Raheem Morris gets the hot seat treatment in Tampa


The Bucs haven’t just lost three straight games. They have been soundly outplayed in all three contests. They also lost 48-3 in San Francisco this year.

In the latest disaster, the Bucs were trounced by Houston 37-9 in front of a half-empty stadium.

“I’ve never been so despondent after a loss,” cornerback Ronde Barber said after the game via Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune.

This is supposed to be a “Youngry” team full of effort. But coach Raheem Morris said he saw too many “loafs” against Houston, questioning his players’ effort. Morris is responding by making them practice in pads as much as allowed.

“On defense we had some issues with effort on some of the big plays, the two big plays,” Morris said Monday.

“These are the types of losses that cause the local papers to look hard at the man in charge.  For the first time, Morris is taking heat about his own job.

“If you’re the Glazers and see a team cart-wheeling to the Earth in a fireball, crashing in front of an ocean of empty seats, in a market where the sports dollar is stretched thin, you may feel compelled to act,” Henderson wrote Tuesday.

We find it hard to believe Morris’ job could be in jeopardy because of the team’s strong 2010 season and young roster. Lose enough blowouts, however, and we suppose anything is possible.

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  1. I was at the “blow out” game on Sunday. By the second quarter you could hear a pin drop even when the Bucs did something positive (which wasn’t very often). The Tampa Bay is probably the most fickle sports area excluding San Diego. Raheem better find a good realtor!

  2. This team is a fraud. They have beaten one team with a winning record in 23 games and needed a ton of 4th quarter come backs last year to beat some average teams. TB = Frauds

  3. This team is in a death roll but knows it can win.

    They are circling the wagons and from the coaches to the long snapper are playing for their jobs. Players are speaking to the team in meetings (Barber, Faine, Winslow).

    The Packers coming off a short week better not sleep on these guys, I’m willing to bet they will be re-focused after this embarrassing run. They did loaf last week, but I’m willing to bet they will play until their hearts explode this week.

    Just sayin… An over-confident short-week team meeting a team backed into a corner that has had recent success. The game will be better Sunday than people think.

  4. Two coaches in 2010 were fired the day after losing to the Packers (Wade Phillips and Brad Childress). If the Packers play the Bucs like they did the Vikings, Raheem Morris might obtain that dubious honor next Monday.

  5. Why isn’t Dominik not getting any blame? Guy decides to resign Quincy Black and Jeremy Trueblood? Black is a non factor every game and Trueblood is good for a penalty every game.

    I still think Raheem can coach, offense is held back by moronic offensive play calling and Freeman playing timid by checking down every pass.

  6. One team with a winning record? Saints this and last year, falcons this year. Just off the top of my head. Nothing worse than a factually inaccurate crap talker….

  7. Raheem is a really good coach and should not be punished for a lack of talent. This team is being held back by the lack of free agent signings and bad drafts. Besides Mason Foster the linebackers are made up of 6th and 7th rounders and undrafted free agents. Outside of Foster linebacking is non existent. Yes the team is young but lacking talent at the position big time. As far as Freeman goes, this guy is a playmaker and has not regressed at all. The Bucs might have one of the worst pass blocking O-Line’s in the league and when your wideouts dont know how to catch what is Freeman supposed to do. Penalties are also doing the offense in game in and game out. Get Freeman and Morris some talent to work with before you throw them under the bus.

  8. Looking forward to when The Bucs will get a HC that the fans can be excited about, get the Bucs to winning football and fill the stadium every game for years…..

  9. Haynesworth Syndrome. Dumped by NE and they obliterated the Jets after two straight losses and weeks of mediocre play. Cut him now before it’s too late.

  10. i get ur all ripping morris. but really call him a bad coach and turn on our team? after last year we all said he should have been coach of the year and how amazing he did? if u want a coach to fire and blame how bout olsen? idc if i misspelled his name or not he is so worthless. plus lets not leave the gm and the glazers out of this, refusing to spend any money on talent in FA.

  11. The problem is that Raheem is everybody’s friend and nobody’s boss. That’s great when things are going well, but disaster when things are falling apart and accountability is needed.

  12. “…a team cart-wheeling to the Earth in a fireball, crashing in front of an ocean of empty seats…”

    Now THAT is sheer poetry… maybe the best line I’ve read in a month.

  13. I have to say, the level of ignorance in this thread is amazing.

    The only thing the Bucs need is a good cover 2 DC.

  14. If Raheem Morris gets axed, I wonder if the Bucs would make a play for an available experienced head coach with a Superbowl ring?

    Never mind, they fired Jon Gruden once already.

  15. The second half of the season starts the “easier” part of their schedule with the Jaguars, Titans, Cowboys, and two games against the Panthers. All winnable games. This Bucs team could limp their way to 8-8, in which case Morris should keep his job for another year.

  16. This is supposed to be a “Youngry” team full of effort. But coach Raheem Morris said he saw too many “loafs” against Houston, questioning his players’ effort. Morris is responding by making them practice in pads as much as allowed.


    Haynesworth stated he wanted to a “leader” on his new team. i see it didn’t take long!

  17. Actually the offensive line’s pass blocking is way above average. Josh needs to throw the ball away sometimes. But in his defense, the receivers are not getting separation and not catching squat. You get what u pay for. Not too many coaches can win with some of this low grade talent that has been put together.

  18. If they would stick to ground and pound all game like the 49ers they would win more. Games but instead Freeman tries to be the stud QB like Brady or Rogers and do it all including running a t d in instead of handing it off to Blount, last year gave Freeman a huge ego which which must be dismantled before they start winning again and it begins with ground and pound.

  19. Freeman keeps getting better during his finest season and the Bucs keep losing… weird.
    They should be able to right the ship this Sunday in Titletown.

  20. Not all the blame can be put on the coach. There is talent on the team but they’re just not playin good football. Blame should be put on the play calling by Olsen and Josh Freeman and his receivers just don’t seem to be on the same page. Hopefully the players feel bad for their coach taking all the blame for the Houston loss and put a good effort and play a good game against the Packers. Even if the Bucs do lose I just want to see the team play a complete game. And all the people hating on Haynesworth, shut up. Dude played very very well and hopefully he can get his career back on track and be a stud for the Bucs. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. dasboat says: Nov 15, 2011 3:49 PM

    How would Andy Reid look in pewter and red?



  22. True Morris isn’t all to blame but they really need to clean house they draft bust player’s (Adams rip and know McCoy)they let go rudd why and glazers very cheap owners

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