Rex: “Doubtful” the Jets will win the division now

Perhaps Rex Ryan has looked at the schedule too.

He knows that the Patriots play six straight losing teams and that the Jets’ loss to the Patriots Sunday night may make it impossible for his team to host a playoff game this year. Just like last year and the year before.

“It looks doubtful right now,” Ryan said after the game. “What am I supposed to say? Maybe I should guarantee that we’re out of it — the last time I did that, we made the playoffs.”

We think the Jets will make the playoffs again. Their schedule opens up if they can past a suddenly tricky game in Denver just three days from now.

The team just has to ignore the feeling that they have done this all before.

“It’s tough, because for the first time since Rex took over, it was right there,” safety Jim Leonhard said via Steve Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger. “We win this game, we get a stranglehold on the division, and we left it slide. It’s frustrating.”

Instead, Rex spent the postgame apologizing to Jets fans for all of the team’s mistakes.  It all felt very familiar.

(Screencap courtesy of Mike Tunison.)

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52 responses to “Rex: “Doubtful” the Jets will win the division now

  1. Time to bury another game ball in the end zone. I think the Jets have hired an official undertaker for this, it happens so often.

  2. No way, a comment from Rex Ryan..He is so tight lipped, can’t believe media got him to say something.

  3. Why not try shuttin’ your fat yapper & try to coach up your team?

    When is this clown gonna realize that talkin’ about winning & actually winning are two separate things?

  4. I still can’t see this team as a legit Super Bowl contender as long as Sanchez is playing QB. At this point in his career he ought to be much more consistent and confident than his rookie year.

    Yes…I KNOW he has gone to two AFC Championship games but how much of that was due to a top flight defense peaking at the right time? And that same defense has gone downhill this year so it was more important than ever that Sanchez step up his performance.

  5. What is he supposed to say?

    Since when does the coach who guaranteed a Super Bowl Championship two years in a row have a problem with false bravado?

    It may be that even Jets fans and players are beginning to realize this guy is more bark than bite and that his guarantee to dethrone the Patriots atop the AFC East and would go about as well as his surgically assisted weight loss.

    Now we see Rex throwing his players under the bus – ripping his young QB on national TV telling everyone he committed the stupidest mistake in the history of the NFL.

    (Actually it was the 2nd stupidest – the first was his coach crushing his QB’s confidence.)

    Once you’ve lost credibility as a coach you don’t get it back.

  6. Sorry Jets fans, but for the third straight year your team showed it is unable to “win” their way into the playoffs.

    Their remaining schedule is much tougher than New England’s, so a division title looks lost (again!). They just haven’t shown the talent to win it as a division leader, and they’ve only made it into the playoffs the past two years backing in as a wildcard because of other teams. No way that can happen three straight years, nor SHOULD it.

    They might make it as a wildcard on their own 5-4 record, but there are two other 5-4 teams and two 6-3 teams in their way.

    You need to be good enough to PLAY your way in, and for three straight years, the Yets haven’t been.

  7. I can’t decide what is worse — loud fat guy or contrite fat guy. I guess anything is better than him crying again.

  8. .

    New England Patriots : exposed, frauds, inept, no defense, has beens, lame brained coach, failed free agents, declining, cooked.

    Last week’s tag lines


  9. ny82jy says:

    The pats are gonna experience something that they never do this weekend. Thats gonna be they lose 3 in a row and first place. The pats are nowhere near as good this year as they have been in recent years. Brady had a horrible game yesterday and by his standard hasnt had a good last few weeks. The cowboys should have beat them the steelers did beat them bad and the giants beat them in their house without their best rb and wr. This week the jets are taking them out at home and taking first place. The jets are gonna win this division because they are the only team in it that knows what defense is and how to play it. Numbers wise offensivly they are terrible. But they have a ton of talent to on offense and each week its been clicking more and more and getting better. Cant wait for sun night j-e-t-s jets jets jets!!!!! Thumbs down it go for it.

  10. Namath must be LHAO! Really, he has a point Rex simply talks too much! Too much free-lancing on defense. No offense…bad formula for a play off team…..ST blew on their shoes….Ugly!

  11. Unfortunately Rex can’t count on the Colts purposefully losing in the last game of the season to allow him into the playoffs this season.

    Perhaps he’s hoping the Dolphins will purposefully lose to “win” the Suck for Luck campaign?

    Either way if you’re the Jets GM you know Ryan wasn’t truly a playoff caliber coach that season – and you wonder if his credibility is tarnished enough to prevent him from leading his team in the future.

    The good news for the Jets is that Joe Paterno is available.

  12. Yep the jets are trash and there QB, I’m glad I’m a pats fan we have the best coach BB.few more games and the AFC East is the pats once again.

  13. 7 games left in the season and Rex is waving the white flag of surrender?

    Great leadership from their HC.

    With that attitude, the jets will get Tebowed on Thursday Night.

