Nov 14, 2011 7:33 AM

    Crying after a win is about the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen, and that’s twice this year now.


    but crying after every lost is even worst.. especially when its from your own coach… maybe Lovie should have pat Schwartz on the back.. I’d like to see Lovie put a smack down on Schwartz

  14. Well I thought the Lions were overrated, and its finally starting to show. Losing 3 of last 4 beating a bunch of .500 teams early in the season.

    They do seem to be acting like punks at times, but as it is said it starts at the top, and looking back at the end of the game vs. 9ers says alot in my opinion.

  15. Stafford and the Lions got punked and didn’t like it. Just like the little brother that wins one when the big brother’s not paying attention. They thought they had arrived and found out last night they are still the Bear’s Bi#ch. As a Bears fan, I give them props for at least fighting back, but have thought all year they have a ways to go still. The unloading of that bandwagon can start now!

  16. And the Bears clotheslined Calvin Johnson, and went headhunting for him also-Peppers and Briggs- This is still a man’s game, although I think Goodell is trying to turn it into a metrosexual’s game.

  17. his so called broken finger looked fine when he was grabbing that face mask and helmet maybe that is when it broke what a joke of a team the coach teaches the same way he acts

  18. The Lions are taking on the gender personification of an angry feline, if you get my drift.

    Da Bears look like a team that will be there till the end. It should be a huge game for both teams in Lambeau on Jan. 1.

  19. Our quarterback may throw players to the ground, which by the way – shows more tenacity than a QB that quits, er uh Cutler.


    That was 0% tenacity, 100% frustration.

  20. It was a cheap shot and in the current climate you would expect to see him fined (assuming some sort of logic/precednet applies to the system) – I’d rather go back 20 yrs and see the punk have his head driven into the ground next week and see some old-fashioned justice – if a baby gets told off once, chances are they won’t repeat it.

  21. But seriously though…it’s like a hobby now for every team that plays the Lions to call them dirty. I have never seen so much bitching and moaning from MEN that are supposed to be among the toughest on the planet. Tyson didn’t generally beat your a– and then complain about you. Yes…the Bears handed the Lions a well-deserved whooping…when you turn the ball over 6 times…you deserve what you get. I would also like to mention…rivals don’t generally like each other…so really…more football…less whining.

    Fans need to grow a pair…you are watching football…dirty things happen on every play…especially in the trenches. If you want to watch “Iron Men” that don’t lose tempers and let emotions flare…go watch decathlons.

    Do you think rugby players b!tch this much? I am quite sure a lot of dirty stuff goes on in those scrums.

  22. How cute. The Lions win a few games and all of a sudden they find this unheard of persona that they’re tough guys and will do anything to win.

  23. Oh no did the poor DB get hurt by that mean ole quarterback? Moore do you want Goodell to give that bully of a quarterback a timeout?

    HA HA at the whiney little Bears players. When they play rough they call it playing hard, when the Lions play rough the Bears call it dirty.

    Oh and LOL at all the whining in these posts. Way to jump on the “Lions are dirty” bandwagon. Most of you calling them dirty probably haven’t even watched any of their games.

  24. The Lions aren’t capable of beating any NFC playoff calibur team right now.


    I dont see Detroit beating any of them in January.

  25. And I don’t know why Jim Schwartz thinks hes the ring leader of this dirty team. Jim Schwartz is not a tough guy.

    You’re not Bill Parcells. You’re not Mike Ditka. You’re not Tom Landry.

    You are Mike Schwartz, realize that.

    Mike Tomlin is more intimidating and he maybe says three sentences per week.

  26. This coach and team is starting to come across as childish. Toughness in football is more about giving up your body to take on their running back in the hole than it is about laying a dirty hit or running after a guy after he shakes your hand too hard.

    When you watch the Lions play, they really aren’t a hard hitting team. They just take shots at QB’s, cut block, and mix it up after the play. But they really don’t put their bodies on the line at all.

  27. OK Lions fans,
    Back to the basement with you.
    It was kind of cute watching you all get so excited about a couple of fluky wins, but you are starting to suck again.
    Your mouths got REALLY big REALLY fast.
    Turns out all you’ve got is a whiny coach, a glass QB, a WR who is letting success go to his head FAST, and a cheap-shot artist.
    It was fun while it lasted, huh?
    Thank goodness for the Vikings cementing themselves in the basement.

  28. As a Packers fan, I didn’t really care who won this game, but it was obvious watching it that Detroit was playing dirty. Briggs’ shot in the game was cheap too but it was clear it was a response to the shot Cutler took from Fairley.

    When I told a Lions fan I thought Detroit played dirty after the game, he told me football is like boxing and the goal is to “knock the other team’s QB out of the game”. And here I thought winning was the goal.

    Well, if dirty play is the ultimate goal, Detroit’s the undefeated team, not Green Bay.

    Stay classy, Detroit.

  29. Lions got beat in Chicago just like the Bears got beat in Detroit. Kay Cutler didn’t have to do anything! Bears D played great. With that said, the Bears need to stop crying about dirty play. You got taken down by a QB. Let it go dude. Last time I checked the back of your helmet isn’t off limits. Grow a pair.

