Jerry Jones still not ready to name DeMarco Murray the starter


Last week, Jerry Jones compared rookie running back DeMarco Murray to Eric Dickerson.

Murray responded to that by running for 135 yards on 20 carries in Sunday’s 44-7 rout of the Bills. That ran his total to 601 yards on 75 carries in the four games since Felix Jones went down with an ankle injury. Comparisons to Dickerson are obviously premature, but those kinds of numbers serve Murray very well in a comparison to Jones. Not well enough to make him the starter going forward, though.

“No,” Jones said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “The answer is I haven’t seen enough of DeMarco. I’d like about five more years of it at least and then we’ll count from there. I’m very impressed with him. I’m not at all caught up in this ‘who the lead is and who the lead isn’t.’ I know what Felix can do, too, and I’m excited about what we got ahead of us this year.”

While averaging more than eight yards a carry does make you wonder why the Cowboys would take Murray out of the lineup, there’s not much reason to get too caught up in which running back is on the field for the first play of the game. There will be plenty of work for both men once Jones makes his way back to the field and the offense should be better for having both of them available down the stretch.

As long as the offensive line keeps opening huge holes, both guys are going to have chances to make plays and help the Cowboys in their push for a playoff spot.

58 responses to “Jerry Jones still not ready to name DeMarco Murray the starter

  1. “The answer is I haven’t seen enough of DeMarco. I’d like about five more years of it at least and then we’ll count from there.”

    It’s going to take him five years to decide if Murrary should be the starter? Does this old fool think AT ALL before he speaks?

  2. He is the starter and will stay the starter. You don’t get 600+ yrds in 4 games then become 2nd string. Marco has outplayed Felix in every way.

    No only is the run game a threat now, but there is less pressure on Romo to make magic every play.

    I question a lot of stuff Jerry says, but I can understand why he isnt naming the starter yet. You don’t want to stick it to Felix while he is out. But I can guarantee when Felix comes back he will no longer be the 1st stringer.

    Honestly Felix no disrespect but Tanner has actually shown more promise.

  3. Lets see if Jason Garrett is ready to name him the starter.

    In four games, Murray has over 600 yards rushing. In his best full season thus far, Jones has 800.

    If he was able to start the full season, would we be asking Cam “Who” on rookie of the year nominations?

  4. Why is Jerry Jones making the decision on who starts? Sign the checks and be quiet

  5. Being the #1 RB in Dallas isn’t very important. Julius Jones and Barber split carries and were decent with Jones starting. Marion Barber and Felix Jones split the carries for years with a lot of success before our then aged offensive line decided to take last year off. The Cowboys have been a multi back system ever since the great #22, I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I hope Jones and Murray are a great tag team allowing each other to stay rested throughout the game, that way the “home-run” play can happen at just about any time.

  6. Hmmm. Jerry’s last name is Jones. Felix’s last name is Jones. Jerry went to Arkansas. Felix went to Arkansas. Bottom line, Jerry Jones has a huge ego and Felix Jones is the beneficiary of that huge ego.

  7. Why doesn’t jerry just make himself the head coach? Doesn’t he pay a coach to make player decisions? No wonder the cowboys arn’t a real playoff threat.

  8. I’ve been a big felix fan since he signed and he has been explosive, but not nearly as productive and consistent as murray. Let murray carry the load jerry!!

  9. Isn’t it the head coach’s decision who starts? Not the GM’s? Not the owner’s?

    This Jones guy is a little full of himself.

  10. Hey, wait a sec– Shouldn’t it say “Cowboys COACH still not ready to name DeMarco Murray the starter”???

    Oh right, it does . . .

  11. “I’m excited about what we got ahead of us this year” because they’re games against loser teams and we might could win some of them. And I’m proud to announce that GM Jerry Jones has had his GM contract extended by GM Jerry Jones for 99 years.

  12. The 601 yards doesn’t even count the 100+ receiving over the span of those 4 games. When you’re averaging over 175 yards from scrimmage a game and you aren’t the starter, you’re obviously on a team owned by an idiot.

  13. Didn’t realize owners with absolutely zero football acumen could not only act as a GM, but also apparently make depth chart decisions too. The more he meddles in the football operations, the longer that team and its fanbase will dwell in mediocrity.

  14. The mere fact that Jerry Jones would even be the one to name the starting running back tells you what’s wrong in that front office. The Cowboys are playing extremely well right now, but it makes you wonder how much better they could be doing with strong leadership that has a plan.

  15. Awesome. Dallas is the only team in the league (now that Davis is gone) where they ask the owner about te depth chart. Why does Jason Garrett even need to show up to work? Oh, thats right. So there is someone to blame.

  16. DeMarco Murray already has more career 100+ yard rushing games than Felix Jones 3-2. That’s pretty much all you need to know about the RB situation moving forward.

    In fairness, Felix Jones does have 7 games of 100+ yards from scrimmage. But Murray in the small four game sample size seems to not only be the better overall rusher, but the better pass catcher, run blocker, and goal line back.

    There is a very real possibility that Murray could become the every down back, and Felix only comes in when Murray gets tired, like how Tanner played against the Bills. Again, it’s only a four game sample size, but there is nothing I’ve ever seen from Felix to suggest he should be getting even 3rd down duties barring unfortunate injury to Murray.

