Rex Ryan apologizes for cursing at a fan


Rex Ryan responded to the video of him cursing at a fan while heading to the locker room during Sunday night’s loss to the Patriots during his press conference on Monday.

“I obviously made a mistake,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I was full of emotion and just popped off. … I apologize. I made a mistake.”

Ryan’s apology is pretty much what you’d expect given the nature of what happened, although that doesn’t mean he’ll be off the hook with the league. Ryan can expect a pretty hefty fine from the office for blurting out an obscenity in the direction of several paying customers. Given the fact that he took a $50,000 hit for flipping the bird outside of an NFL stadium, you’d imagine this one would be even bigger. Florio suggested it would be a six-figure job earlier Monday and it wouldn’t be surprising to see that come true.

Ryan also weighed in on the other bout of profanity from Sunday night. Bill Belichick reportedly told his son “Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, suck my d–k” after the Pats put the final touches on their 37-21 victory. Ryan joked that he said the same thing to his son after last year’s playoff victory, before adding that he wasn’t offended and that is is “something I’ll bring up to him after we beat em in the playoffs again this year.”

What? You thought another blowout loss to the Patriots would turn Ryan into a different person?

If Ryan’s looking for something else to curse about, he might find it in LaDainian Tomlinson’s knee. The Jets running back sprained his MCL late in Sunday night’s game and with a quick turnaround before the Thursday nighter in Denver it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to play. That would make life even more difficult on a Jets offense that doesn’t need any more obstacles.

33 responses to “Rex Ryan apologizes for cursing at a fan

  1. I hate Rex and the Jets, but I dont think a apology is needed. The fan said something stupid, and he got a stupid response.

  2. That’s why you hit the locker room, and don’t listen to fans. Now Rex will have the rep for having “rabbit ears” and listening to what’s coming out of the stands.

    I will say though, the NFL may want to look at whats going on towards the ends of these games.
    I noticed quite a few times yesterday, players turning around to see what was being shouted from the stands. Its only going to be a matter of time before they get a player going into the stands after someone. Happened in basketball and hockey, and with the fans being closer and closer in the NFL, it’ll only be a matter of time.

  3. I really don’t like Rex or the Jets, but DON’T apologize. The guy had it coming, he’s a jerk. The NFL (both the owners and NFLPA) have telling the fans exactly what he said for the past few years.

  4. “Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, suck my d–k”

    Freakin classic…

  5. Significant injury if LT is out. Historically, he has eaten the Broncos alive in his career.

  6. I don’t like Rex Ryan, but come on. Don’t apologize for that. This is a game played and coached by men. The only reason there is a mini-uproar is he dropped the F-bomb, but guess what, this is 2011. Nobody cares.

  7. LaDainian Tomlinson ran his mouth about beating “The same ol’Bills”……..

    How does it feel to be “The same ol’Jets” when playing the Patriots?

    It doesn’t pay to run your mouth Mr. LDT, how’s the knee feeling?

    See you November 27th pal!

  8. belichick is funny as hell. yes rex jets beat pats last year in playoffs then u lost followin week. good job. u not knockin out brady two years in a row

  9. As a Patriots fan, I can’t stand Rex, but I have to hand it to him…he sticks to his guns. Guess you have to have confidence if you’re going to get anywhere.

  10. What’s stupid is that we have to pretend like people don’t talk like this just because someone might find it “offensive”. We all know that Rex curses on a daily basis, who cares? That fan was asking for it.

  11. Brady Belicheck = 3 rings.

    Sanchez Ryan = 1 only slightly dissapointing season where they beat the pats in the playoffs.

    2 questions Rex, where did you learn how to measure success? And when is it acceptable to catapult you into the ocean?

  12. I like Rex. He is a breath of fresh air in the No Fun League but he really does need to know when to shut up. When you win, crow all you want; before the game, crow all you want; when you lose and you don’t shut up, you sound stupid. He needs a mouth coach.

  13. I hate LT, for any player that gets hurt I feel bad for them and hope for the best, not that arrogant SOB I hope he retires rindless

  14. @minkytails
    Unfortunately for Ryan the league does seem to care.

    That said, I still don’t like the fact that the league gets to take money away from folks on a arbitrary basis just because they do not like what someone says.

  15. News flash Rex. You ain’t makin’ the playoffs so you can’t beat the Pats in them this year.

  16. In a couple years, Rex Ryan is going to own a horse called “Fired for winning 4 playoff games, which is 4 more than my dad”

    BTW, the horse that Buddy owns commonly referred to as “Fired for winning”: Horse’s real name is “Fired for winning zero playoff games”.
    I guess they can’t stud the horse in the month of January.

  17. I hate LT. I hate the Jets. But it’s hard to hate Rex, even as their coach. He’s fun and adds something to the league But Belichick is right. The Jets defense isn’t as good as it’s been the past couple of seasons. They don’t get enough pressure on the quarterback and that’s the only way to really slow down Brady.

  18. You know what, good for Rex. I’ve been to quite a few games and I think we can all agree that some fans can be outright asses. Besides the guy who he told off can have his moment in the sun because I guarantee some media outlet will find him and get an interview.
    With that said, Would anyone else want to see a reality tv show with Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan as roomates? Would end up either the greatest series ever, or end up a crime scene.

  19. Rex Ryan cursed out a fan using the F word?
    He is so New York and I like him even more now. LOL

  20. Rex made those kids day. Did you hear their reaction? They loved it. And I think Rex has a lot of respect for the Patriots and BB.

  21. It’s good to have Rex around. Perfect foil to Belichick. Imagine how much less interesting these games would be without him, and say Pete Carroll, as the Jets coach. I thought his post game news conference was respectful, intelligent, and humorous all at once.

    I’ll stick with Bill, thanks, but I like Rex. Who cares if he’s fat and profane. 2/3 of our country is fat and profane.

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