Rodney Harrison talks about multiple topics from Week 10

I said in the last post that I would be heading to bed.

But then I decided that, for those of you looking for something/anything in the early morning/late evening hours, it made sense to post this week’s video with Rodney Harrison of Football Night in America.

It’s the One-on-One presented by Nissan.  And we talk about the whether the 49ers can beat the Packers in the playoffs, whether the Bears can beat the Packers in the playoffs, whether coach Andy Reid should get whacked if the Eagles don’t make the playoffs, and whether the Falcons’ decision to put their playoff chances in peril by going for it on fourth down in overtime from their own 29 was a good decision or a bad decision.

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7 responses to “Rodney Harrison talks about multiple topics from Week 10

  1. As a Eagles fan I get frustrated when I hear people say “they raised the bar too high – adding free agent after free agent”.
    I challenge any fan to say if they had to chance to get a top CB and a top DT that they would say no way! Yes we were dumb to get Ronnie Brown and Vince Young, but the average Phillie fan could tell you that before the trades were announced!
    This wasn’t the Redskins paying ridiculous money for Albert Haynesworth, but guys that were and still are good. I refer to Cullen Jenkins and Nnamdi of course.
    Further that, if you had the chance to trade your back up QB (Kolb in this case) for a young talented corner and a 2nd round pick, you would say hell yes! If anything we are suffering on D player wise for not getting decent safties and/or linebackers… Everytime I see a TD it is our safeties getting burned, or our LB’s mising tackles…

  2. @thedefinitiveman

    Your linebackers and safeties need work. But don’t throw the blame at them. Throw the blame at your defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo. And throw the blame at Andy Reid.

    1.) Juan Castillo was an offensive line coach before this year, the last time he was a defensive coordinator was in 1996 for a HIGH SCHOOL. Yet Andy Reid still hired him.

    2.) Juan Castillo needs to watch Nnamdi Asomugha on the Raiders, and then tell me how many times they made Nnamdi play zone there. He’s a man-to-man shut down corner. If you’re going to acquire that big of a name, then at least let him play his game. And Cullen Jenkins is big enough to play Defensive Tackle, but did Castillo not see how successful he was at defensive end last year for the Packers?

    Don’t sign players because of their name, actually study them first.

  3. Winning and Losing is a fine line… We have all seen games where the better team did not win and we have seen games where the underdog played their tales off.

    Expectations cause a perception that is not real… which is good becuase if everything ran the Vegas odds then why watch?

    Who are the experts? Ex-employees and blowhards.

  4. Hey Dopesimms,

    While you are assigning blame, lets spread the wealth. Yes Reid and Castillo should shoulder some of the blame. The Eagles offense should be ashamed of themselves for only putting up 17 points against A Cardinals defense that ranks in the bottom third of the league. Oh wait… they only scored 10 points. Vick has been reckless with his body and his throws this season. His frustration is showing each week. And for as much crap as people gave Tebow a couple of weeks ago, why is NO ONE ripping Vick for his 32.5 passing rating against a porous defense? Most people expect Tebow to stink up the joint, but Vick is suppose to be super human. Yet, we see him make the same mistakes week after week. Some of his throws yesterday in the fourth quarter were a good 5 to 10 yards above the head of the WR. And now the front office has done a terrible job of filling the voids at LB. When the Eagles had a dominant defense a few years ago, they had a physical presence at MLB. I am not sure why the thought an undersized rookie would be up to the task. And that was their Plan A! Finally, when are people going to stop protecting Nmandi? If this dude is such a bad corner when he plays zone, then he was overpayed from the start. I find it hard to believe that a guy with his talent can’t cover just because of the defense he plays in. Besides, whats the use of playing man to man if the safeties are going to give up big plays. You are going to get burned either way. So why not play zone and expect your high dollar investment to “ADAPT”!! You know who I really feel bad for is LeSean McCoy as he is having a fantastic year.

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