John Fox’s revelation: “We can’t do that other crap”


Sometime after Denver’s blowout loss to the Lions, Broncos coach John Fox had an epiphany.

“We decided if Tim [Tebow] is going to be our guy, we can’t do that other crap,” told Jeff Darlington of “We had to tweak it.”

And by that other crap, he means run anything approaching a conventional NFL offense. You know, one that includes completing a few passes.

“Do whatever the hell it takes,” Fox said. “I mean, what the hell? You don’t get points for style in this league. Let me tell you something: My man is really good in this offense. You know what I mean?

“If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.”

There you have it. Tebow knows the option best, so the Broncos are trying to get the rest of their players up to speed on it. Fox thinks the team can continue to add wrinkles and improve the play around Tebow.

A Broncos source in the same story wasn’t “sold” on the offense as a long-term answer. But the organization is “warming up” to it.  Fox, who sat down to watch film of Tebow with Darlington, appears to be relishing the challenge of winning games in an unconventional way.

“Hey, Tim thinks he deserves to have these plays in this offense. And you know what? After watching our games the last two weeks, it’s hard to argue with him,” Fox said.

And really, what’s the alternative? Either Tebow is “screwed” in a regular offense or the Broncos are screwed playing Brady Quinn.

78 responses to “John Fox’s revelation: “We can’t do that other crap”

  1. Tebow designs the offense. Fox knows who is boss. Tim will decide over the course of the season whether or not to bring back Elway next year, or look for someone new to fill his position. John is on the hot seat in Denver.

  2. In this corner, Carolina 2-7 despite having the world’s greatest rookie QB evah and their fans who want to crack on Fox for being rigid, old fashioned and not being able to win


    Denver at 4-5 gaining casual fans by the truckload because it’s entertaining, different, evolving and at least for now working. It’s football crack.

  3. Start trading the receiver’s away for draft picks, except that one guy who can catch Tebows long ball.

  4. This is Madness!! This is Tebow!! It makes a loss that much worse when you not only get beat, but you get Tebow’d.

  5. Props to Fox for designing a scheme which allows Timbow to succeed. The Broncos are going to fool some team when Tim comes out firing the ball.

  6. I give credit to Fox for making the best of this QB situation. He could easily have said to leave the current offense and screw Tebow to get an earlier pick

  7. Wins and losses. The fans asked for him, you reluctantly put him in…winning. Now do everything you can to keep winning. Sounds simple to me. If they win Thursday…WOW!!!!

  8. I think after a few losses the reality will set in in Denver and the honeymoon will be over.
    The only question will be if it happens before or after Tebow gets hurt.

  9. I haven’t had a chance to see Tebow play this year with exception of highlights. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s Jets/Broncos game to see what this offense looks like.

  10. In college you can run the option because a sociology major is takling you at the end of the play.In the NFL you have the best of the best ray Lewis, p Willis,ect Good Luck Donkeys.

  11. I think this says a lot about the quality of the coach John Fox is.

    Take Andy Reid for example. This guy made Desean inactive and lost Jeremy Maclin during the game. He did nothing to change things around to a style that would fit the personnel he had. He just kept the same offense relying on Vick to find his playmakers, except they were nowhere to be found (minus McCoy, who they stopped feeding).

    John Fox recognized that his personnel was changing and he adjusted to make the most of what he had on the field.. I’m no Denver fan, but I’ve always been a fan of Fox. Kudos to him. Who cares if they completed 2 passes? They won right?

  12. sounds like john fox decided to quit being so stubborn… now that he’s no longer setting Tebow up for failure, by refusing to change the offense to better fit tebow’s skill set (which unfortunately doesn’t include being a very good passer). For now, it’s working. HOWEVER, don’t expect it to last in the long run. This reminds me a lot of the innovative and “unstoppable” Wildcat. After defensive coordinators got a good sample size of game tape, they were able to defend it. Sure, the occassional wildcat play still works- but not if it’s your entire offense. The same thing will happen with Denver’s offense…it’s just a matter of time.

