The pitchforks are back out in Philadelphia

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If only the Eagles played football games that ended after three quarters. They would be 8-1 and everyone would be happy.

Unfortunately, they play four quarters and Philly’s season has crumbled to 3-6.

They aren’t your average bad team. They are interesting because of their talent and history. But make no mistake: They are a bad team.

Just two weeks after everyone wondered if the Eagles were the new “favorites” in the NFC East, the pitchforks are back out.

Some sampled headlines Monday from the Philly papers:

Time for Andy Reid to go.”

Reid alone on hot seat.”


Castillo not getting the job done.”

(Okay, not really.)

DeSean let teammates down.”

And from our friends at

Lack of carries for McCoy absurd.”

The last point rings especially true. LeSean McCoy has been the team’s best player this year, and they couldn’t get him the ball in the fourth quarter. Again.

Big changes aren’t coming for now. DeSean Jackson remains a starter. Juan Castillo remains the defense coordinator.

Sunday’s loss to Arizona marked a new path in this Eagles season.  The Eagles haven’t been able to beat good teams this year, and now they are starting to lose to bad teams.

The reality is that they are 12th in the NFC right now, much closer to the bottom of the league than making a playoff run.

67 responses to “The pitchforks are back out in Philadelphia

  1. I wish I could understand what Andy Reid finds so philosophically repulsive about establishing a running game, particularly when he has one of the best weapons in the game at his disposal.

  2. At some point you have to own your record and all the talent and potential aren’t relevant anymore. Despite the talent on this team, they are 3-6 and are a BAD football team.

  3. The problem with “Dream Teams” is they have to wake up and play the games. The whole team is looking at the crossbars, maybe if their heads weren’t so big the could get their helmets on all the way.

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen your 2011 philidelphia ostriches. Very thin at some positions and in general awkwardly built. This is proof that except for quarterback every team needs a system and players to fit that system. Coming from a skins fan buying somebody else’s superstar for a boatload more then it cost them is a bad bad idea.

  5. Which QB signing looks worse at this very moment, Vick for $100 million or Ryan Fitzpatrick for $60 million?

  6. The pitchforks where never put away. The play calling on both sides of the ball is horrific, and it seems like the players are playing for themselves instead of the team. Coaches are loosing the locker room and this ship is sinking quickly. I am a Eagles fan and officially ready to move on. The coaching needs to be cleaned out. To much talent to be this bad… I fill icky, after last weeks NYG vs Pat I was longing for a Eli (I just threw up in my mouth a lil). Yeah well GO BIRDS!


    Phailadelphia strikes again!

    More than halfway through the season and STILL tied with the “Deadskins”, even though the Skins are in rebuilding mode and are missing all their best offensive players.

    Whereas Philly has a bunch of old overpaid veterans, a clueless coach and a $100M QB who can’t stay healthy.

    Enjoy another 50 years without a championship.

  8. Can we all just finally stop talking about the ” Pipe Dream Team ??? They were overrated from day one, are stuck with a Million Dollar average QB at best, and a T.O wannabe.
    As Jimmy Johnson said yesterday, ” stick a fork in them !!! ”
    All the loser fans will still drink the Kool Aid, and make excuses for the team….Once again, Next years Champions !!!!
    61 years and counting !!!!!!!!
    Couldnt happen to a better team !!!!
    Maybe they should hire Paterno as coach !!
    From the Clinq to the Linq …….Hahahahahaha

  9. The pitchforks have been out since 2008.. we wanted Mcnabb and Reid gone at the same time.

    I’m an eagles fan & i can say that these fans are the biggest turncoats in the league. MOST just look for a reason to get drunk and yell..

    Andy’s legacy has been goin right down hill since he took over 100% of football operations. No team can survive with the type of decisions he makes..
    Lets look at his defensive philosophy / picking up 6′ 295 lbs DTs.,, never draft LB’s and play the CB’s out of position.

    On offense he throws 70% of the time.. That does the opposing defensive coordinators job for them. He makes his own team one dimensional..

    Andy has made a living out of beating below .500 teams.. He’s a joke, he’s and overhyped QB coach that has been given too much credit and too much power. . .

    As a diehard fan,, the worst part about this terrible season is that even if they go 3-13, we KNOW it still wont be enough to get Andy his walking papers..

    time is yours.

  10. A couple more games like this and Philly fans will be trying to kill players, Reid and Castillo with projectiles. Expect a sudden spike in dog food sales there.

  11. Brilliant business decision to not renegotiate Desean Jackson’s contract and move forward into the season paying your most explosive playmaker <$600k this year while handing out contracts to a dog killing felon who is what, 3-9 in his last 12 games, and paying scrubs like the *other* Steve Smith more.

    Yep, no way those moves would ever backfire. Especially with someone with such a diva-esque personality as Desean. I hope Banner, Lurie and Company go ahead and franchise Jackson after this season. Because that will turn out well…

  12. an average team that seems distracted this season. More then likely that’s due to a lack of leadership or chemistry.