  30. The Lions are done. I only see 1 maybe 2 wins the rest of the year. Remaining schedule Carolina, Green Bayx2, New Orleans, Oakland, San Diego.

    I don’t think there’s a GM in the league who would take Stafford over Newton.

  31. So when someone attacks your livelihood, via your neck, you respond by spearing them with your head.

  32. “Discipline for what?” Schwartz said. “For their guy getting kicked out of the game? For their guy getting kicked out of the game? Did Matt get penalized? No, Matt did not get penalized.”


    Is that the best defense he has? He must be really stupid to think that every fan doesn’t know that 5-6 players are fined each week for incidents that never drew a flag during the game. Looks like the Coach is melting down along with the rest of his no-class tea.

  33. do not ever want to hear suh or any of the lions whine about thier rep or being picked on after what they displayed yesterday. where do you want to start? suh shoving cutler down after the play after the play while he was in the grasof of another lions player or him ripping off cutler’s helmet on another play? and fairley clearly trying to injure cutler driving his shoulder into the turf? how about the chip block that was called and the diving at the kness of bears players that wasn’t called? so stafford throwing down yje smallest guy on the field by his hemelt makes him a tough guy? he may be a qb but he is what 6’3 220? moore is 5’9 170. and stafford showed how tough he was by running when moore went after him as he should have. the lions are bullies who got bitch slapped by a team who did not back down to them. the lions acted they won the super bowl when the bears gave them the game last month when in fact they are the same old lions only they play dirty now. and yea I said the bears gave them the game last month watch the tape, the lions got thier points on 2 busted coverages by the bears and a long run when they didn’t cover thier gap. difference is the bears did not play dirty and took the loss like men.

  34. I would love to see what happens if Stafford does that to Urlacher, Peppers or Briggs.

    Quit crying Detroit fans, you obviously can’t tell between tough and dirty play. Bears played tough and smacked your crappy team around. Lions played dirty out of desperation and frustration.

  35. The only thing this game proves is the Bears fans show up in droves on this blog when they win and Lions fans disappear when their team loses. After Detroit beat Chicago on MNF a few weeks back, all the pro-Detroit posts had numerous thumbs ups, likely from the flock of Lions fans reading all about the good news. Vice versa in this case…

    Neither team plays dirty…it’s called football. There’s a reason we all come here to write about it, we weren’t good/tough enough to play it at that level.

    I have been a loyal Lions fan for 30+ years. What I saw yesterday was a typical NFC North beatdown. All you folks complaining about dirty play sound like whiners…IT’S FRIGGIN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I watched the play a bunch of times, that was a bush league play by Stafford. Totally unnecessary and dangerous.

    Bigger issue, of course, is that Schwartz doesn’t have these guys playing at a high level and they solidly have a reputation for being way more bark than bite. It’s one thing to be tough physically and mentally, it’s another to try to force that perception with tough talk and cheap, dirty play.

  37. The best part a website is the comment section…”Let’s hear what a guy on his couch thinks!”

    ….and, yes, I see the irony.

  38. Are you kidding me?!

    Lets revisit the game. Its the Bears who started with the dirty play. Or is clotheslining legal. The first fumble by Calvin Johnson was caused by a clear cheap shot by Julius Peppers. Then one quarter later Stafford is heading out of bounds and Peppers dives at his legs.

    As for the rest, Lance Briggs delivers a shot to Calvin’s helmet gets penalized and he and Urlacher are dancing around like little school girls.

    As for DJ Moore. He was doing all he could to get past Stafford and he couldn’t. How did Stafford threaten his career? Defensive players are allowed to throw offensive players to the ground to disengage. It happens all the time.

    He got punked! Plain and simple. His reaction then and now are as pathetic as his haircut.

    As far as the future. I’m very comfortable where we sit. As for you Chicago, you keep our old castoffs of Marinelli, Martz and Roy Wiliams. Enjoy it. This is probably your last ride.

    What a bunch of whiners. No wonder Cutlers girlfriend dumped him.

  39. This was a great NFC North match up. There was so much foul play by both teams. I loved it. The Bears want to ACT tough, the Lions ARE tough. This is stupid and embarrassing by the Bears and MOST thier fans. I am a TRUE Lions fan, and I take my share of beatings from you so called gum flapping “fans”, but I dont care. All you “momma boy crybaby” fans need to crawl back in your parents basement and leave football to the REAL, TRUE, DIE HARD fans. Go cheer on soccer. Its more your speed.
    Now, yes Suh gave Cutler a little push, but was it really that bad? If that eas, then slap the flags around all the QB’s waist so sacks only consist of pulling a flag off the cowards.
    Yes, Fairley sacked Cutler in the endzone, but if you watch the play (like most of you dont, by the stupid uninformed comments you leave), when Fairley made the hit Cutler still had the ball. Fairley had his head and face buried in Cutlers chest and had not knowledge that the ball was gone. Not to mention, in a span of less then 3 seconds, a man of his size can not let up. Straight up, Fairley dod what every player is tought since PeeWee. He played to the wistle.
    Everyone who is anyone know that Peppers did when he clothslined Megatron was shady as well. Not to mention the sack where he slammed Stafford on his head. If that was Suh on Cutler, we would see even more outrage and crying. Hmmmm.
    Then the missle dive tackle on Megatron from Briggs. It was an obvious helmet to helmet hit.
    I feel sorry for you REAL Bear fans, because you are on a role, you get these loose lip band wahon fans that One, make you looks week cause they cry about the way the other team hit, and Second, make you look stupid by predicting not only the playoffs but soon the Superbowl. REAL fans (both Bears and Lions) that watched the game, know and loved the game they watched was a REAL NFC North battle, between rivals, warriors going to war.
    How many Lions players are out there crying and complaining about the dirty play of a few Bear players? None!!! Yet we are dirty and classless. Well I would rather be that then a band wagon coward.

