Haynesworth “a little bit tired” after “most plays I’ve played all year”


Albert Haynesworth was in the starting lineup for the Buccaneers on Sunday, just four days after Tampa Bay picked him up off waivers from New England, and he said after the Bucs’ loss to the Texans that he was unaccustomed to so much playing time.

I was a little bit tired, but that was the most plays I’ve played all year,” Haynesworth told the Tampa Tribune. “When I was in New England, it was hard. You play like three or four plays and then you sit for a quarter. It was hard to get into a rhythm.”

Of course, the reason the Patriots didn’t give Haynesworth much playing time is that he rarely looked like he was playing hard. But on Sunday Haynesworth had a very impressive first game in a Buccaneers uniform, blocking an extra point and making five tackles.

And Haynesworth even tried to provide some veteran leadership, rallying the troops when they got down and saying he’s trying to instill a winning attitude.

I see the talent we have,” Haynesworth said. “But what we do is, we’re a young team. Instead of letting a bad play go and wiping it out of your mind and going to play football, we let it pile on, we keep thinking about it and the result is another bad play. Our head coach came in and said blame it on him, but he didn’t play a snap of football. We have to take responsibility.”

Both on the field and off, this appears to be a different Albert Haynesworth than we’ve seen in the last couple of years.

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  1. Soo basically.. he hasn’t performed in 2 years and still runs his mouth/blames everyone else for sucking..

    Dead Weight, all hes gonna do is pull your team down in one way shape or form.

    HAYNESWORTHLESS strikes again!

  2. The only thing this proves is that Haynesworth is smart enough to realize that he’s played for 4 teams in 3 years and he is dangerously close to finding himself blacklisted. At least he is learning, you can’t say that much for his ex-teammate Pacman.

  3. He didn’t work out in New England but as a Pats fan I hope someone gets something out of him. He said all the right things while in NE and maybe he can turn it around. Just needs to be in better shape.

  4. only a matter of time until he reverts back to his old self…had this been a contract year, he would’ve worked alot harder

  5. The Bucs are on the hook for nothing here… If the roles had been reversed, if he had signed with the Bucs, been cut and picked up by the Pats, and played the way he did, the meme would be what a genius Billichik is.

    The reality is, the guy played his butt off, and if he stops doing so, you cut him at basically no cost.

  6. Wow, the fat and lazy antisocial drunken underachiever is happy now. See how long that lasts lol.

  7. A different Haynesworth? Dude, are you blind? Or just waking up from a 2-year coma? Give it a few weeks and Haynesworth will revert to the form that earned him the “Fat Al” moniker. Haynesworth showing leadership? That’s rich.

  8. Last week he’s complaining about not playing enough. Now he’s complaining about playing too much?

    He should be on bended knee thanking the entire Bucs organization for continuing to pay him his rediculous salary.

  9. I expect him to be fine the rest of this year and play hard, and for Tampa to keep him around next year. In the offseason, he’ll start being a pain in the butt, and things will very likely start going downhill next year.

    Raheem is a “player’s coach” all the way, meaning he won’t crack down or really throw his authority around like Shanahan or Belichick. Fat Albert throws the kinds of hissy fits my seven-year-old daughter would be ashamed of whenever he feels “wronged” by an authority figure. Do I think he’ll be a huge success in Tampa? Probably not, but I’m guessing he has a better chance to succeed there than pretty much anywhere else because (A) he won’t feel threatened/insulted by the coaches and (B) he’ll be able to play his preferred role of “get in the backfield and disrupt”, and that may help keep him vaguely happier.

    I still think it will probably be a train wreck eventually, but I’ve managed to at least vaguely in some small way semi-potentially-possibly talk myself into this being not a completely and utterly horrid idea.

  10. As a bucks fan I was a huge supporter of this move but I’m not gonna say its a success after one game. Just like the team they had a good start but now are just playing to stay above the 500 mark. 3 steps forward 1 step back. It looks like the bucs are doing that to a tee. Really think not having an off season and training camp hurt this team alot. No excuses lets just build for next yr. That was the plan let’s stick to it and have faith in what were doing

  11. Maybe the guy is a better teacher than a player now. Lets give him a least a chance before we all dumpp on him. I do realize he has a record of being a quiter, but everybody has a place. Maybe it’s with this team. I remember thinking the same about Moss and T.O. They proved me wrong and showed me that in the right place, they can be a positive and not just a turd. P.S. I am not a Bucs or a Hansworth fan, just a guy that thinks people can change.

  12. I bet a million dollar, once Gerald McCoy gets healthy next and Albert Haynesworth goes back to second string or just flat out released.

    ProFootballTalk will have an article titled something like this…


  13. “Hey, hey hey….. what can I say? Couldn’t do it the “Patriot Way”, now I play for Tampa Bay”.

    Tampa Bay, you have a really good core there, you don’t need this cancer to ruin it for you.

  14. Haynesworth went to Washington. Feigned a positive cooperative attitude. Made a couple of tackles. Then gave up on his team, and was good for nothing.

    Haynesworth went to New England. Feigned new re-dedicated positive attitude. Came close to making a couple of plays. Then gave up on his team, and was good for nothing.

    Now he’s in Tampa. Pretending to have this stellar work ethic, and making a couple of meaningless plays in a blowout. Figure out what comes next.

