Cofield: Redskins season could get “historically ugly”


Perhaps all those preseason magazines that had Washington at the very bottom of the NFL weren’t so far off base.

Just ask Redskins defensive tackle Barry Cofield.

“There’s no guarantee that we can win another game.  We just don’t have a team on our schedule that’s just going to lay down and you know, let us beat them,” Cofield said, via the Washington Post.

The 3-6 Redskins play three losing teams in their remaining seven games, with two of those games (Seattle, Philadelphia) on the road. Facing bad teams hasn’t helped the Redskins lately, though.

They lost to the previously one-win Eagles. They lost by 13 to the previously one-win Panthers. They lost by 11 to the previously one-win Dolphins.

“If we don’t play better, there’s no reason to expect to win any games,” Cofield said. “The ball’s not going to just bounce our way. It could get very ugly. It could get historically ugly. Hopefully, guys are fearful of that, and hopefully, guys focus in and just come together and do whatever it takes to get a win.”

For Mike Shanahan, it’s already historically ugly. This is the first five game losing streak of his coaching career.  A quarterback solution is not coming through that door unless Jake Plummer gives up handball.

If nothing else, the Redskins put themselves in position to draft a good quarterback for 2012. The question is whether Shanahan will coach that quarterback.

62 responses to “Cofield: Redskins season could get “historically ugly”

  1. Historically ugly? Nah… that’s hyperbole.

    It’s just another Redskins season under owner Dan Snyder. Redskins fans are used to it.

    Expecting excellence went out the door a long time ago. Fans no longer expect the team to win. They now have the same attitude that Seattle, Detroit, Arizona, and Buffalo fans have… there will be a few wins here and there, but overall, the team isn’t going to be better than 9-7 for years to come.

    Most Redskins fans would sell their mother to the Taliban for a 9-7 season.

  2. Snyder should channel Al Davis and refuse to pay the overinflated sense of self that is Mike Shanarat and unceremoniously dump him before the season is over. Dan has wasted a good deal of money in his time as owner, but paying the Shanahans to run the team further into the ditch may be the worst use of capital yet. Bad team, bad coach.

  3. The Redskins suck. I know that. You know that. We all know that. However, it is the direct result of a full decade of talent attrition by Snyder and Cerrato’s instance on signing overpaid/over-the-hill free agents and not building via the draft. It is not Shanahan’s fault. To fire him after two years would be profoundly stupid and repeating the cycle.

  4. The Shanahans decided that they could win with Grossman and Beck. That’s enough of a reason to fire them.

  5. Shanahan’s downfall began when he benched Plummer after the loss in KC on Thanksgiving night 2006. His teams have sucked ever since. Karma’s a bitch, RatFace.

  6. wow…this coach has lost the locker room. doom and gloom. Let’s face it….they are the worst team right now in the NFL hands down and probably will lose out. SUCK FOR LUCK at this point!!! LMAO.

  7. Dear Barry, Hope you are enjoying the new contract and home down in DC. Sincerely, Big Blue. p.s. Linval Joseph is progressing nicely and our d-line remains strong and deep.

  8. See the Redskins have been clever about their Suck4Luck policy. Unlike the Colts who telegraphed their intentions, the Redskins have been very crafty in going about sucking for luck. They have already stashed a lot of good players on IR. So next year’s gonna be so much better when we get our QB-Jesus.

    Because how else do you explain a superbowl-winning offensive coach like Shanahan going into a season with 2 scrubs at QB? Or him having absolutely no depth at the o-line? I choose to see those moves as our suck for luck strategy than a glaring sign that Shanahan is high on drugs.

  9. Daniel Snyder is the new Al Davis … as long as he continues to meddle in the day-to-day affairs and thinks that he knows more than football people, the Redskins are destined for, at best, mediocrity. Based on how he has treated employees and fans alike, mediocrity is more than he deserves.

  10. Every time I hear people talk trash on Jerry Jones (sometimes including myself), I always remember things could be worse….

    God Bless Daniel Snyder


    The rest of the NFC East

  11. Well, that’s what happened when you’re in rebuilding mode and on top of that your entire offense gets injured.

    And the only reason to watch the rest of the season (Hankerson) is out for the year too.


    At least we’ll be getting a franchise QB in next years draft.

  12. The only way this season gets (more) historically ugly is if Danny Boy decides to bring back Vinny as personnel guy and, continuing a history of sharp dealing with Denver, they trade Orakpo and Kerrigan for Tebow as the passer of the future. In other words, it’s possible.

    Shanny has 3 1/2 years left on a $35 million contract. Anyone who says he’s being fired after this season is simply refusing to pay attention.

  13. tundey says:
    Nov 15, 2011 9:13 AM
    See the Redskins have been clever about their Suck4Luck policy. Unlike the Colts who telegraphed their intentions, the Redskins have been very crafty in going about sucking for luck. They have already stashed a lot of good players on IR. So next year’s gonna be so much better when we get our QB-Jesus.

    Great plan. Except for the part where you already have three wins and have absolutely no shot at getting the number 1 pick.

