NFL looking into video of Rex Ryan cursing at fan


I was forwarded the YouTube clip of Rex Ryan swearing at a fan Sunday night, just like many of you.

It cracked me up and seemed harmless enough. With this being a family blog and all, it didn’t necessarily seem worth a post.

Now that the NFL is getting involved, it’s time to mention it. Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that the NFL “will take a look” at the video.

In the clip, an off-screen fan (presumably of the Patriots) tells Ryan that Bill Belichick is “better than” Rex.

Ryan, on his way back to the locker room, tells the fan to go “shut the front door.” Or something like that.

Apparently, Ryan wasn’t the only coach overheard using salty language. The New York Post  snooped a conversation between Belichick and his son Stephen after the game that included this gem:

“Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, suck my d–k,” Belichick said.

The league won’t investigate that comment (of course) because it was just a private comment that a tabloid overheard.

You know, just some wholesome father-son bonding.

55 responses to “NFL looking into video of Rex Ryan cursing at fan

  1. An overheard comment in a private conversation is totaly different from a public comment directed to a fan. Not blaming Rex, just saying he should be able to let something like that roll off his back.

  2. Belicheat is better than Rex Ryan? Hold the Press! You could argue Belicheat was not much of a coach himself until he had some years under his belt as a head coach.

  3. If only the proles would realize that they had the numbers to destroy BigBrother…
    Men swear. Players tackle drink and ravens choke alot. These are just the way things are.
    How long until YOUR every word and action is tracked?

  4. It’s nice to know I’m part of The Family, The PFT Family. Can I call Flo Bro?
    Re: “shut the front door”, do you mean Rex said GTFO?

  5. After watching Belichick’s Football Life episode on NFLN, I changed my mind about him. I love the way he handles his business, and a comment like that (said in private, after playing well against the Jets) further strengthens my opinion of him, and I hate MA sports teams.

    Rex Ryan, on the other hand, runs his mouth leading up to games, in the off-season, and rarely, if ever backs it up.

  6. NFL should let it go – makes them look petty if they pursue this too much.
    As far as BB, his son is a grown man – I’m sure he is quite used to locker room language.

  7. that’s exactly what you get and what you deserve when you talk about how great your team is when they’ve done NOTHING. get a QB and you might have a chance to win something b/c sanchez just isn’t good enough, he’s not even average

  8. Who cares!!! This is the NFL. Salty language has been used in the league since the day it was founded in the Hupmobile dealership back in 1920.

    Hate on Rex Ryan all you want (and Beleichick too), but this story, and the ‘looking into it’ by the league is just ridiculous.

    Yes, Rex is a buffoon, but this is stupidity of the highest order.

  9. Time to pretend like the NFL is run by and consists of saints. Stay out of this stuff NFL or please just pretend to care. Rex should not receive any punishment or warning for this. Thx

  10. I’m sure nothing will happen to the Jets. They have carte blanche from a Mr. GODdell, the Jets biggest fan. Belichick on the other hand may lose a couple of draft picks and a significant fine, going to Roger’s favorite charity, himself!

  11. Typical announcment of this league office. Both coaches way out of bounds but only one will be looked into. Same procedure on fines and players and coaches giving there thoughts. The God-del boys have become the dictators and the media should point this out.

  12. Seriously, I love this side of the NFL. The Jets ‘Hard Knocks’ series was great because it was both real and raw.

    I’d pay for a Sunday Ticket-like pay channel that presented the league miked and uncensored, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    We see (and occasionally hear) players and coaches using this sort of language all the time; it’s time for the league to stop pretending it doesn’t exist and start monetizing it.

  13. Vintage hoodie. If that doesn’t tell you how much that guy is just like us I don’t know what will.

  14. “Some people like to say the Giants are the big brother team and the Jets are the little brother team. … I have news for you: We are the better team. We are the big brother.”
    Ryan also says the Jets are going to be better than the Giants for the next 10 years.
    “When people ask me what it’s like to share New York with the Giants, my response is always I am not sharing it with them – they are sharing it with me. … It seems clear that right now we are the better team and we are going to remain the better team for the next 10 years. Whether you like it or not, those are the facts and that’s what is going to happen.”

  15. Belichick’s son just graduated from Rutgers, I believe, where he was a lacrosse player. So 22, 23 years old.

  16. Belichick just threw down the gauntlet. Now Ryan will be quoted as saying he has a bigger one than Belichick does.

  17. The “politicly correct” movement now OWNS the NFL…What a shame…Soon we will be playing flag football and ALL teams will have to wear some pink at all times.
    Only in America..The united states of the offended.

  18. The NFL will not be happy until they have beaten the ever living sh!t out of anything that exhibits one iota of a personality until it is a sterile, unwatchable, undesirable product. God forbid somebody associated with the NFL accidentally reacts in a not so stage, pre rehearsed, pre scripted and approved by the lawyers of the league manner. I love Rex Ryan and anybody else like him just because he drives the league insane with his in your face, burp out loud, say anything personality.

  19. Goodell and the NFL will obviously do the right thing here by trying to help Rex become a more enlightened soul and they’ll help teach him to become a better person overall. Out of the goodness of their collective hearts they’ll provide an example to those they employ on how to be kind and upstanding citizens by fining Rex $20K.

  20. Rex swearing at his players is much different than swearing at a fan. And it’s much different than Belichik having a personal conversation with his son that, supposedly, the sensationalist rag called the New York Post overheard.

  21. If Belichick said that and there were a video or audio, it may be an issue. Since there is no such verification, one can also reasonably assume that the New York Post, aka a primo bird cage liner, is being less than accurate.

    The NFL wouldn’t be investigating Rex if it were solely based on the report of a rag newspaper.

  22. Anxiously awaiting the “Thirty-seven Points On The Best Defense In The League, Suck My D–k” t-shirts.

  23. An outrage! The dignity of the NFL must be preserved at all costs. This is worse than if Ryan had farted in the corporate sanctum at 280 Park Avenue.

    Now get me that kid from Nebraska on the phone, the helmet ripper. We need to get the “Face Of The NFL” photo shoot scheduled.

  24. Just what do fans expect in return when they taunt people anyway?
    Yes I get that players and coaches are supposed to ignore it and not respond but I don’t think I could after taking it for awhile.

  25. Well, Bill, one of those TD’s was defensive, so technically you only had 30 points against the best D in the league (or 31 if you wanna pin the PAT on the Jets D). So suck on that too.

  26. What ever happened to guys like Tom Landry and Bud Grant? Those two had ice water in their veins no matter what happened on the sidelines, and they didn’t get rattled over anything. Tony Dungy would’ve fit into that category too, I suppose

    Now-a-days, we’ve either got over-enthusiastic coaches who can’t control their emotions and mouths, or we get potty-mouthed cheaters.

    We need classier coaches.

  27. “Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, suck my d–k,” Belichick said.

    Hmmm…..I was at the game and that’s what I heard
    Joe Namath say to Suzie Kolber !

  28. As a fan of neither team, I really do think Rex’s response doesn’t require any investigation. What he said is what the NFL (both the owners and NFLPA) has been telling the fans for years. As for BB-I think that quote is classic. It needs to go on his bust when he goes into the Hall Of Fame.

  29. The NFL is really losing its credibility under Roger Goodell, Rex Ryan was well within his rights to tell that fan exactly what he did. You think that stadium heard any curse words uttered last night… please!!!

    What is next, disciplining Gene Steratore for allowing people to see that officials bleed just like the rest of us!!!!!!

  30. I hate Rex as much as everyone else but who cares about this he is a fat emotional slob who takes losses hard cursing is part of football just listen to the players on the field

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