    This is to my QB, Matt I understand you fustration. It was a bad day all around, but you are a captain and leader. We Lion fans expect more. Shake it off, put it in the past where it belongs. We still belieave and love our Lions.
    Im sure ill get my share of rude and snappy comebacks, but before you waste your time and mine, know this, there is nothing your band wagon kind can say to hurt me. All I hear and read is blah, blah, blah, oh and also blah. I wipe you scum from the bottom of my shoe. Both Bear and Lion LOYAL fans are done with you all.

  40. If somebody thinks Suh ripping Cutler’s helmet off at the end of a play isn’t an example of how dirty they are that person probably took too many blows to the head playing football. This is the 21st century and the day of Jack Tatum trying to turn guys into parapelgics are long gone.

  41. Dirty??!!! it’s a football game people!!! Someone has created this hype calling the Lions dirty and idiots are jumping on the bandwagon. Let see, I think everyone who watches football likes it better when the Lions would just lay down and get run over (Actually, almost like yesterday lol). Now that they are competitive…they are dirty. I find this all very funny. It’s almost like someone got their panties in a bunch when the media loved them at the beginning of the year and had to make something to turn on the hate.

  42. emphericalevidence says:Nov 14, 2011 7:33 AM

    This all started with the Calvin Johnson take down by the head – by Julius Peppers. Burleson caught a pass, was tackled, got up, then got his helmet ripped off by a Bears player. No flags on either play.

    Some Bears players need to stop the crying and look at their own team first. Crying after a win is about the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen, and that’s twice this year now.


    I haven’t watched the replay of the Burleson fumble but I did watch the Johnson fumble, looking specifically for an illegal tackle. If you think the way Peppers tackled Johnson is illegal then you have less of an idea about what a legal tackle is than the officials or you are blinded by fandom. What that tackle showed is that Julius Peppers is probably one of the most powerful players in the league. He arm-barred all 235lbs. of Calvin Johnson across the chest and stopped him in his tracks. Johnson probably fumbled because he was so damn suprised when he went in reverse that quickly!

    I really hope Stafford gets a huge fine. The Lions are like that rec league flag football team that thinks they are rthe best out there but when things get tough they b*tch about everything and take cheap shots to vent frustration. Hey Detroit, how about next time a team comes out and pushes you around (during the whistle), you push back (during the whistle) instead of waiting until the other teams stops trying to take you shot.

    And this is from a Packers fan!

  43. lions are just upset that their beatdown on the bears in the first match-up wasnt as impressive as the bears beatdown on them. Suh, VandenBosch and Calvin Johnson, non factors!

    i hope the bears n lions face off again in the playoffs but something tells me the lions wont be there…

  44. “Did Matt get penalized? No.”

    I don’t know if he’s been paying attention, but drawing a penalty during the game hasn’t really been a factor when fines are being issued. But why would an NFL coach know things like that?

  45. Do the Bears always have something to cry about? They won big against the Lions. Instead of being happy about the win they whine and bitch about how the Lions played. Really?

  46. I am a Vikings fan and always will be, but I had a soft spot for the winless Lions when they started winning, but now after seeing how dirty they really are I would cheer for any team in the NFL (besides the Packers) before the Lions. The whole team is dirty starting with the coach, I hope the Lions lose the rest of their games, and the coach gets fired.

  47. Apparently the PFT censors don’t want us saying anything negative about the Lions or Stafford, even with PG language.

  48. Schwartz is an ass-clown. He thinks he’s gonna make The Fairy Princess Lions into the 70’s Raiders(dirty play>intimidating) and nobody’s buying it. The Raiders did it with guts n grit. The Lionesses are doing it with ill-intention. There’s a difference between playing tiough and playing dirty.

  49. The Lions are a punk team lead by a punk coach. Hope they enjoyed the ride cuz they’re heading back to the bottom. Did anyone really think that loser franchise had turned around?

  50. So I guess when Peppers hits Calvin….it’s OK and when 2 DB’s slam Calvin when he doesn’t have the ball…that’s OK…

  51. The Lions have quickly gone from a lovable loser type team to a dirty, villianeous team. I’ve never seen such a quick transformation from one to the other.