  17. I am a Cowboys fan and all I can really say is that, even though Murray is young and premature, he as shown me more in these five games than Felix has shown me in his 4 years here… Idk why people love this guy but he just doesn’t do it for me. If we used him as a situation back he’d be much better because he is not an every down back.

  18. Can someone explain to my why Jerry Jones is even commenting on this. I’m no Tony Danza, but who’s the boss here. This is Garrett’s call. Fortunately Garrett is smart enough to just keep taking the high road. Jimmy wouldn’t tolerate the constant meddling..but Garrett is just playing it cool. Thankfully.

  19. Jerry is and always will be Jerry. like someone else said I two am tired of reading posts about this guy. I’m also tired of reading people post back on it like it’s something new. Also for all the Felix sucks comments the dude is averaging 4 yards per carry when te line sucked now it’s playing well and the fullback is back let’s see what Felix has

  20. Am I wrong, I thought that’s what you hire Head coaches, and general managers for is to determine who to play and who to sit. No wonder they struggle.
    Word of advice Jerry, stop w/the micro management of your franchise, and trust the people you hired to do their jobs.
    Your job, is to pay the players, and staff, not to coach.

  21. The Cowboys finally get a running back that can take some of the pressure of Romo and Jerry if does not start him fans should drop the Cowboys like a hot potato.

  22. Let’s pretend for a second that Jones didn’t say that he needed to watch Murray for 5 years before he’d call him the starter… he didn’t.

    You guys are too hung up on this “starter” thing. The “starter” is the guy that’s in there for the first play. Alan Ball started in place of Bradie James against the Bills, by the way.

  23. “Awesome. Dallas is the only team in the league (now that Davis is gone) where they ask the owner about te depth chart. Why does Jason Garrett even need to show up to work?”

    To do the real work of being an NFL head coach. While your team’s coach is wasting time giving generic “I just gotta do a better job” or “we really came together as a team” answers to questions from the media, Garrett is studying film, formulating a game plan for the next game, and coaching his players up. Meanwhile, Jerry Jones is satisfying the media and leaving armchair quarterbacks to wonder why he talks about stuff like who is starting and who isn’t as if it really matters on gameday.

  24. Seahawks fan here. I like to think our run defense is pretty stout. We’ve contained some pretty good backs this year. Murray absolutely shredded us. If he doesn’t become the feature back in Dallas, something is very, very wrong.

  25. Jerry is asked a question and gives a non commital answer to a reporter (be it in jerry speak) and the headline reads like he has made a decision. This is jasons call and jerry will let him make it. Everyone in the world knows that demarco will get the bulk of the work no matter who “starts” the game. There is no news here. Chill

  26. Someone on the editing staff doesn’t like my critical posts of Jerry Jones. They keep getting deleted

    Jones is a tool and so is the person making editorial judgements on the other end of the Internet … and this will be deleted in three … two … one … POOF!

    Have a nice day 😀

  27. no, niner, jimmy johnson was the best thing to happen to dallas after the landry years.

    no jimmy, no more sustained success. switzer got them another sb win on fumes.

    jerry is still trying to one up jimmy. in vain.

  28. Jerry Jones is such a pompous a-hole. “I” “I” “I”..Thats all you hear from him. Why have a head coach when you show that he has MINIMAL decision making powers. If you are going to micro manage at least keep it private. Jerry Jones needs to go back to his old job of playing the “Crypt Keeper” on HBO!!!!

  29. The kid looks good. He destroyed us yesterday. He should absolutely be the featured back in Dallas….

  30. Jerry def said the five year thing sarcastically, and he also is showing commitment to an injured starter. But PFT gives it a salacious headline, and now his words are twisted and the cowboy hate ensues…..#justsaying

  31. Good Ol’ Jerry. Someone has to have his name in the newspapers over nothing now that La Brette is really retired.

    Speaking of which, hey, Jerry, why not sign Brett as a backup to Tony Romo? All three of you would command the media. Here, at least.

  32. The Cowboys have their “walk around” coach after all. His name is Jerruh. Gee, and I thought these were Jason’s decisions to make. Silly me!

  33. Yeah, I can see why Jones would shy away from a durable, successful talent like Murray as a starter. Especially, when someone as proven and reliable as Felix Jones is on the team. Oh hell, I can’t say that with a straight face.

  34. Demarco Balledout again this dude is a star and 10 year starter for the Boys get used to his name.

  35. Okay. I’m a Dallas Cowboy player and I’m reading that my coach doesn’t determine who sits and who starts? Imagine how much respect I have for my coach who will allow some third party to establish his lineup. I don’t give a damn if he is the owner and GM ~ that is the coach’s job. Any head coach worth his whistle would walk if he learned Jones had made such a statement. Personal pride would demand it. Most of Dallas’ problems have originated with Jerry’s meddling in team strategy. But Garrett is not a head coach. He is Jerry’s boy; a bobble head doll for Jone’s ego. In light of recent news, maybe someone should keep an eye on the showers at Valley Ranch.

  36. I wished Jerry read these commits but Jerry needs to let Jason coach and let Jerry be the owner but as usural that’s why Jerry has Jason there cause he can run over him. Damn well there goes another good running back

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