Rex should expect a six-figure fine

On Monday afternoons, I’m sandwiched (or, as some Steelers fans may say, sangwiched) between PFT Live and NBC SportsTalk, so I rely on the lieutenants to update the site.  Now that can take a break from my video work to do some Internet work, I was shocked to see (and hear) the profane reaction of Jets coach Rex Ryan to a fan who yelled out to Rex that Belichick is “better” than Rex.

Last year, Rex drew a $50,000 fine from the Jets for giving the middle finger to Dolphins fans at a public event in South Florida that was completely disconnected from the NFL, after the Jets’ season had ended.

This time, it happened in the season, in the team’s stadium, and it was directed to a paying customer and easily audible to other paying customers, including possibly some children.

Several years ago, Titans owner Bud Adams received a $250,000 fine for shooting the double-barreled bird toward the Bills sideline from his luxury suite after Tennessee beat the Bills.

The fact that Rex is a repeat offender won’t help his case, if the league intends treat coaches who direct obscene gestures or words to fans the same way that the league undoubtedly would treat players who do it.