  15. Yes, the Bucs got demolished Sunday, and as many hate to admit it, Albert had a great game. With only a few days with the team, he comes out and makes 5 tackles, had pressure on the QB, and blocked an extra point….

    Good job Haynesworth should be the proper comments on here, instead, all the couch potato’s are still dogging him.

    At this point, I truley hope he finishes this season with really good stats, to shut you all up.

    I think he looked good Sunday, and look forward to what is to come.

  16. Obviously the Patriots defense is really missing Big Al. I think they call that “addition by subtraction.”

  17. Pretty sad that Haynesworth was the best thing about Tampa Bay yesterday. When it comes to Buccaneer Football it’s all about the cheap thrills I guess.

  18. All it is is that Haynesworth has to play in a 4-3. Unless I’m mistaken Washington and New England run a 3-4. He’s in a 4-3 in Tennessee and does awesome. He’s in a 4-3 in Tampa and blocks a kick and gets 5 tackles after being with the team for 3-4 days. the problem in Washington was that the Coaches didn’t formulate their game plan around their talent, they formulated it based on what Shanahan was used to doing. If Washington had any other coach with McNabb and Haynesworth then the Redskins would’ve been in the playoffs.

  19. yep, great game Haynesworth, two rushers ran for more than 50 yards, 3 backs had a touchdown, yeah, you sure are saving the Bucs. jeez, honestly, it was better by his standards, but honestly this guy is not worth having for 2 years.

  20. ravensfan4life52 says:
    Nov 14, 2011 12:22 PM
    All it is is that Haynesworth has to play in a 4-3. Unless I’m mistaken Washington and New England run a 3-4.
    You ARE mistaken …… Bellichick ran mostly 4-3 especially to take advantage of Haynesworth!

    Hard to put you into plays, Albert, when you were questioning your back every single week.

    And when you got into plays, you were very uninspiring.

    By the way, first game Haynesworth is gone, and New England’s defense played their game of the season………


    Just sayin’.

  21. Perhaps if Haynesworth practiced harder he’d have been in better shape and not so admittedly winded as of Week 9.

    But as a Patriots fan I’ll give Albert all the credit he deserves for “limiting” the Texans to 37 points.

  22. and a little-bit rich, getting paid from 3 teams right now. skins, pats and buc. i truly feel bad for him.

  23. If the Bucs can get just the good motivated Haynesworth, they have the potential to have a dominating line. Not a big watcher of the Bucs since they departed the NFC North, but they seem to be building a strong foundation. If they bring him back and keep him happy and motivated next season we might see a situation like we did with Kevin Williams next to an old Pat Williams when they were a force for the Vikings.

    A good penetrating D-line can will average linebackers look very good and they will take a lot of pressure on the secondary.

  24. Sounds like someone got a little talking-to from their agent.

    Hey, Albert, ever want to play in the league again after this season?

    Maybe we try playing hard for a few games and reading off this script here and see if we can’t get us at least another 3-4 million from some desperate team next off-season?


  25. @ravensfan4life52

    Also, Shannahan has never run a 3-4 prior to the skins. Not sure how that makes it “what he’s used to.”

    Typical ravens fan, heavy on opinion, light on fact.

  26. he sat on the patriots bench because he routinely got pushed aside by weaker lineman and gave up on plays…there was the three play sequence against the giants where he gave up on every play got pancaked and stopped moving his feet…i loved the move to bring him in to new england because we really needed his pocket-collapsing ability but apparently this guy’s attitude just never changes

  27. Not only has NE primarily run a 4-3, but last season, Washington played Haynesworthless on passing downs in four man lines and he still did squat. It doesn’t matter who the coach is or what system is used, if the player doesn’t want to play, he won’t be productive.

    Oh, and Bill Belichick, Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi combined wouldn’t have made the playoffs with Washington’s 2010 roster.

  28. The scoreboard did not reflect Albert’s influence on the game. The final score was 37-9, but it CLEARLY would have been 38-9 had he not been such a dynamic difference maker. You da man, Al.

  29. Let me first say that I am NOT directing this at everyone who posted or thought about posting.

    Now that we cleared that up… Whats with all the negativity? No one ever says anything positive without including negatives. Makes me sick… yes he didn’t work out in Washington (3-4 or not)…. yes he didn’t work out in New England (3-4/backup player or not). It really doesn’t matter!!! This is a man that is an awesome football player when he is on his game. A beast of a DT in his days in Tennessee, both pro and college. God forbid we say anything positive without negative about the guy. I am sure none of you have ever failed or didn’t work out well in a certain position or job, right?

    The man is just now 30 years old… I am 33 years old and learned more about myself from years 26-30 than I ever had. Some people have to go through things to get to where they are supposed to be. So you don’t have to be so negative toward a man who is trying to make it for himself. We all make mistakes, and all deserve a chance to overcome them.

    Many of you were real quick to forgive Mr. Vick because he is so flashy and exciting to watch, right? And he is playing awful this year and isn’t getting much crap for it.

    Let the man be… he is where he should have been all along. And even he admitted that!!!

  30. Okay!!! The Bucs should just deactivate him for just saying that!!!!!!!

    He only needs to play a minimum of 20% of the Bucs plays in order to be (SADLY) given an extra $1 million to come back!!!!! Deactivating him for the next … 1, 2, 3, … 5 games can prevent that!!!

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