    I will say that, for better or worse, it appears this attitude starts with the head coach. Between his spat with Harbaugh and now his argumentative tone with the reporter here, he seems like a bit of a hothead.

  52. Stand in line. Take a number. Who wants to be the next team to cry to the media after playing the Lions. Seriously, you got tossed around by a “fragile” qb, retaliated with a shot to the head and almost got stomped because of it.

    Folks want to act like the Lions are so dirty because they’re not letting teams beat them down and then walking out of town with their heads down like the Lions of old.

  53. Since when is shedding a blocker dirty? I know grabbing the face mask is illegal but I don’t recall the back of the helmet being hands off when shedding a blocker or tackling a runner. Anybody know for sure?

  54. We play dirty, our coach is clueless, and our quarterback likes to throw to defensive cornerbacks that run interceptions back for TD’s….From 5-0 to a projected 8-8…other than that, we’re pretty good.

  55. Stafford did make a dirty play by throwing Moore to the ground, but Moore is being a wuss by crying about it. Every time he hits someone on defense he’s hitting them MUCH harder than Stafford got him. Get him back on the field next time, you already got him back on the scoreboard, crying about it to the media makes you look way soft, considering the “hit” he took was barely that.

  56. The Lions truly are punks. Dirty players who play after the whistle cheered on by disrespectful fans who feel that it is their obligation to cuss and throw things at football fans who dare enter their stadium to root for an opposing team.
    What I wanna know is could Matthew Stafford have played any worse? Not only does he attack an opposing player by ripping at his helmet but the pics he threw were inexplicable. Bears fans all of a sudden think Wright and Tillman are pro-bowlers but it seemed to me that the Bears coverage strategy was to stay so far from the intended receiver that if they were to get an interception, they would be able to return the ball without a receiver available to make a tackle… and it worked. Good luck with that plan against a quarterback who throws the ball in the vicinity of his intended target.

  57. Cry more Bears. I guess it’s not enough to win, the Bears need to whine about how mean the other team treated them too.

    Whatever. Lions played like crap, deserved to lose and did. If they made the Bears cry like little girls afterwards at least I can take some solace in that.

  58. As a football fan, you kind of root for teams that have sucked for a long time as long as they’re not playing your team. It’s been fun watching the Bills be somewhat competitive this season. The same can be said for the 49ers. You can’t say the same for the Lions because when things aren’t going their way, their temperament is that of a petulant toddler.

    This isn’t new, it’s been happening since Schwartz showed up. Last year, they would be hanging with a team, their opponent would pull away, and then the Lions start taking cheap shots, they pick fights after the whistle, etc. I’m a Packer fan, and yesterday, they kind of had me enjoying the beating the Bears were putting on them – and I’m not one to enjoy the Bears having success.

  59. Here we go again!

    Peppers tackled CJ by the neck — that was legal.

    Suh tore off Cutler’s helmet — no flag, but he’s been flagged (and fined) for less than that.

    Then Stafford’s tackle — same nature as Suh’s. No flag.

    Peppers’ tackle was the dirtiest of the three.

    After Stafford’s tackle, the retaliation (plowing over a guy sitting on the ground well after the play) is what got noticed.

    At least the Lions’ shenanigans (if you want to call it that) happened before the whistle. KVB got flagged for his late hit but he was already committed before the ball came out — that’s a stretch, IMO.

    This is now a heated rivalry. We’ve both embarrassed each other this season and now playoffs are up in the air for both teams.

    But if the Lions are going to play like this in big games, I’d rather not see them in the playoffs. You could attribute 34 Chicago points to Lion ineptitude (2 pick 6s, punt return, 2 fumbles, another big punt return).

    That was embarrassing. I want to send Schwartz a letter saying that if they’re going to mail it in like that, please let us know ahead of time so we don’t bother tuning in.

  60. for those of you claiming that staffart was at the bottom of the pile watch the video and at the right side you can see number 9 sneaking off like the little bitch he is his teamates should take a good at their leader starts a fight then runs away lol i hope every team takes a look at this game and sticks it to you hard and often what punks

  61. The Lions are cheap and they got what they deserved yesterday… a full fledged beat down. They are now 1-3 in their last 4, only beating the Denver Tebows… now in their annual free fall. I love it.

  62. Players who complain about late hits and after-the-play dirty work have every right to do so. The only reason for that stuff is to injure. It directly threatens a player’s ability to continue making a living and has nothing to do with game play.

    The Lions do more after-whistle dirty work than any other NFL team. It’s nothing to be proud of.

  63. Let’s break it down this way.

    1.) Lions & Bears are 1 -1 this year.
    2.) Bears still have Roy Williams as a WR.
    3.) Lions hit people, Bears cry about getting hit.
    4.) Did I mention that the Bears still have Roy Williams as a WR? How can anyone be excited about this team with that clown on the roster.

    The future looks good for the Lions.

  64. I’m not sure how you can defend the Lions play as clean after this game, unless you’re wearing Honolulu Blue-Blockers.

    Peppers “clothesline:” You realize the ball was being carried up there, right? Stafford already went on record in calling Peppers as a non-dirty player.