  13. my pitchfork was never put away… every year its the same thing… they go through a bad streak, Reid tweeks the Offense/Defense, they win a few games, then they go right back to what wasn’t working in the first place…

    New QB, New Defensive Coordinator, more “playmakers” on defense/offense. Same result. Terrible clock management, poor play calling when the game is on the line. What is the one constant throughout?

    How one of the top 5 running backs in the league does not touch the ball in that drive that ended with a pick is beyond me. He’s the best offensive weapon you have and he doesn’t touch the ball? Even in the last series.

    Reid has no one to blame but himself. His hand is all over every decision that has been made with regards to players, coaching staff and gameday decisions.

  14. Remember last summer when they were calling themselves the Dream Team and many were already proclaiming them as the best team in the league. Their President stated that they “were all in”, so what does that mean when you’re all in and you end up with a losing rercord?

  15. oh & some point you have to realize….

    a 6 foot tall Qb cannot see over a 6’5 LT ,,6’8 LG,, 6’4 C,, 6’3 RG,, 6’6 RT.

    especailly when he’s looking for a bunch of 5’11 WRs.

  16. The Eagles haven’t had a loosing season since 1999, which was the only year they missed the playoffs, and that was Reid’s first year. He isn’t going anywhere. Castillo may get the boot (depends on the rest of the season), but Reid’s job is safe. Calm down Eagles fans. If could be worse. Much worse

  17. They are the Heat without turning it on mid season and losing the Championship game/s.

    Championship teams are built from the draft, not free agency.

  18. The Eagles’ BAD record is a direct result of Coach Andy’s BAD decisions….the 2 biggest one’s are #1 stubbornly refusing to use his best offensive weapon, Shady McCoy. Even Mike Martz has finally figured out it’s idiotic not to call more running plays when you have a dynamic runningback. #2 naming a friggin’ offensive line coach as your defensive coordinator. All of their “super-stars” are being wasted on zone coverage. Another glaring example- how in the name of God to you justify not having your best cornerback covering Larry Fitzgerald when the game is on the line? I think Andy tries too many times to be cute, wanting to show everyone how smart he is. Once again, that’s bitten him on his considerable backside.

  19. Vick was the original, then came guys like V. Young, Tavaris jackson, etc…….athletic players who thought they were quarterbacks. Vick has never been the prototype NFL QB and the Eagles made a HUGE mistake betting on him as their QB. He had a great year last year because he was in a new system at Philly who also had many other offensive weapons but I recall a game between the Eagles and Vikings last year where the Vikings had a terrific game plan to pressure Vick and keep him in the pocket and now all defenses have copied that. Vick is a scrambling athletic QB who is not going to beat you with his arm. When he does run, teams are punishing him and his age is catching up with him. DeSean Jackson has been poison in the locker room since the day he arrived and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the eagles trade or even cut him after this year. Last year A. Reid thought he was in the “drivers seat” with Vick and Kolb and next year he will be shopping for a real NFL QB. Philly isn’t afraid to spend money and draft choices, I predict here and now that they will get in the mix for Mr. Luck. They fleeced the Cardinals on Kolb and there are still plenty of teams out there that they will fleece with Vick.

  20. The Defensive playcalling was horrific. The big Fitzgerald catch to the 1 yard line… there was a safety on him … alone. No CB within 10 yards of him. Why the HELL would you let arguably the best receiver in the game alone with a safety? And then act shocked that he makes the catch. You have one of the best man corners in the game that should have been on Fitz 100% of the plays, but no… he’s hanging out covering Early Doucet? Seriously?

  21. Looking at the rest of their schedule, 5-11 seems pretty realistic for the Eagles the way they are playing.

    I just don’t see how Lurie can justify giving Reid another year here.

    He opened his wallet and let Andy go “all in” this year with big-signings to put them over the top – and he crashed & burned.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result.

    What is going to change with Andy Reid in Philly again in 2012???

  22. The only thing the Eagles are missing is someone like Rex Ryan who would still be telling them how good they are and that they are the best team in the NFL, going to win that SB, have the best players at all 22 positions, blah blah blah.

  23. It seems like just yesterday people around here were talking about how powerful the NFC East looked. Honestly folks do you really think the Packers, Niners and Saints are losing sleep over having to possibly play the Giants or Cowboys in the playoffs?

  24. If the NBA lockout continues they can pickup LeBron James to play WR then the Miami Heat immitation will be complete. At least the Heat made the finals however. LeBron likes to chock on the big stage.

  25. thejuddstir says: Nov 14, 2011 1:38 PM

    Vick was the original, then came guys like V. Young, Tavaris jackson, etc…….athletic players who thought they were quarterbacks.


    Randall Cunningham was the original.

  26. Andy Reid may be a good coach but jeez. How long will he be coaching there? Sometimes you just need a change. I think philly is at that point.

  27. As much as I cannot stand the eagles and especially Vick,this is what happened to the Cowboys last year.Lofty expectations only to come crashing down.I don’t want to say i feel sorry for them but I remember how it feels.

