Bills try to recover from back-to-back beatdowns


Every loss hurts in the NFL, but some hurt more than others.  We pick the week’s biggest loser every Tuesday.

You could argue the Eagles deserve this honor, but we’re sick of their collapse. The Bucs were considered, but we were convinced they were a bad team even before they got blown out once again.

The Jets are devastated after losing to the Patriots, but they are a good team that should back back.

Are the Buffalo Bills still a good team?

At 5-4, their season has hit a crossroads.  They have been outscored 71-18 over the last two weeks by two teams that are also 5-4. Playoff-bound teams don’t have November stretches like that.

The Bills just lost center Eric Wood for the season; he’s arguably their most valuable offensive lineman.  Their best defensive player (Kyle Williams) will not return from his injury.  The team has no pass rush without blitzing. When they tried to blitz against Dallas, they got burned.

The Ryan brothers gave the blueprint to slow down Buffalo’s spread attack the last two weeks. Buffalo’s offense hasn’t been able to handle aggressive press coverage.

“Nobody expects anything out of us again,” quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said via the Buffalo News.

He’s right for the most part. The Bills have a manageable schedule the rest of the way, and they can still end up with a winning record.  That’s progress for this franchise.

Still, it’s hard to see the Bills winning in the Meadowlands or Foxborough.  That’s what they’ll need to do to avoid third place in the AFC East and another season of watching the playoffs from home.

29 responses to “Bills try to recover from back-to-back beatdowns

  1. Good for the Bills to pretend like they did for half a season, butthis is what happens when you give a key player 60 million dollars halfway through. He stops trying.

  2. The Colts are always the biggest loser week in week out.

    When your team cant muster a touchdown against the 2nd worst team in the NFL (Jacksonville) You deserve to be moved to the CFL at that point.

  3. the bills should worry about playing miami this week. Thats not a gimme that was just 3 weeks ago. I think they’ll have a tough fight in miami.

  4. “The Jets are an overrated team and they will bounce back.”

    Fixed your observation as well as your grammar. Proofread much?

  5. Young team that had a tremendous start to the year. Too many holes to be a true contender this season. If we finish about .500 it’s a great season to build on next year and beyond.

    Go Bills!

  6. The real problem is that the Bills lack depth, especially on their O-line. Once they get any starters injured, it’s all over. A couple more decent drafts should help.

  7. That offense was high powered as any the first part of the season. It was a sight to see. Then after a while teams started getting tape on them and figuring out ways to stifle that offense. That’s where it seems to be at right now. It’s a very young team so it might take them having to take these lumps before they figure out how to adjust midseason. They have a lot of potential. They may fare better next season. Best of luck to them.

  8. I kept my mouth shut after the posts here following the Bills comeback against the Patriots that put them at 3-0. I wrote if off as fans who hadn’t been there in so long they just didn’t know how to act.

    Well since then, the Bills are 2-4 and have some challenges ahead. First up, the Dolphins in Miami. Not as easy now as it was a few weeks ago. And then the Jets. The loser of that game ain’t makin’ the playoffs.

    And the Bills better hope that the Patriots don’t have anything to play for in the finale in Foxboro. Methinks the Patriots still have a bad taste in their mouths from blowing that game in Buffalo.

    At least their uniforms are better this year.

  9. Triple G puts out another hit piece on the Bills! Whoda thunk it??
    7 games left, Miami (x2), Jets, Pats, Bolts, Broncos, and Titans. Win 5 out of 7 get a wildcard and at least 2nd in the division. The Pats have an equally strong schedule and the Jets have a harder schedule. It’s still doable, but Eric Wood down for the season it’s gonna be insanely hard. Bad things have happened these past 2 wks by forcing it to Donald Jones, I would expect a good rebound offensively- it will probably be won or lost on the back of the holey defense. The AFC East is still wide open.

  10. The writer said it himself. Two major injuries to the best O and D player. As far as I know, other teams aren’t immune. Mangold and Harris or Revis go out, the Jets start to struggle. Brady out, big doings. Anything can and often will happen. One big rebound and its off to the races. If you quit with half a race left, you’re a guarenteed loser.

  11. To be honest, I would prefer 8-8. Not only would it be a humbling moment, but it would also bring everybody back to reality that this was a 4-12 ball club a year ago and thart a 4 win improvement in a shortened football year isn’t all that bad. It will also allow an honest evaluation of the roster. If the Bills finish 10-6 or better it may cause the coaching staff to be happy with whats here, becuase they have a wining record with those guys. This team is 1 draft away from a team that can win 10-12 games a year. I love the fact this team plays with a chip on it’s shoulder because of the undrafted and late round guys, but at some point, true talent needs to be added. However, even though the season is still young, I get to look forward to a healthy Kyle Willams, Roscoe Parrish, Demtrius Bell, Eric Wood, and Aaron Williams for next season. Also, look at all the guys that missed time this year due to the lockout. A poor finish will leave a bad taste in all of our mouths, but unlike ’08, I believe the brighter days are ahead.

  12. What does it matter when Aaron Rodgers will be waiting to put the smackdown on whoever is in the Super Bowl?

  13. Just beat the Jets and you’ll go 11-5 with an outside shot at the wildcard. Heck, with no WC I’d call that a successful season.

    Just beat the Jets please. Shut all those diva’s up.

  14. I totally agree with Rabidbillsfan. Bills fans, brighter days are on the way. Keep on riding the Nix and Gailey train, we may hit a few bumps on the way, but we’ll get to our destination soon enough. Go Bills!!!! #BillsMafia #460

  15. the haters are so funny swooping in to troll a bills story. Bills are “all finished”? sitting at 5-3 2nd in the division? Have you seen how bad the pats and the jets can be? this is not the same division it was a year ago.
    and zoxitic we get it, you want poz to back up Nick Barnett in the Pro Bowl. Fine, its the same place he’d be if he had stayed in Buffalo. I’m glad he’s healed up for now.

  16. What do you get when you no longer have a shot at Andrew Luck, yet are still tied for the second worst record in the league? A Dolphins fan who wants to pretend his team has any chance of catching the Bills.

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