  13. fox did similar stuff with 2 big backs and emergency sub Qbs in carolina too, remember…

  14. I give coach Fox credit to changing his scheme to fit the players. At a time when many coaches bull-head themselves into getting rid of good players that are not great scheme fits, (Hello Josh McDaniels with the Jay Cutler fiasco) you have a coach that is maximizing his teams chances to win.

    Only time will tell if this experiment works, but I can’t knock it. At least they are trying to win the games instead of being like the Vikings last night.

    While the staff is getting the other players up to speed with the option, I hope Tebow is working on timing and route chemistry with his receivers. If they can run really well with the option, they will be able to open up some passing lanes for him as well.

  15. Give credit to Coach Fox! He didn’t draft Tebow, he could have easily watched him fail in his system and cut/trade him at the end of the season. Instead he said screw it… Let’s see what the kids got….

    I love it! Not only is it more exciting to watch, it seems to be bringing the team together and they’re winning! Can’t wait to see what happens Thursday against the J-E-T-S… Should be a true test for Tebow and his new offense!

  16. John Fox just went to the top of my favorite coaches list. Classic stuff from a professional who just wants to win. I am not a big Tebow fan and was lukewarm towards the Fox hire but the man is secure enough to admit when something isnt working. And, he isnt afraid to try something unconventional. If they make the playoffs how do you not give him his props!!??

  17. As a Colts fan I know it’s to much to ask that Caldwell has read this story and has had his own epiphany.

  18. Right now defenses aren’t quite sure how to defend this offense since it’s “one of a kind” in the NFL at least. When they figure out how to take away the run from both Tebow & the backs, the party will be over in Denver immediately. He simply doesn’t have the skill set required to be a long term solution at that position. I don’t think a single one of you would bet a single dollar that he could win a single game in the NFL if he were told “you’re only allowed to pass the ball this game. no hand offs and don’t run with it”. Would love to see him play a role like Brad Smith. I think they would have great success utilizing him like that if they can pick up a good QB in the draft.

    As far as people saying “It is sad that you need to change your whole entire offense for one guy”, that’s just football man! Every NFL offense adjusts to their QB’s specific skills and/or abilities. Look at the first time Palmer played in Oakland. He’s quoted as saying “Oh man, I knew like about 15 plays and we ran the same 15 plays over and over again”. That’s a team working around the QB’s ability. When team try and force a QB to work within their system and completely ignore that QB’s intangibles, you get situations like Jay Cutler or Alex Smith (circa 2005-2010). Jim Harbaugh has decided to shape the offense around the abilities of Alex this year. So far (as with Denver) so good.

    You have to admit though, Tebow is fun as hell to watch. Absolutely atrocious one minute and brilliant the next. And sometimes just as hilarious as it gets! Fantastic entertainment.

  19. All this Tebow conversation has ever proven is that the NFL has a pre-disposition to being prototypical and following conventional wisdom. There are alot of teams who don’t win games who have prototypical quarterbacks that fit the specs of a traditional pocket passer. It doesn’t stop teams ala the Cardinals from throwing boatloads of money at un-proven quarterbacks who can throw out of a three step drop.

    I think most critics and commentators are so focused on winning out of the NFL spec mold, that they don’t know what to make of this situation. The offense is a throwback, but one that has been yielding winning results in Denver.

  20. At least everyone has finally given up on the notion that Orton gave them the best chance to win. That was cute.

  21. That is the most I’ve ever heard Foxy speak. I wish he was as committed to the Panthers as he is with Denver now. If it’s not working keep using it. That was Fox’s motto. Now they have an offense designed to have a running back at QB, and it’s working, against the Chiefs and Raiders.

  22. I’m still trying to figure out how much of the Tebow Show is that it’s honestly working out like everyone hoped, and how much of it is that no one has yet figured out what the hell Fox and the Broncos are doing enough to get around to spanking them for this bizarre crap.

