NFL’s top linebacker? Dolphins’ Karlos Dansby says, “I’m the best”


Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby had a big game in Sunday’s win over the Redskins. And then he had some big words after the game.

Dansby told Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald that he sees himself as the best linebacker in the NFL.

I feel like I’m the best, and now I just have to prove it,” Dansby said. “I’ve been saying it for the last couple of years, and I’m just now getting my opportunity to be on the stage to show it.”

Salguero pushed Dansby on that point, asking if he’s really sure he’s better than Ray Lewis. Dansby didn’t budge.

“I’m better than everybody,” he said. “Everybody. Period. Point blank. I just haven’t had the recognition, man. I’m more versatile than everybody. Period. Pont blank. I’m more versatile than everybody. Hands down. I can do it all.”

Salguero asked Dansby if he’s better than Brian Urlacher, and Dansby again insisted that he is.

“Aging,” Dansby said. “He’s aging fast, man. He’s a great linebacker, but he’s aging fast. I respect all the linebackers. But I’m better. That’s just how I feel.”

I don’t think there are too many people who feel the same way as Dansby does about Dansby’s own abilities, but after intercepting one pass, knocking down two more, getting a sack and registering 10 tackles on Sunday, it’s easy to see why Dansby is feeling confident.

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  1. these idiots win 2 games against sub-par competition and act like if they’ve won the superbowl. it was a tough win in a must-lose game, but I feel confident we’ll get back on track vs the bills and hopefully secure the number two pick at minimum!

  2. It’s easy to pad stats when I’m on the field the whole game cuz my offense sucks. period. point blank.

    Not to mention I’m on one of the worst teams in the NFL which helps. Period. Point blank, dog.

    none of those other cats, got my skills man. even tho I got tebowed on his miracle drive. point blank.

  3. Dansby played lights out on Sunday, and we fans are happy for him and the team’s performance in the last two games.
    Having said that, we wish the guys would only walk the walk on Sundays. This “open mouth, shoot self in foot” approach is unwelcome.
    Miami Dolphin fans suffered mightily through the first seven games of the season, and it was humiliating. So how about we all calm down, and let performances on the field do the talking.
    Go Dolphins!

  4. yeah right, and reggie bush is the best running back in the league. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Good to know that at least my BELOVED Dolphins don’t lack in self promoting skills,..Davis said earlier this this year that Smith and himself are the best CB tandem in the NFL…I’m a Dolfan, so maybe, I can claim to be the best person that posts on this website!!!

  6. Hilarious. Great logic there, pal. You are the best but you have to prove it first? Isn’t that sort of the point about being the best? Don’t you have to BE the best first before you can claim it?

    That’s like me saying I own a Lamborghini Veyron without having paid for it yet. Those little technicalities, you know. Having to pay a million dollars yet before you own it…

  7. as a niners fan, i saw dansby twice a year when he played with arizona. he is a very good linebacker and i’m sure arizona wishes they still had him.

    having said that, i like the way urlacher, willis, fletcher approach the game. play on sunday and just “walk the walk.”

    it’s easy to say he’s the best but he hasn’t consistently shown it while in miami. there’s too many stretches when he’s consistently invisible defensively.

  8. Sure, you’re the best at getting anyone with any football knowledge to laugh uncontrollably.

    I’d take Willis, Ray Lewis, Beason, Urlacher over him without a second thought.

    One could reasonably argue he’s the best LB in the AFC East, but definitely not in the NFL.

  9. You would think with the Dolphins having the best cornerbacks and the best linebacker in the league, they’d have managed a few more wins.

  10. Patrick Willis, Brian Urlacher, D’Qwell Jackson, James Laurinaitis, Ray Lewis, Nick Barnett, Desmond Bishop, Curtis Lofton, Brian Cushing, Stephen Tulloch, James Farrior…

  11. Off the top of my head, in no particular order:

    Ray Lewis, James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley, T. Suggs, Lawrence Timmons, Jared Mayo, Patrick Willis, London Fletcher, Paul Posluznsi (sorry about the spelling), Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, Brian Orakpo, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, Chad Greenway, and AJ Hawk.

    This guy is a joke!

    “I’ve been saying it for the last couple of years, and I’m just now getting my opportunity to be on the stage to show it.”

    Haven’t you been a starter? Yes, but you simply aren’t good enough to be considered as good as any of the guys on the list above, and many that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Put up stats, THEN talk.

  12. Dansby is not the best LB in the league. He may be one of the highest paid, but he has not played high caliber football in Miami. he has not made many impact plays for the Dolphins. He is solid, but not great. If he wants to be thought of as one of the best, he might try taking on a more active leadership role and consistently making some game-changing plays.

  13. I almost spit out my coffee when I saw this headline.

    You aren’t bad Dansby but you aren’t even a top 10 linebacker.

  14. True or not, I think the message is pretty clear. Stay confident. Have to motivate the team somehow. If he can get other players to feel this way about themselves (true or not) then it could be a good thing for a team that until 2 weeks ago didn’t know what winning felt like.

  15. unless you’re the one wearing #52 for the 49ers you’re nowhere near the best and neither is anyone else

  16. Everyone’s mentioning Willis, (which is obvious), but the 49ers have another linebacker that is significantly better than this Dansby guy…Navorro Bowman is on pace for a pro bowl season, and currently has more tackles than Willis. I’d take either of those guys over Dansby any day. Frankly, I’d take Aldon Smith over him to.