    Suh on Cutler 1: I think it was absolutely wrong to fine him last year, but there is a difference between bringing someone to the ground and wrenching off his helmet. There are so many examples of tough, gritty players in the NFL who can be that way without doing the stuff Suh does.

    Suh on Cutler 2:I don’t think he should be fined for shoving Cutler late after that weird fumble play. (Note to Lions fans: Well-coached teams pick up the ball every time.) Still, he should have been flagged. And it’s another example for the “Suh is dirty” crowd.

    Briggs on Johnson: Absolutely right to throw the flag. That’s a textbook example of the new rule.

    Fairley on Cutler: I hate Brennaman, but he was absolutely right on that. It was almost reminiscent of Charles Martin on Jim McMahon, and anytime that could even be mentioned, it’s not good.

    Moore vs. StaffordMoore should have been thrown out. Stafford should have been flagged.

    This win exposed the Lions in so many ways: No running game. Stafford is lost when Johnson is covered well (and he was).

    And they’re dirty, especially when they can’t beat you between the whistles.

  65. “When you are going after my livelihood, my neck, and you’re trying to hurt me, I just can’t let that go.”

    Sure you can, you just didn’t. In situations like that, you have to keep your cool and make him pay on the next play, especially when you’re in a league that ALWAYS punishes retaliation and never the instigator.

    “Did Matt get penalized? No, Matt did not get penalized.”

    Welcome to the NFL, Jim. You may want to “learn the rules”. Plenty of players get disciplined for things that go uncalled on the field. Sheesh, I thought you had been in this league for a couple years…

  66. I don’t deny that the Bears took some liberties with a couple of shots on guys, AFTER Fairley’s personal foul on Cutler. Lions started it and the Bears finished it. Plain and simple.

  67. LOL I find it funny how all of a sudden Lion fans have to scream “It’s football” everytime someone calls their team dirty. Fact is when The Falcons beat the Lions they called them dirty, when the bears beat the Lions they called them dirty and when the 49ers beat the Lions Jimmy gets pissed over a handshake. Now why would the Falcons,Bears and 49ers go out of their way to make the Lions look bad especially after they won? Wait……..putting some logic in this maybe the Lions play dirty when they are losing and get butthurt? Every team that beats the Lions ends up having a negative experience during or after the game and yet the Lion fans cant seem to realize that?

  68. The Lions are building a reputation as a dirty team. The fact that this comes not just from one team or person means that is probably true. The Lions are a reflection of their head coach who acts like a punk and things he is a gang leader.

  69. The media has everyone hating on Detroit when the first 5 weeks everyone was cheering them on because of past failures. Things started to change when they first lost and the NFL blew the altercation between Schwartz-Harbaugh out of proportion. Many people that were on the Lions’ bandwagon joined the 49ers’ and began attacking the very team they supported pregame. It didn’t help that the Falcons falsely accused Suh/Avril of insulting Matt Ryan when down (Although no evidence of tape) and the Lions losing that game spelled doom because the only story was Suh’s and (Rodney) White’s argument. But things took a big hit when the Lions faced the Broncos and NFL made the title “Good vs. Evil” is when I finally saw that the media is manipulating people’s opinions on the Lions! This game was embarrassing on all cylinders for true Lions fans, but people are taking the questionable too seriously because the Lions were deemed dirty by the NFL, players, and fan-bases outside of Detroit.

    Lions are 6-3 and has the potential to end up 11-5 and make the postseason, get over it haters

  70. Schwartz: “I said sweep the leg, you have a problem with that mister?”

    Stafford: “No Sensei.”

  71. So this is how you act when you get slammed by a QB? SHAME!!!!! That probly made him wanna run and hide from his teammates. WHAT???? You got slammed by a QB????? What a punk.

  72. Stafford threw those picks because he had really happy feet after seeing Peppers nearly decapitate Megawuss. All I saw was Bears D lineman making plays all night and Lions D lineman taking cheap shots. The Lions were overated and got exposed as the thin, easily distracted, poorly coached team they are.

  73. Your teams quarterback tried to hurt me. No wonder all the Bears fans whine, they learn from their team.

  74. Playing dirty will not bring the roar back to Detroit. It looks like the same old Lions… Their head coach needs to grow up and show discipline.

  75. Anyone that watched that game and honestly believes the Bears were dirty is fooling themselves. There was one play where a Bear could be called “dirty” and that was after Matthew “I need to lose my spare tire” Stafford attempted to take off DJ Moore’s head.

    The play by Briggs on Johnson was a laughable penalty – he hit him with his shoulder.

    The Suh & Fairley hits were both cheap shots as was another hit on Cutler when the Lion player hit him a good 5 seconds after he had thrown the ball.

    The Lions aren’t building a reputation, they’ve built it – they are a team full of cheap shot artists. The Bears have never been known as offering up cheap shots and the Lions have. You take on the persona of your coach and even he has taken a cheap shot this year. Pathetic. You got destroyed – take it like men and move on.