    Remember- if no one else is doing it, there MIGHT just be a reason…

  23. Kyle Shanahan, are you listening? You develop a plan and plays your roster can execute, instead of having them fail at your favorite style stuff every Sunday…..if you wanna beat Dallas, run 55 plays, pass 8-10 plays.

  24. Cowher said it best, short term fix, not long term solution. Elway is delusional if he thinks that crap is going to work in the long term.

    My guess, he doesn’t.

  25. The problem with Tebow is you don’t know what he is NOT going to do.
    Defenses know what is going to be coming at them and what isn’t.
    Tim is stirring the pot.
    Throw all the stones you want but leaders (head coaches) adjust to their players, not to some stupid script of what is good and what isn’t.

  26. This does make for entertaining games. No one in the NFL has tried a system this run centered for decades.

    I guess the next thing to see is can they add enough new stuff each week to keep the rest of the league bamboozled or does it grow old and stale really quick?

    This is a drama I enjoy watching. I never really cared about the Broncos before but I’ll keep an eye on it as long as it stays interesting.

  27. I hate to say it but I think the Broncos match up well with the Jets. With Tebow throwing under 10 times it takes away the best defensive player of the Jets, Revis. The Jets have had trouble stopping the run and they have no one that intimidates you and is going to pop you in the mouth. Quite frankly the Jets are soft on D. I have to give it to Denver their defense is much improved. I’m a Raiders fan and I think Denver pulls off the upset

  28. Tebow is the flavor of the month. OK, he is 3-1 but give teams a little time to prepare for that vanilla garbage they are running.

    Heck, remember when the run-and-shoot was so hard to stop when it came out? What did that last one year? Two?

    Just sayin.

  29. Fox hated throwing the ball at Carolina, so I don’t know why he’s acting like running 90% of the time is so out of character. These coaches are really slippery with history sometimes. But then, it is what is… as long as you know what the definition of is is.

  30. Maybe the Broncos should bring in those old option offense coaches like Barry Switzer or Tom Osborne. Heck, get the coaches from the service academies. It’s clear Tebow doesn’t have an NFL arm or throwing motion.

  31. credit to fox for not denying the reality of his situation. love the ones you’re with i guess. sure beats the approach some other coaches are taking.

  32. Try and run “this crap” on a good team…anyone who actually thinks this offense can work long term even short term you are beyond crazy…yes it can beat awful teams and people will pump it up as being outside the box and get you mabey tops 6-7 wins a year but you will NEVER get a sniff of the playoffs…..So let the crazy tebow fans claim this will change the league..if your goal is to get early and mid first round picks by all means adopt the tebow philosophy…just makes it easier for the good teams to beat your brakes off

  33. I’ll say I agree this is not going to be the next wave of the NFL. I’ll also say I dont believe the Broncos will have playoff success with this offense and give it up before next season (at the latest mid-season next year). Its not like they have beaten GB, New O and the Steelers.

    But to say once NFL coaches get game tape to learn how to stop it is silly. Its not like it’s not been seen before and there is not plenty of film out there showing it being run. Granted not of an NFL team. But the game film that is out there is of teams that have been running it for YEARS, not of teams learning it on the fly over 3 weeks.

    The game film exists. The Broncos are not scoring 35 points a game. Let’s get excited after they beat some high quality opponents.

    It will be interesting to see them play the Jets. Their best player’s best skill is shutting down the offenses top WR. So simply not throwing does take away the Jets defenses strength.
    And its easy to not throw “at Revis” the 5-8 times the ball is actually in the air.

  34. I really think an option based attack could be highly effective in the NFL….provided the right personnel are involved, which Denver currently does not have in place.

    You supplement Tebow at QB with guys like Pat White (presumably not doing anything terribly productive), and the cream of the crop of college QBs running similar offenses. QBs will get hurt playing in this manner, but with a roster of 5 guys who played QB in this offense that can double as RBs/WRs you make the position completely interchangable.