    Go Cowboys!

  28. I don’t think the Eagles are mature enough to be a quality team at least this season. Between a player dubbing themselves the dream team, and another missing his meeting.

    This season has all ready backfired, and if Reid gets canned at the end of the season, it could be a bit before they get back to the playoffs especially if they have trouble finding a quality coach.

  29. Whoever used the word “bipolar” was dead on. I mean after they destroyed the Cowboys the Eagle fans and the city were ready for a march to the Super bowl. Can’t they just be realistic?

  30. I love the Philadelphia Eagles, but I hate this team. I hate this coach. I really hate this QB. I wish I could root for another team. I hate the team I love.

    Vick isn’t ever going to win a championship. He doesn’t have the ability to read and react and make the correct decision in a split second. Under pressure from a good defense he often makes dumb mistakes. Just look at the last play of the playoff game last season. He forced the ball to a rookie WR in the end zone on 1st down with about 41 seconds left. He was out of the pocket and should have thrown the ball away. He isn’t very smart. He isn’t very accurate. He isn’t much of a leader either.

    Andy Reid is one of the best preparation coaches in the league. 13-0 after a bye week speaks volumes to that. His biggest problem is thinking on his feet during the game in critical situations. He often fails to make adjustments during the game when they clearly need to be made. I don’t think he is a horrible coach, but I also don’t think he is a good/great coach either. The Eagles have had a lot of the same problems for years now. The red zone struggles have been an issue for several years. At what point do you look at the “system or scheme” instead of the players. The lack of commitment to a balanced attack has also killed this team at times over the last decade. There needs to be a change, And its Time for Andy to go.

    When we had Jim Johnson the defense always gave us a chance to win. I feel Jim Johnson was the biggest reason the Eagles had the ability to make it to 5 championship games and 1 SB under A.Reid. I feel that defense not only carried Andy but it also carried D.McNabb.

  31. It takes a unique(maybe crazy) person to coach in the city of Philadelphia.

    Only one man fits the bill.

    The Chinman.

    Coach Cowher

  32. to the 50,000 football coaches on here, you don’t just run the football because you have a good running back. you run what the defense gives you and to keep it simple yesterday the cardinals were playing 8 men in the box and giving the Eagles the pass. now it would have been nice if they passed better, but you have to take what the defense gives you (especially on the professional level.

  33. Eagles fans listen up. Everyone expected you to do well this year and you have failed. It’s not the end of the world. I am not even a big fan but I wish I had your talent, coach and an owner willing to spend money to improve my team. I am a Browns fan. We are horrible. I’ve never slept due to my team being so bad and predictable in my life. Maybe next year you will turn it around. Get some help on the o-line and get the egos on your team in check and you could very well get 12+ wins next year and be a super bowl threat. In the meantime just be glad you’re team tried to improve instead of throwing the season away before it started.

  34. NEVER underestimate the power of kharma. Thats what you get for signing the monster otherwise known as Michael Vick. I am loving every moment the misery that the Sheagle fans are feeling. If you want to see a real quarterback check out the ones on the Patriots and Packers.

  35. “The Eagles haven’t had a loosing season since 1999, which was the only year they missed the playoffs, and that was Reid’s first year.”

    Did you sleep through the 2005 season?

  36. “Andy Reid is one of the best preparation coaches in the league. 13-0 after a bye week speaks volumes to that.”

    Not really. You only get one bye week per season. The best at preparing don’t need two weeks to get prepared.

  37. “It seems like just yesterday people around here were talking about how powerful the NFC East looked. Honestly folks do you really think the Packers, Niners and Saints are losing sleep over having to possibly play the Giants or Cowboys in the playoffs?”

    I don’t think anybody is losing sleep thinking about having to play anybody in the playoffs, to tell you the truth. However, if you think that the Cowboys as well as the Giants are incapable of beating any of those teams then you are obviously dreaming. And the Cowboys already beat the 49ers. In SF. A lesser Cowboys team went into NO and beat a better Saints team the year they went on to win the Super Bowl.

  38. The pitch forks were never put away… they only reason they took a break the last week was the Penn State fiasco dominated all of the press.

    This team hasn’t won against a quality team all year (unless you count Dallas a quality team – I don’t). This team is 1-7 in their last 8 home games. You have a DC who not only was never a coordinator before, he hasn’t coached defense above the high school level. This team is undisciplined and hasn’t gelled. And Andy Reid makes the same mistakes he’s made in the 13 years he’s been here. But the national media and fans who don’t watch this team week in and week out thinks he’s the 2nd or 3rd best coach in the league. Uh… times yours!

  39. Vick is a flashy, but dumb qb, and a bad decision maker under pressure and isnt clutch (he always makes bad throws at the end of games). That showing was embarrassing and My fantasy team is suffering (damn guy had to take rogers the pick before me!)
    Desean will be out of town next year and I love Maclin but dont know if hes a WR1

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