  14. I’m upset because I don’t think we should of ever benched Grossman. I can seriously go on a limb an say he would of bounced back at Carolina Buffualo and maybe even SF.
    By benching Rex you killed our chemistry, Rex is Rex let him be but I can assure you we could of gone 2-2 maybe even 3-1 with Rex these past weeks. He would of won that Miami game if he had all the reps and knew this job was his. Beck might be mobile compared to him but he can’t throw the deep ball and scared to even try.
    Yes, we have a lot of injuries but so do other teams. Will Shanahan coach next year? Yes of course, Shanahan has a plan and if you notice he wants to establish a better defense and in the past two years he has, we aren’t great but were working for it. Next year hell address the QB situation and our weapons and with a healthy o line we should be fine because he stood strong before injuries
    Im pissed cause were a better team than this, and other fans won’t notic that cause they have their own team to brag about.
    One last thing get a corner cause MeHall sucks.

  15. Remember when the Skins started out 3-1 or whatever it was. All you saw in the comment section was “Hail”…..They actually thought Beck or Grossman were NFL caliber starting QB’s. Face facts, Shanahan is just doing what Gibbs, and Spurrier did before him, taking Snyder’s money to have really nice nest egg, so they can do whatever they want in life, just Shanahan brought his kid along for the windfall…….

  16. Historically ugly in D.C. ?
    Maybe just ugly, eh?
    “Historically” ugly is what’s happenning here in Indy.
    That’s not debateable.

  17. orbearider66 says: Nov 15, 2011 9:14 AM

    Daniel Snyder is the new Al Davis … as long as he continues to meddle in the day-to-day affairs and thinks that he knows more than football people, the Redskins are destined for, at best, mediocrity. Based on how he has treated employees and fans alike, mediocrity is more than he deserves
    My God man, do you realize how truly ignorant you sound?

    Snyder is the new Al Davis?

    No one knew more about football than Al Davis.

    Daniel Snyder, lol.

  18. Haven’t the Redskins been historically ugly for a long time now?

    (and this is coming from a Bengas fan, LOL. Redskins are bad.)

  19. People need to realize the roster was historically bad at the beginning of the season.
    The Cerrato and Danny Boy regime created one of the most pathetic depth situations in the history of the NFL…that is the historical issue here.
    Shanny and Allen need to be given time to work out their plan. The draft last year was fantastic…injuries have marred it a little, but those things happen.
    No one could have had this team ready this quick. This is a long term plan. The defense is good enough to compete, but Deangelo Hall is overrated and Doughty shouldnt start for any team…again…injuries and lack of depth.
    The offense is very weak at the point of attack (O-line), absolutely no WRs (especially with Moss and Hankerson out), average RBs, and a below average QB.
    In fairness to Rex, if he had to time to throw and a healthy Moss, Hankerson, Cooley, Davis…he’d look much better. He has none of those things.
    It is going to get worse because they will not be able to score…stop putting all the blame on Rex though. Does he look horrible at times? Yes…but more often than not he is competent and he is 20 times better than Beck.
    Another good draft in 2012 and the Redskins get a little better.
    Shelf the playoff talk until 2013 minimum though. This is a long term project.
    Danny and Cerrato tried to ruin one of the most proud franchises in the NFL…and they did in the short term.

  20. Shanahan is not getting fired…that would be replaying the last 15 years. Dan SNyder is not making football decisions. We stink but we need to keep drafting and rebuilding this team. Every good team in the NFL has gone through this at one point. Hail!

  21. Shanahan’s response to Cofield’s statement was “I’m not sure he’s been watching our games. I’ve been pretty impressed so far this year”.

  22. Did they really expect to win with no quarterback and no running back?

    Seriously, if they fix those two positions – with good rookies or with highly priced free agents – this could be a completely different team next year. It’s not like anyone is setting the world on fire in their division.

    Why did he basically bench Roy Helu on Sunday? Guy catches 14 passes and then gets forgotten?

  23. A season and-a-half in, Mike Shanahan has cleaned the unproductive malcontents out of the locker room, selected talented, albeit streaky left tackle Trent Williams and remarkable Ryan Kerrigan in consecutive first rounds, and has made the team younger and faster with Leonard Hankerson, Roy Helu, Perry Riley, et al. Rebuilding is a process, Redskins’ fans. Don’t think about wins and losses for a couple more years; recognize that there is no magical quick fix that can undo a decade plus of organizational nonsense.

  24. Hah. Love it. Thats what you get for signing with the skins. Shoulda kept things blue. Suck it barry. We didn’t need you a much as you thought we did. Just like anyone on our d line. You were easily replacable. If that isn’t a to of the cap to jerry reese and his ability to keep a stable of pass rushers, I don’t know what is. Go giants.

  25. We are hurting, but still I like what we are building. Hankerson will be NICE. Kerrigan is NICE. We’ll never get luck. Redskins aren’t that lucky. Maybe ol boy from Wisc. or maybe we can luck out and get Trent Richardson. Lord knows we need more oline But still.. if Trent is on the board. u have to do it. I like Hightower but still. and helu is not about to be nice unless we have oline help. i just dont want shanny’s arrogance to show up during the draft. by picking a project. cause we are finna be top five pick status with a couple more Ls . But Hail tho. repreprep.