    RBs have been de-emphasized to the point of being able to get several on the roster on the cheap. Pay big money to the O-Line & Defense and I think you have a winning formula. ESPECIALLY if you are the only team in the league doing it, other teams are going to have personnel for pro-style 3 WR sets and are not going to be prepared to chase the option around all day

  35. Fox is a stiff! I know he is not a fan of young Jesus. Thank the lord we have a young coach with a sack in Mr. Rivera. Go Panthers!

  36. earthtopft says: Nov 15, 2011 5:11 PM

    Tebow designs the offense. Fox knows who is boss. Tim will decide over the course of the season whether or not to bring back Elway next year, or look for someone new to fill his position. John is on the hot seat in Denver.
    Was this sarcasm? Obviously Fox and Elway are letting everyone see exactly what Tebow is. This year is lost anyway. No way Tebow will ever amount to anything in the NFL. Only an idiot like McDaniels would’ve spent a 1,2,or 3rd round pick on him.

  37. “Please do NOT draft me”….

    Future quote to the Bronco’s from any wide receiver in the next draft.

  38. I’m not a Bronco fan by any stretch of the definition, but I find myself watching their games every week. It certainly is entertaining.

  39. As a fan of a rival AFC West team, I like the Broncos commitment to their new “running” game – keep rolling Tebow out there every week to win just enough games to keep Andrew Luck out of Denver.

  40. for the first time in his career, fox sounds schizophrenic. fish outta water. tiger changing stripes to spots. pick the cliche. that guy is allergic to change. he’s changed his verbage but nothing else. he has the same thing and the thing he lives and dies by: a really predictable audience. and now tebow’s church following is spreading out to fox. a lot of you guys had to have been born yesterday or just born again yesterday.

  41. The Broncos destroyed the Chiefs, not so much in the final score, but when a third string RB continues to get four yards a carry against 8 or 9 in the box, it’s embarrassing. I doubt the Broncos will ever pass as few times as they did last week but move back toward 2/3 running 1/3 passing.

  42. I’ve been a die hard Browns fan my whole life (including the drive, fumble, and the blowout) and never missed a game…but as I find them impossible to watch anymore I’m tuned into the Broncos game as soon as the browns are down by more than 7. Tebow is becoming my favorite player very quickly. Dare I say I’m becoming a Broncos fan. Unthinkable even a month ago.

  43. I love how so many people KNOW this won’t work long term. Do these same people realise that the same thing used to be said about the spread offense? You know, the offense half the league seems to be using now…

    I don’t KNOW that this offense will work long term or if it will even work Thursday night against the Jets but I applaud Fox and the Broncos for giving it a shot. Regardless of what all the message board experts think or even the tv experts, teams are going to have trouble playing the Broncos with this offense. They are the only team running it and most teams are building their defense to stop the pass now. The offense also puts players in unfamiliar positions and takes away a lot of the aggressiveness because defenders have to think more and react less.

    I also find it refreshing that a team is finally letting an athletic QB play to his strengths instead of forcing him to change. How different would Young’s time in Tennessee have been if the Titans let him run the offense he thrived in at Texas? What about Vick in Atlanta?

  44. The Andrew luck conversation gets old. Who wants to lose to draft some unproven college player? Who knows what the future holds for any team. We all have one thing in common. We want to win! I know all this Tebow option stuff is crazy. But hey its working for now. I won’t say we’ll beat the Jets but it just might happen. I know I’ll have my popcorn ready.

  45. “other crap” = NFL offense.

    Get a decent, disciplined defense, and it will blow up.

    And then you’ll have to find some other intangible to drool over.

    “My, did you see how he lines up under center? Best QB ever!”

  46. >that guy is allergic to change.

