Peyton Hillis out at least another week


The cursed season of Browns running back Peyton Hillis continues.

Hillis, who has already missed five games this season, will miss another one on Sunday when the Jaguars come to Cleveland, coach Pat Shurmur confirmed today.

Sunday’s game will be the fifth in a row that Hillis has missed with a hamstring injury. He also missed one game with an illness. When he has played, he hasn’t been particularly good: He has just 211 yards on 60 carries.

Amid increasing talk that Hillis is not a popular man in the Browns’ locker room, it’s generally agreed upon that Hillis won’t be back in Cleveland next year, after his contract expires at the end of this season. The way things are going, we wonder if he’ll ever play another game in a Browns uniform.

22 responses to “Peyton Hillis out at least another week

  1. just cut him and move on. Perhaps you can make an under the table agreement with the Broncos where they release quinn so you can trade back?

  2. Hillis went at this whole contract thing all wrong.
    Desean Jackson needs to read this as well.
    Look at Arian Foster, playing his butt off, doing a good job and not saying a word about a new contract. Instead of crying and listening to that stupid agent, Hillis needed to suck it up and crack some heads out there.

  3. Man if I would have known that the madden curse works this well I would have voted for Vick instaed of Hillis for the cover.

  4. No rest for the weary. Oh wait this is the NFL , the players call the shots. AP did it right, that’s because AP is the one of those that truely calls the shots.

  5. Madden curse? It sounds like Hillis’s swollen ego got him more than anything else. Another one hit just like Vanilla Ice.

  6. I heard his status was upgraded to Doubtful…..

    Oh wait, that’s for next season. Nevermind.

  7. Why did I get all those thumbs down for asking if the guy who wants Hillis’s hamstring to snap is a Browns fan? I’m just wondering if the home team really hates him that much.

  8. Ruled him out on a Tuesday last week and now on a Monday? That hammy didnt look that bad 3 weeks ago when he was hurling footballs towards the cross bars. This guy is a joke….thanks for nothing..hit the road.

  9. A very very credible source told me that Peyton Hillis went to a local sporting goods store to buy a gun to go hunting. He was denied the sale and proceeded to go the route of “do you know who i am?!” instead of fixing the reason he was unable to buy the gun (out of state ID card). Sounds like a real turdburglar.

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