Ken Whisenhunt tries to downplay quarterback controversy

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Cardinals quarterback John Skelton is saying all the right things about Kevin Kolb’s status as the team’s starter.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt isn’t saying much of anything because he doesn’t have to.

“There’s really nothing to discuss right now,” Whisenhunt said via the Arizona Republic. “Kevin hasn’t been cleared to practice yet. He hasn’t practiced in two weeks. We can’t even really assess where he is.”

That’s a fair answer. It looks like Kolb won’t necessarily be available this week against the 49ers anyhow. But Whisenhunt wouldn’t say who would start at quarterback if Kolb was healthy.

“I know you’re going to try and ask this question a bunch of times and I understand that,” Whisenhunt said. “Where we are right now is, it doesn’t matter.”

What Whisenhunt didn’t say: Kolb will definitely start if he’s healthy. That would be pretty easy to say, and it’s exactly what Whisenhunt would say if he coached, say, Philip Rivers or Matt Schaub.

UPDATE: NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports Kolb is “doubtful” to be ready this week, so Whisenhunt won’t really have to make a decision this week.

16 responses to “Ken Whisenhunt tries to downplay quarterback controversy

  1. Can’t blame Whisenhunt for not offering a ringing endorsement of Kolb, but their hands are some what tied here. Given what they gave up for him and what they paid him, they need to make sure he isn’t the guy. He’s not, but when he is healthy you know he is going out there.

    Better not risk your um cough-cough star player against the 9ers…

  2. .

    NFL fans have been trying to come to terms with the Curtis Painter – Dan Orlovsky situation in Indy. And now you’re adding Ken Wisenhunt going all mysterio on his QB choice this week to the mix?

    Stress overload.


  3. This is why I said that the trade was stupid for Kolb…I see why they did it, but for Kolb? An unproven quarterback who doesn’t know what to do with the ball when he’s blitzed? A guy who almost looks nervous in the pocket? I see why the Cardinals traded for him, but they should have done their research….He wasn’t that good of a quarterback then, and he’s not a good quarterback now….Next time wait before you sign a player to that type of contract.

  4. Kevin Kolb is in perfect position to lose his starter job to injury for the 2nd straight year. He’s sure getting paid a ton of money to be a backup though.

  5. Didn’t the Cardinals have the option to leave his contract as is after the trade, rather than giving him a cushy deal? If so, the trade was less stupid than the decision to give him a big contract.

    I hope Leinart does well in Houston, just to show the coach how stupid he was to run him out of town without giving him a fair shake.

  6. I thought Whisenhunt was required to consult Larry Fitzgerald before making any decisions about who should be starting at QB.

  7. As Kent Somers a Cardinals beat writer said…no Kolb no Fitz new contract so take that for what it is worth. Even if Kolb does end up being a bust and Skelton is the real deal, the Cards ended up keeping Larry and that is huge.

  8. So a young second-year qb with a good legs and a scattershot arm take over the starting job and wins ugly? Why is this the first we’re hearing of this? I thought that story got continuous daily coverage with hourly updates. Or is that only in Denver?

  9. Skelton’s performance against the Eagles was the second piece of good news Whiz got on Sunday. The first? He found out they’re bringing him back.

    *dons a large crown* He’s the Whiz! He’s the Whiz and nobody beats him!

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