Tulane interested in Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin

As the latest version of a possible Packers’ dynasty continues to expand, coach Mike McCarthy could be sprouting a coaching tree.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Tulane has interest in offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.

Philbin, as Schefter explains it, may be more interested in waiting for possible NFL opportunities.  But given the league rules regarding hires made from other coaching staffs, Philbin will be tied to the Packers until the 2011 season ends.

Then there’s the fact that McCarthy generally is perceived as being the catalyst of the offense, with the rest of the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball getting less credit for the team’s success.

Philbin joined the Packers in 2003, as assistant offensive line coach.  He was retained when McCarthy arrived in 2006, and McCarthy promoted Philbin to offensive coordinator in 2007.