  76. Jim Schwartz don’t get it his team is just like him! They win and the world is great they lose and they take cheap shots! Just horrible

  77. lionsbandwagonisfull says:
    Nov 14, 2011 9:26 AM
    Let’s break it down this way.

    1.) Lions & Bears are 1 -1 this year.
    2.) Bears still have Roy Williams as a WR.
    3.) Lions hit people, Bears cry about getting hit.
    4.) Did I mention that the Bears still have Roy Williams as a WR? How can anyone be excited about this team with that clown on the roster.

    The future looks good for the Lions.

  78. @lionsbandwagonisfull

    The year Detroit starts realizing that WR is one of the least important positions on the field, will be the year teams need to start worrying about them. You should know this by now.

    You might want to change your username as well… the annual Lions collapse has commenced and your fragile QB is falling apart again.

  79. What happened to pro football players? Never do I remember grown men complain to the media about being victims of dirty play. It used to be written in books years later or laughed about in Lite Beer spots but now its like a middle school counseling session.

  80. The cheap shots that the Lions continually give bug me. How the league doesn’t come down harder on these little kittens I’ll never understand. It seems week after week they do it. Detroit walks around talking trash like they’ve been relevant the past decade and the irony is there are actually Lions fans around doing the same thing. And they actually talk like the team is defending super bowl champions. Stick to what you do best…..wearing bags on your heads to the games and keeping quiet.

  81. This game was embarrassing and the Lions were LUCKY to start 5-0. This was by far the ugliest loss of them all. I have no excuses for them. We flat out got our butts kicked.

    However, the Lions are still 6-3 and are improving each year which any true Lions fan can be happy about. There are plenty of teams that would love to be 6-3 right now.

  82. I’ve decided that the whiniest people of all aren’t the ones playing the game then whining about dirty play…it’s the people commenting here. Good grief.

  83. stafford just had to get a look at moore’s ridiculous hair to make sure that he saw it correctly. seriously, wtf was that?

  84. Lmao at the lambs fans complaining about peppers arm tackle offices Johnson. Maybe CJ needs to learn how to hold the ball. Guarantee you sun fairley Stafford and Moore are getting big fines. Schwartz is a mo mo.

  85. It used to be that dirty meant throwing chalk in someones eyes or twisting belly fat or wrenching fingers under a pile. Now it means shedding blocker by throwing him to the ground. The male influence in the modern family is sorely missed.

  86. To all the Lion fans calling the Bears whiners for calling the Lions dirty:

    Your team just got stomped by a bunch of whiners.

    There, does that really make you feel any better?

  87. At first I thought that Lions fans did not understand what they were watching on Sundays because it has been so long since there has been any football played in their town.

    After reading the comments here and a couple of other sites I remembered how Detroit embraced and loved the Pistons back in the 80s and 90s.
    The Pistons that loved to shove players into the seats or cut their legs out from under them. The morons that liked to throw elbows or trip a player with a big smile on their face.
    You LIKE this kind of stuff.
    You like the dirty play and you like watching someone trying to hurt another player on purpose. You love the jag off persona.

    It looks like anyone that had a sense of decency and class moved out of that decaying hellhole years ago and all the stupid Chrysler commercials in the world are not going to save you.

  88. Did you see Stafford complaining to the refs with his arms in the air…just as Major Wright was running by him for a touchdown? Yeah….that was awesome.

    I could list all of the things Stafford did wrong yesterday, but it was so obvious to anyone who watched the game yesterday.

  89. Anyone that saw what Stafford did to Moore knows he deserved a good butt kicking!!! He was just mad because he kept getting picked off – crybaby!! He should of at least got a penalty! But in the end the Lions got what they deserved, now didn’t they, boo hoo.

  90. i know the Lions are trying to get a tough guy identity, but its beginning to back-fire. That being said, I STILL LOVE Ndamukong Suh…rip the helmet off, beat them into the ground!!! Dude is relentless…

  91. I’m sorry we derailed your fairy tail season and sent you on a death spiral after a firm handshake and a pat on the back.


    The Niners

  92. There’s always some clown bringing up Cutler leaving the game, and now its a Detroit fan.

    Last I checked, Cutler seems to get wrecked every game, legally, and vs Detroit-illegally, and he just keeps getting back up. That would lend one to believe that the whole “he quit” thing is bs, and he was legitimately hurt, wouldn’t you say?

    Stafford should also be happy, as this is the first time in three years that he made it out vs the Bears in a horizontal position. Last two years he was put out by them.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend now.

    I’m really going to enjoy watching the Packers put about 100 on the Lions on Thanksgiving, if they start pulling that stuff on Rodgers.

  93. hawks49 says:
    Nov 14, 2011 11:27 AM
    I’m sorry we derailed your fairy tail season and sent you on a death spiral after a firm handshake and a pat on the back.


    Dont worry…you’re wake up call is coming in Baltimore and Pittsburgh later on this schedule, then again in the playoffs vs. Green Bay.

    But good season, S.F.

  94. I’ve never seen a grown man curl up in the fetal position as quickly as Stafford did when Moore retaliated; freakin hilarious!! Stafford is nothing more than a punk kid and a sore loser.