  26. all firing Shanahan would do is remind ALL of us Redskin fans that we are the SAME old sucky Redskins. Quitting on head coaches after TWO years is just beyond retarded.

  27. Settle down, Redskins fans………As long as Shanny and Allen continue THIS course, the course they took this past April, they’ll be ok. The Redskins need MANY draft picks, starting with a QB and 2-3 more BIG TIME offensive linemen- NOT 7th round and undrafted linemen. If they do that, they can build a winner. If they slip up and go back to signing old free agents, they cannot move forward.
    Next season, with a fresh face at QB, more young o-linemen, and all the injured guys back, they can begin to improve. They cannot improve until they stay this course for 2-3 more years. Will they? That is the million dollar question…….

  28. Based on him thinking Beck/Grossman could be any good I don’t trust Shanahan to draft a qb for the future in the draft next year.

  29. The ‘will Shanahan coach next year’ line has gotten old.

    If there was a positive about the Zorn years, it was that Snyder learned he wasn’t a great football mind, he learned his buddy Vinny wasn’t fit to be within 500 yards of a football team. Snyder signed Shanahan to a 5 year deal for a reason, he was the coach he wanted. If there had been a 3 year deal, or if Bruce Allen hadn’t been hired, then yes, Snyder would probably be flying around the country hunting for a coach.

    Any Redskin fan that knows football and follows this team knows that they peaked in week one vs. an injured Giants team. Sad, yes, but 100% true. This team needs a Quarterback, they need to sustain drives that allow the defense to not get winded 20 minutes into the game. Above all else they need time, something that an owner who has learned his lesson will give them.

    To suggest that Shanahan may be on his way out based solely on past precedent reeks of the type of ‘journalism’ the hacks at ESPN would spew out. Happy Tuesday all!

  30. If Andy Reid is fired from Philly, I do believe that Danny Boy would clean house and give the keys to Andy.

  31. Donovan McNabb said he’d be glad to go back to the Redskins in 2012 if the Shanahans apologize to him for ruining his reputation and Snyder gives him a “financial apology” for running him out of town.

    He even agrees to wear a wristband with the plays if they insist!

  32. The Deadskins will continue to suck under the direction of Danny Boy Snyder, who plays with the Redskins like it’s a Madden video game.

    You can fire the coach, the GM, but you can’t fire the incompetent owner. Danny Boy Snyder is still relatively young. He could own this team for 40 years or more. Get used to it Redskin fans.

  33. Can we stop the Al Davis Dan Snyder comparisons? Skins fans wish Danny boy won three titles before running his team in to the ditch. They both hired mike shanahan they both spent too much money on free agents the comparison stops there

  34. Shanahan has focused on getting the defense right and I think we now have two great outside linebackers for the next decade(Orakpo & Kerrigan).
    I assume (or rather hope) that next year’s draft will focus on getting the QB of the future(I don’t follow college football but I read somewhere that including Luck there might be 3-4 good prospects). We have some nice young players on offense like Hankerson, Davis, Helu (and Armstrong to an extent). Hopefully Trent can stay healthy. The offense is stagnant but what else were people expecting with QBs like Beck or Grossman.

  35. Yes we know, Shanahan inherited a mess from years of poor decisions by Snyder! The never ending excuse train from Redskin fans continues.

  36. There’s an easy answer to all the problems….
    Bring back Donovan McChoke back…..We could all use a few more laughs from the idiot stealing money from the league !!!!!

    Whos worse, the Foreskins or the Dream Team ???? Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  37. i can empathize with the skins fan base as a bills fan but what makes it worse for the washington faithful is they have an owner that WILL SPEND MONEY only to fail time and again. mike rat & son are not the saviours they were made out to be. well, there is always next year right? ps, the bills will not win another game.

  38. Not that it hasn’t happened already, but it is about time to rethink the genius of Mike Shanahan. He accomplished nothing in Oakland, but was given a mulligan because everyone felt Al Davis’ meddling made his tenure there destined for failure (never mind that Art Shell took over and the team’s performance improved quickly).

    Then he goes to San fran as OC for awhile and has success, which of course no one saw coming (sarcasm BTW).

    Back to Denver and they have some great years there, but as soon as Elway retires, the success ends and the next decade sees the broncos win exactly one playoff game.

    Now he’s in DC and things aren’t exactly working there. Well, I don’t know about the greatness of Shanny.

  39. Shanarat is fianlly getting he scrutiny he deserves and it ain’t pretty for “THE Mastermind-hell even die hard donkey fans are starting to wake up to the fact that Al Davis nailed it when he said the guy can’t coach.

  40. Should have got a QB, Mastermind. John Beck? Really? Gross Rexman? Really?

    I’m not out there on the practice field but you are what your record says you are, and with these two guys the record says very, very average.

    Fail to the Redskins.

  41. Jeff George is ready. Waiting. Sitting by the phone. He can probably still wing it 60 yards. Do it, just do it.

  42. Seems like an exaggeration of a headline….

    This is the Redskins we’re talking about here, year by year its a ‘how low can you go’ scenario

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