  17. Is he the best LB in the NFL? No I don’t think so, BUT he has been underrated his whole career and may very well be the most versatile LB in the NFL.
    You really cannot name a weakness in his game – he has coverage skills, can blitz and play the run.
    He is still underrated and better than many LB’s who get more credit.

  18. So if you go by the fact dansby is a real line backer and not a stand up rusher like ware or cm3 then yeah I think you could make an argument he is the best. Willis is right there as well. They asked about urlacher and Lewis which to me is insulting to Willis. No offense to those two player who were both at one point the best, but now Willis and dansby kinda do set the standard.

  19. “He’s a great linebacker, but he’s aging fast.”

    Sounds like the same regurgitated criticism Urlacher’s been proving wrong for years. Obviously Dansby hasn’t watched a lot of Bears games this season.

  20. The best linebacker in the league, shouldn’t be on the 20th ranked Defense in the NFL. Might be a top 5 “inside” linebacker.

  21. Ray Lewis might have something to say about that. Of course, first he’s going to have to heal up from those broken ankles Marshawn Lynch gave him yesterday…

  22. All Karlos needs to do is to ignore the All Pro selections at the end of the year. He is one of a number of very good linebackers in the league but he is not the best. He does everything well but nothing great.

  23. God he would be 5th ranked LB on Steelers. Timmons, Woodley, Timmons, Farrior then Dansby…They sure do talk a lot for being a terrible team in miami. Im with bush …..”we stink”

  24. Chuck Norris doesn’t play linebacker but if he did he would be the best and would lead the league in QB sacks, ripping helmets off, OL knock outs, forced fumbles and TDs (everybody would be afraid to tackle him).

    P.S. Dans Baby, if you are going to lie going big is the only way to go!!

  25. NaVarro Bowman had more tackles than Willis yesterday and has more tackles than Willis on the season. Not saying he’s better–just pointing out that he deserves just as much credit as Willis does. Takeo Spikes who?

  26. Isn’t It ironic the best linebacker in football humbly deflects any recognition to his team mates, while the talkers, Beason/Dansby can’t seem to get enough of themselves?

  27. Karlos Dansby? Yeah he did a great job covering Vernon Davis when he was in AZ. Patrick Willis, Navarrow Bowman are both better and Urlaxher still has plenty left in the tank.

  28. Your report of this interview is incomplete. You didn’t include any of his reasoning.

    He reasoned that he is the only linebacker who has played all the linebacker positions effectively (outside, inside, will, mike), and he has 28 sacks while also playing well in coverage.

    He’s saying he’s the best because he’s the most versatile.

    I’m not agreeing with his claim he’s the best, and I’m a Dolphins fan.

    But… this report was lacking in most of the details.

    Maybe just post the link to Salguero’s original interview.

  29. A 2 win team sure talks a lot of trash. Vonte Davis and now Dansby. Incredible after 2 wins that you guys are great . . And Sparano thinks he’s a great coach too. Beat a decent team with a good QB and then you can talk

  30. What do you want the guy to say? Of course he’s confident in his abilities. But do you really want a LB on your team that when asked this question he says “yeah, I’m good, but I can think of 11 or 12 guys that are better”? No story here. Many people are right, he may not be top 10, but he’s very talented. Give the guy a break.

  31. Navarro bowman leads the 49ers in tackles but defenses game plan for Willis. He would get more tackles as well if he wasn’t asked to play so much coverage and the guy is crazy good at forcing fumbles. He is the best linebacker in the league right now. Not to take anything away from urlacker or Lewis.

  32. Novarro Bowman in his 2nd year is better than Dansby. Willis, Lewis, Fletcher, Briggs, and Urlacher just as a few examples are on another planet… Dansby is good, but he would still only be the 4th best in the division if still in the NFC West. Willis, Bowman, Lauranitis all are better. They need to get that drug testing going, because Dansby will measure off the charts

  33. Waxdaclam, Willis is also doing about double the pass coverage than ever before. I agree Spikes who, but Bowman does not deserve consideration as the best in the game. Willis has done it every single year since entering the league and he’s the best now, he still has a ways to go to match what Lewis has accomplished though. Willis and Bowman are by far the best tandem though

  34. besides all of the great LB’s everyone has mentioned already Urlacher, Lewis, Willis Bowman and more. I am not a Giant’s fan but I watched them yesterday and I know they have some LB’s better than this guy.

  35. Demarcus Ware is the best defensive player in the NFL. Demarcus Ware plays linebacker. Therefore, Demarcus Ware is the best linebacker in the NFL.

  36. He’d be the 4th best linebacker on the steelers, so there goes his claim right away. But even with my steelers bias aside, I could honestly I could probably think of 10 others I would take in front of him.

  37. Well, he has been playing much better now that his injuries appear to be behind him. Best? er…. no… Best on the team? Probably (keep in mind Cameron Wake is a linebacker too).

  38. C’mon guys, it’s obvious he’s using bravado as a means of motivation for the team. This team needs all the motivation it can get.

  39. One good game in 2 years & he thinks he’s the best linebacker in the game today? Imagine if he has another good game? He’ll say he’s the best of all time.
    Unfortunately, since Ireland has been in charge the Dolphins don’t have anyone on their roster who is the best at their position.

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