  95. My team got beat from begining to end. We split as conference foes do. The Lions are still playoff bound and your (any) offense is still scared to see us on their schedule. You “fans” whining about “dirty” play should go back to watching soccer. There are no yellow cards in this game. It’s professional freaking football.

    Why are Packers fans chiming in here? “If they try that with Rodgers, I’ll come down out of my deer stand and throw a PBR at the tv!” Second lowest collective IQ of any fan base.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  96. m00se78 says:
    Nov 14, 2011 12:01 PM
    I’ve never seen a grown man curl up in the fetal position as quickly as Stafford did when Moore retaliated; freakin hilarious!! Stafford is nothing more than a punk kid and a sore loser.


    The Bears got mashed on MNF up in Detroit….no big deal, they split the series….Lions need to focus and keep the extra stuff out …..

  97. As a Bear fan, I loved the game. Yes, because we won, but more than that. That game was like the Bear-Packer rivalry back in the 80’s.

    I agree players need to stop whining to the press about cheap shots. Stafford was a punk for what he did. It wasn’t a block, it wasn’t a push. He was mad because he just threw another interception, so he grabs the helmet of a defender and twists it around. I don’t care, IT’S FOOTBALL. So, he got what he deserved. Moore went after him. That’s how things should be settled, not this banter back and forth through the media.

    BTW – Briggs hit on CJ was a text book shoulder hit. It’s obvious he led with the shoulder and not the helmet. This is one penalty the NFL really needs to look into. Ball carries lower their head on purpose now knowing the defender can easily get called on this. Urlacher was called on one just like this earlier in the season. No fine, just like no fine on Briggs.

  98. lssndrs says: Nov 14, 2011 11:44 AM

    I am a Bears fan, 100%, but I will enjoy watching the Pack put the hurts on the Lions!


    I’ve never wanted to hear that from a fellow NFC North-er until now.

    Hopefully, my Vikes can at least cover the spread tonight… maybe that’ll piss the Packers off just enough to destroy Detroit.

  99. Oh. My. God.

    I would be so embarrassed if that were a defensive back on my favorite team whining about being thrown to the ground by *a quarterback*

    Let’s repeat that for emphasis *a quarterback*, you know, the guys who wear skirts on the field.

    Moore: You play in the mother-freaking Black and Blue Division. Shut the hell up before you embarrass the Bears even more.


  100. “He kind of blocked me. I was just trying to get him off me best I knew how, and I guess he didn’t like the way I did it, and he wanted to ask me about it,” Stafford said.

    Did Stafford like the way Moore did it?

    “Yup,” Stafford said.

    and this doesn’t sound like whining to me.

  101. Stafford:
    Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) Weight: 232 lb (105 kg)

    Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) Weight: 182 lb (83 kg)

    Not for nothing, but it’s not exactly Doug Flutie hip-tossing James Harrison.

    What’s more, there is no way Stafford tries that unless he does in fact have 50 pounds and is six inches taller than the defender.

  102. Lions fan. Sigh.

    LOL at Moore calling that tackle an attack on his livelihood.

    Don’t think Suh’s tackle on Cutler was any worse than Peppers’ on Johnson. Fairley was clearly excited he touched a QB for the first time and it was a clear penalty.

    I think the Lions image as dirty is 80% media hype, but I don’t mind. I don’t understand all this talk about the annual Lions collapse, as if we’ve ever been in a position to collapse in the past decade, outside of 2007.

  103. I see the rest of the bears players have adopted cutlers crybaby won the game now start preparing for the chargers and quit being little girls,this is football!

  104. gb4mn0 says:
    Nov 14, 2011 8:01 AM
    The Lions are taking on the gender personification of an angry feline, if you get my drift.

    Da Bears look like a team that will be there till the end. It should be a huge game for both teams in Lambeau on Jan. 1.
    Yeah I get what you are trying to drift but you are confusing a feline cat with a female dog? Moron

    2nd the Lions play the Pack on Jan 1st, not the bears..,.

    To everyone else whining/hating on the Lions….

    I am a lifetime Lions Fan.
    The Lions beat the bears at home.
    The bears beat the Lions at home.
    The Lions and bears are tied at 6-3.
    The lions have the current tiebreaker.
    The Lions have had some “rough” games this year, none rougher than Sunday; but even good teams (I said good not great) lose bad once in a while on their rivals home field.
    Do the Lions lack a running game? Yes (would be 8-1 if they did)
    It’s one week, a lot can change, it’s the NFL , either team could go anywhere from 6-10 to 13-3, but both will end up somewhere in between.
    Are my lions dirty? Yes.
    Do I love that? Yes.
    Do I care if people hate them? No
    The fact that you all hate them tells me they are on the right track.
    I think they should just own it.
    If you don’t like it? Tough, you have no choice.
    You may beat the lions, but obviously you are proud of it, so what does that say about you? Would you be on here bragging about beating the 0-9 colts? If yes… You bully, congratulations you are no better than us!

  105. “Our quarterback may throw players to the ground, which by the way – shows more tenacity than a QB that quits, er uh Cutler.”

