John Skelton thinks starting job is still Kevin Kolb’s


On merit, Cardinals quarterback John Skelton has a great case that he deserves to be the starter. But in the way the world of the NFL works, Skelton knows the starting job is still Kevin Kolb’s.

“I haven’t been told anything and I’m sure it’s going to be as it was in the past,” Skelton told Mike Florio on today’s ProFootballTalk Live. “I’m sure if he’s healthy he’ll be the guy starting.”

But shouldn’t the better player get the starting job? And isn’t the better player Skelton? After all, Skelton has a higher passer rating than Kolb this year, and Skelton has gone 2-0 as the starter while Kolb went 1-6.

Skelton isn’t going to say that.

“That’s not for me to say” Skelton said. “I think that’s for the coaching staff to determine through film study, but ultimately Kevin is the starter and I’m the backup and I came in and filled my role as the backup.”

Still, Skelton said he hopes he’ll be the starter in Arizona some day, and not just as Kolb’s fill-in.

“No one’s content being a backup,” Skelton said. “Everyone that’s in this league wants to be a starter.”

And Skelton has made a better case than Kolb that he should be a starter.

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