Financial woes may be driving DeSean’s actions


Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson spoke to the media Monday for the first time since he was benched against the Cardinals for missing a team meeting.

“It’s just kind of a tough situation for myself but I’ve just got to be a man about it and just learn from everything that happens,” Jackson said.

We know Jackson wants a new contract, but is there something more to the “tough situation” he’s going through?

According to Howard Eskin of WIP speaking to Florio on PFT Live Monday, Jackson has serious financial issues.

“From what I’m told, [Jackson] owes Drew Rosenhaus a lot of money. . . . We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is he broke? I don’t know how you define broke, but I know when he signs his new deal he will owe Drew Rosenhaus a lot of money.”

Eskin claims that Jackson is using a credit card from Rosenhaus to get by, among other things. That sounds like broke to us, at least until the next contract arrives. Keyshawn Johnson of ESPN alluded to Jackson being broke on Sunday morning as well.

You can check out Eskin’s entire interview at the PFT Live homepage or download the show on iTunes.

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71 responses to “Financial woes may be driving DeSean’s actions

  1. Sounds to me like DeSean has been striving to live within his future anticipated means, rather than within his current means. How does someone making 500K a year go broke?

  2. Spending money before you have it, not smart. However, of COURSE he will owe Drew a lot of money for his next contract. What is Drew’s commission…12%? 12% of $7M per is $840k.

  3. LOL

    My god…

    Even with no contract, he makes more money than most Earthlings can even dream of.

    Yet he still can’t manage that.

    Imagine when he gets that big pay day. Go for broke!

  4. Like a poster said, how can you be broke on $500K a year? Most of us sure as hell wouldn’t!!!!!

  5. He always seemed to be level headed. I could understand sitting out for a bit in training camp, but then missing a meeting because he wants a new deal.

    And now we find out he wants a new deal because he is completely broke. I feel for him being broke but I have no clue how someone making 500k a year goes broke so fast. You could afford a nice car, nice house and nice things for far less than 500k. Let alone 500k for 4 years.

    This stupid rich athletes make me sick. Spend a little money on a financial advisor. Probably better to spend money on that that half the crap he bought.

  6. What a surprise! A broke wide receiver. Shouldn’t there be a rule against becoming indebted to your agent? Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. He’ll take any kind of contract offer just to be sure he gets his money. Fishy.

  7. Makes no sense.

    Thing is, he’s probably not going to get the payday he was expecting even a year ago.

    Especially with the antics he’s pulled, and the fact that as a receiver, he’s only a threat on the deep ball, and not a fan of middle routes.

  8. If he’s broke making about a million a year I have to wonder how long it will take him to blow threw whatever he gets off his new contract. He clearly has no sisue living beyonsd his means based on “expected future income.”

  9. It couldn’t happen to a more useless human being. I hope he ends up living in a cardboard box.

  10. Even if it doesn’t come from the Eagles, Jackson will get paid next season. He’ll get a good signing bonus and make a few million a year, more than enough to pay his debts off.

    However, it’s easy to believe that with a fatter contract Jackson will just waste more money.

    He’s an arrogant little pr*ck so this was a fun story to read. He can go work with Freddy Mitchell at whatever pizza place currently employs him.

  11. Folks, he is not all good. Ok rate him against the Packer’s wideouts….where would he fit in #1 ? #2, @3 @#4 , 5 ????
    I dont know, but he is not a #1 maybe 2,,a solid 3….a good returner yes….guts across the middle,,,ahhh…50/50….
    just looking for honest feedback, and trying to rate him…

  12. Wouldn’t someone with financial woes make sure he made it to work on time for fear of losing a game check?

  13. Listen I’m just a pawn at a retail store but I can tell you two years ago he came in and we sold him 2 sixty inch lcd’s both with surround sound and all the expensive accessories, installation on everything and he even bought the protection plans. He was a nice guy tho.

  14. It isn’t hard for someone who makes $600K a year to spend it all. Hell, it isn’t hard for someone who makes a few million a year to spend it all.

    But making $600K, and spending like you make a lot more than that, when you could get hurt and watch your earning potential go down near zero? That’s just plain dumbass.

  15. Eskin is a shill for the Eagles. Take what he says at face value.

    Eskin stands on the sidelines during games. No more than 15 behind Andy Reid. You can see him wearing gaudy fur coats.

  16. His rookie deal was actually for 4 yr(s) / $3,058,000 with a $1.35 mill signing bonus. The deal basically pays him $764,500 a year. I never had that kind of cash or lifestyle, but I gotta beleive you can have plenty of fun on that bankroll.

  17. Another example of “When keepin it real goes horribly wrong…” Dave Chappell was not only making a joke, he was sending a message. Maybe his

  18. I can only imagine how he would act if he got injured and couldn’t play anymore… Oh wait I think he is just playing to not get injured

  19. At least Dez has a bunch of gold to show for his money spending. Gold is a great investment. Jackson probably went broke buying video games.

  20. Jackson’s biggest problem is maturity…..he’s a real punk kid who thinks he’s much better than what his stats bore out. Eagles would be much better off without him.

  21. Again these players who aren’t grown up enough to manage their money want everyone to feel so sorry for them…..ain’t going to happen.

  22. So how much is a guy who is a career 60/1000/8 a year guy? maybe 4-5 million a year? I bet the Eagles overpay him.

  23. This dude was poppin’ bottles ALL SUMMER at the club I bounce at in Hollywood… I hope he’s not broke with all the diamonds and 20k bottles of “Ace of Spades”champagne that were either swallowed or sprayed on female admirers..
    They finally asked the dude not to come back because he and his “jaccpot” squad always created unnecessary drama… Other than that he was a cool dude..

  24. Brilliant young man… Already out-spending his earnings.

    He’s in for a troubled life if he can’t figure out simple math.

    Add the fact that his career is likely to be of the flash-in-the-pan variety and it doesn’t look good.

    Too bad his biggest asset is being a skinny little guy that can run fast in a straight line….

  25. rcali says:
    Nov 14, 2011 4:27 PM
    To be fair, he might have taken a pay cut to play in the NFL.
    He went to CAL, not USC, Auburn, Ohio State, or Miami. Nice try though. If Cal didn’t pay Aaron Rodgers, they sure didn’t pay this clown.

  26. fordman84 says:Nov 14, 2011 3:18 PM

    Spending money before you have it, not smart. However, of COURSE he will owe Drew a lot of money for his next contract. What is Drew’s commission…12%? 12% of $7M per is $840k.


    Per NFLPA rules an agent can only charge 3% of a players contract.

  27. sure he is level headed. flat as a pancake – level.

    he makes dez look like a wall street whiz.

    i bet BOTH of them got those high interest rate loans back when the labor festivities started months ago.

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