    Oh yeah I really saw that tenacity Stafford had. Especially on his last pick six where he had a clear shot of stopping Charles Tillman but didn’t even make an effort and instead threw up his arms yelling at his offense.

  106. How is Cutler a crybaby? He gets the crap kicked out of him every game for years – he gets up and keeps playing – you don’t see him throwing people down by the helmet and pouting like a girl! This has nothing to do with Cutler anyway does it?! Stick to the subject.

  107. Lions got whupped – series tied at 1-1.

    Bears fans are whining, and making excuses, about their defensive back getting beaten up by a QB – that’s hilarious.

    See you in the wildcard game, which will be played in Detroit!

  108. Dear goodness, the majority of people don’t have a clue on what a LEGAL hit is in this league. Peppers hit Mega in the shoulder pads, no matter if it was a clothesline tackle. Awkward doesn’t mean illegal. Legal! Briggs led with his shoulder and made contact with said shoulder with CJ’s shoulder. Legal! Cutler gets his helmet ripped off after the play. Illegal! Stafford should’ve been penalized, same with whatever Lion tackled Jennings well out of bounds. The refs completely dropped the ball.

  109. lisabearsfan says: Nov 15, 2011 9:15 AM

    How is Cutler a crybaby?

    As I recall, during the offseason and lockout, it was the Bears fans and Chicago press calling Cutler a wimp.

    Earlier this season, when I watched Cutler take a pounding on Monday night in Detroit, “wimp” was not a word that crossed my mind.

  110. I don’t neccessarily have a problem with the Lions playing a nasty brand of ball because I understand that the franchise has been down for a long time and these guys want to turn it around. But, if you’re going to take cheap shots at qbs and run your mouth when guys are laying flat on their back, you’d better understand that guys are going to start gunning for you and they’ll be chuckling when you get carted off the field. Ala “The Hammer got hammered”. The Lions can win without all the nonsense and coach needs to get em’ under control. Earn respect the right way.

  111. I’m a Lions fan, have been since I was old enough to watch with my dad. I rooted for them the 0-16 season, I mean, we needed some kind of record. Now all of the sudden they play better and everyone calls them dirty? Seriously? Suh is aggressive, young, and excited, and anyone that says it’s not a goal to get to the QB is full of sh*t! Sorry Stafford took out one of your defensive players, tell him to grow a sack. You dont go directly after the QB if he does something to you, you wait to sack him, which is what most people would do. It wasn’t a dirty play unless we’ve come up with more new rules to make football even less of a manly sport and more of a b*tch sport.
    Schwartz shouldn’t have let Stafford play, Hill should’ve been in, he doesn’t have anything broken. We got our azzes handed to us, good for you Chicago, we beat you, you beat us. Get over it. I didn’t hear chanting at Ford Field of “Chicago Sucks” like I heard on the TV for the Bears fans screaming “Detroit Sucks”. Maybe they should class it up too, seeing as how everyone thinks we need to. Sorry we finally got a team together that can play, doesn’t make you dirty, makes you a football team. As for the crappy few games we have had, sh*t happens, it’s the first year we’ve actually gotten something together now that the DB Millen is gone. They’re not going to win every game, we didn’t expect them to. Jump off the bandwagon if you jumped on, if you are a real fan, you will stay with them through the good and bad. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and almost everyone is going to defend their own team. Here’s to hoping someone stops Green Bay from running over the division and going 16-0, whomever that may be.

  112. Baaaaah, baaaaah, all you Detroit haters are a bunch of sheep.

    I’m a Tampa fan, we lost to both Detroit and the Bears so I don’t really have a horse in this race. Still, I don’t get all the hate on Detroit. They went 0 – 16 a few years ago, so I’m kinda glad they’re getting attention for being a better team.

    Ya’ll sound like a bunch of pencilnecks upset because your betting pools are being screwed up because the Lions are doing some damage for once.

    That said, if your DBs are calling the QUARTERBACK of another team dirty, then you know you’ve got some issues. I didn’t watch the game, but I saw the highlights, and Stafford was definitely being held by the DB and pulled him down because he was frustrated.

    Calvin Johnson took two nasty shots in that game. Cutler almost got his head ripped off. There was a fight after the Stafford thing.

    To me, all this looks like is a tough division game which the Bears won. Congratulations to both teams, you’re 6 – 3. Quit crying and move on…SMH

  113. I’m a Redskins fan and don’t really have a cat in this fight. I’m just commenting on my observations and opinion. It’s a shame when the Lions finally have the talent to win with consistancy and I hear the media and many nfl fans refer to them as “bums”. Most of us would enjoy seeing the Lions have a good team, for the sake of the town and it’s fans. But it seems as if that will be ruined. By the team and by the fans.

  114. @detroitwhatevs

    “Suh is aggressive, young, and excited, and anyone that says it’s not a goal to get to the QB is full of sh*t!”

    Of course his goal is to get to the QB. But like it or not the NFL has rules about hitting the QB. Suh is the post penalized personal foul player in the game. Eventually that might cost you a game. Maybe a playoff game…

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