  14. I am still scratching my head on the defenseless receiver thing. How is it that two DB’s collide, no one really hits Plax, and it is a 15 yarder? Meanwhile, someone tried to decapitate Welker (I know, he’s short…), and I don’t remember seeing laundry on the field for that one. But watch…the defender will get a $15k fine. Sometimes it is best if the officials just let them play. Good lord. I didn’t really have an issue with either play as a fan. Why should the refs?

  15. ottomanismydog says:
    Nov 14, 2011 9:11 AM
    Rex now can put his foot in his mouth…
    Sorry, Otto. That feat, were it ever possible, is way off the buffet(table) now! It is a hilarious mind pic though!!

  16. Well Rexy…thats probably the smartest thing you have said….How about being outcoached too????

    jet fans,,man you are awful quiet this morning!!!…But, let me wish you a happy 43rd anniversary…Now, 2 division titles in 43 years…never mind the SB which you win every April

    Best part???..Mayo’s hit on Tomlinson,,shut that phony up too.

  17. he is sliding into an epic depression a week before Turkey day, there may be no recovery if they lose to Tebow…which is probable

    they suck

  18. Quick pat on the back for myself…thanks jetsies;

    kev86 says:
    Nov 10, 2011 5:38 PM
    Sanchez is still a work in prgress. He has “deer in the headlights” look way too often. If a Jets fan cant admit that he’s not being honest.

    I’ll take the Pats in this one

  19. The Giants tried to spoon feed their little brothers some help and the messy little jets just spit it out. We’ll send soem big blue hockey helmets for them next.

  20. The Jets just aren’t that good. Yeah, they had won 3 in a row leading into that game, but that was SD, MIA and BUF. BUF looked like their only quality win, but the Bills seemed to have taken a step back now.

    The Jets are disheartened and could blow the game to Denver on Thursday now.

  21. ottomanismydog says:Nov 14, 2011 9:11 AM

    Rex now can put his foot in his mouth…

    19 0

    As I read this comment, it happened to have 19-0 votes…I couldn’t help but think that that is something Rex will never see, except possibly, on T.V.

  22. Let me say first congrats to the Patriots and thier fans on a game well played and WELL coached. A well deserved win in all aspects of play.
    My hat is off to Tom Brady and Gronkowski…awesome. The Jets were in controll of thier own destiny(again) and came up short and then some. I have defended Sanchez time and again but I really have to say that I am of the belief that the Jets will go NO further than they already have with him as thier QB.
    Again …good job Pats! and good luck …You deserve it.

  23. “It’s tough, because for the first time since Rex took over, it was right there,” safety Jim Leonhard said via Steve Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger. “We win this game, we get a stranglehold on the division, and we left it slide. It’s frustrating.”

    Unlike the Pats winning, that statement was not really true. It is true for the Pats since winning meant the 2-0 head-to-head, in effect, putting them up two games. They also have the easiest remaining schedule in the league.

    Had the Jets won, yes, they would have had a one game lead, but still have to play some winning teams, or teams that are so up-and-down, they could be dangerous. It was very probable that the Pats would have made up the one-game deficit.

  24. See what happens when cancer is removed – Haynesworth – everybody steps up their play.

    Gotta LOVE Carter – almost half the size of Albert, but TWICE the heart and effort.
    @255, he was bouncing around pro bowl quality tackles.
    And… all of a sudden, Wilfork is relevant again.

    Geat job on D guys.
    Great job Pats!

  25. rough schedule ahead for the jets. the have the toughest schedule left out of the top 3 afc east teams. either way, the pats are beatable this year, and the jets defense is overplayed bc of their offense. the division is still wide open, 7 more games.

  26. mistrezzrachael says:
    Nov 14, 2011 9:39 AM
    Best part???..Mayo’s hit on Tomlinson,,shut that phony up too.

    Couldn’t agree more… seeing LDT get lit up made an extremely satisfying win just a bit more fun. Classy victory!

  27. bobnelsonjr says:Nov 14, 2011 9:02 AM

    90% of the country doesn’t care about the NFC East. They only waste space in your blog.

    an nfc east team has won the superbowl 25% of the time. no other division in football is even close.

  28. nesuperfan says:
    Nov 14, 2011 9:50 AM
    ottomanismydog says:Nov 14, 2011 9:11 AM

    Rex now can put his foot in his mouth…

    19 0

    As I read this comment, it happened to have 19-0 votes…I couldn’t help but think that that is something Rex will never see, except possibly, on T.V.

    Actually, the vote count was 18-1.

  29. rexelmania74 says:
    I hate football..I hate the jets..I hate my life … Disaster
    Thanks. You just made every Patriots fan’s day.

  30. bozosforall, I do not know all the peculiarities of this site, but it is at times flaky, but consider that I cut and pasted that (and just deleted the excess spaces) before you decide to correct someone.

  31. Rex was BAFFLED y the Patriots hurry up, up tempo offense. He did not have his team prepared for it and on one lay it exposed Revis so bad he got burned by Ocho Cinco. Horrible job.

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