    From the linked NFL article, which is very much worth reading: “Few coaches might be better suited for this situation. Fox is free of too much ego or too much pride, and he has no qualms about jumping head first into an offense unlike any other across the NFL.”

  47. if tebow keeps doing this until his next contract HE WILL NOT BE GETTING A 18 MILLION A YEAR DEAL cause he wasnt proven that we can throw the ball constantly and in the pocket and no real NFL fan wants to see a team run 95 percent of the time, win is a win but the QB didnt do anything, i said this to friends Tebow will be the greatest NFL QB of all time that couldnt play QB

  48. Except for a smallish area in northern New Jersey, it seems like most of America will want to get their party on if the Broncos take out the Jets Thursday night. I’m in.

  49. This Guy looks lost out there. It’s like watching drunks walk in traffic. You don’t want them to get killed, but everyone time a car dodges them by a hair, your thinking to yourself how fuxin hilarious it is to see someone totally oblivious to their surroundings.

    I wouldn’t allow him to be my rec league QB! It is painful to watch! QB’s in the league or that are retired should be pissed! Many of them were told their arm is too weak, your not the right fit for our offense, or we drafted you to play wr, yet you see this guy wit a HB skill set being handed the keys to a PROFESSIONAL football team.

    He beat 2 bad teams, a mediocre team with carson palmer at qb(who still hasn’t seem to grasp the idea of throwing to players with the same jersey as him), and got drilled by a lions team that has one of the sickest d lines in the game.

    I put down the “Jesus” Juice!

  50. I remember once a few years ago someone asked Belichick why NFL teams don’t run the option. He said something like: “Because if the QB runs with it you kill the quarterback and if not you kill the quarterback.

    One main reason the wildcat worked is because you werent risking the QB’s season on the play against NFL linebackers.

    Maybe the sensitivity to QB hits now makes it more possible. Tebow is built more like a running back too so maybe he can be more durable.

    Still…. one good hit on his throwing arm or a cleat on his throwing hand and he’ll be done.

  51. Again, just remember Bronco fans… Kyle Orton was once 6-0 as the Bronco starter as well…..

  52. What John Fox meant to say was …”We can only do this crap” (especially with Tebow completing two passes)

    the irony being THEY STILL BEAT THE CHIEFS.


  53. snarkzilla says:
    Nov 15, 2011 5:14 PM
    In this corner, Carolina 2-7 despite having the world’s greatest rookie QB evah and their fans who want to crack on Fox for being rigid, old fashioned and not being able to win


    I’ll predict this. Steve Smith will kill Cam Newton if they lose to the Broncos this Sunday.

  54. Check that; Rex Ryan will kill Mark Sanchez if they lose to the Broncos this Thursday.

    Load up the box and put an end to this nonsense, QUICK.

  55. Funny, Denver fans wanted to run him out of town 2 weeks ago. Now they’re back on the bandwagon after an equally bad performance at the QB position. The Broncos will lose every game they play against a top 15 defense……handily. The Broncos are winning in spite of Tebow, not because of him. And the reality will hit you people soon enough. And i’ll be there to point and laugh.

  56. Denver has a QB who they admit can’t play the position. That’s got to make ya feel good. But what are the other opitions?

    McDaniels has made thier bed and now they have to sleep in it.

  57. The only stat that matters is the final score, and right now, Tebow is 3-1 as a starter, with two road wins against division opponents. Not saying this will continue, but it might.

    And yes, if the Broncos beat the Jets tomorrow night, I will be surprised, but I’ll enjoy it. On the other hand, if the Broncos beat the Jets tomorrow night, Merrill Hoge may need a padded cell.

  58. Yes, this Broncos team is riding Tebow to the playoffs, and will have many years of success. Just like the 2008 Dolphins with their groundbreaking Wildcat offense….oh.

  59. @ snarkzilla;
    Except for a “smallish” area of north Jersey?..LOL..are you kidding me?
    What about the New York area?.moron!
    These are NOT lightly populated areas genius.

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