PFT Live, segment 3: Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin

Mike Florio talks to Philadelphia sideline reporter Howard Eskin about the state of the Eagles after their loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, including Michael Vick’s rib injury, Desean Jackson’s suspension and money issues, and the climate in the Eagles’ locker room after another blown 4th quarter lead.

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1 responses to “PFT Live, segment 3: Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin

  1. It’s poor when everyone wants to blame Reid alone when the entire Front Office rebuilt this team in about 3 days. Eskin (who’s in all-out WIP-dodgy mode with the rest of ’em) wants to poo on their lack of heart… well, we gave Dawkins and (to a much lesser extent) Mikell leave, and try to sign a championship through free agency. What do you expect?

    It was a recipe for disaster but everyone wants to blame the head coach alone while turning their cheek to the GM (whose name is NOT Andy Reid, btw) and Team President? With all the boo birds out there I’m shocked Juan Castillo isn’t getting lynched all the same.

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