Revis doesn’t think Broncos offense can last

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Darrelle Revis can imagine a situation where the read option works at the NFL level.

“Yeah, if you have Michael Vick and Chris Johnson at running back,” Revis said Tuesday via the New York Daily News. “Yeah, it can work. Those are probably the two fastest guys that can get out on the edge.”

Right. Well, that’s not going to happen. What about with Tim Tebow running the show?

“No. Not for a whole season,” Revis said. “We know what they’re doing. And we feel comfortable in our game plan.”

Denver’s option-based run-first approach has been fascinating to watch evolve. No one seems to believe it can last long term, but for now no one really knows. It hasn’t been attempted at this level yet.

We’re going to learn a lot about the efficacy of the Broncos offense this week. If they can move the ball Thursday night, perhaps Revis will become a believer.

44 responses to “Revis doesn’t think Broncos offense can last

  1. That photo… wow!! There are no words that are worthy of print that can capture the essence of that photo.

  2. I heard Tebows plan for getting around the other edge is to ask Cromartie to name all his kids when he runs to that side. But it may just be a rumor.

  3. this is a public service announcement: There will be no flights to revis island this week. Revis island is open but we dont have any flight crew!

  4. Oh, Darryl … you better not hope those words come back to haunt you.

    Remember, Tebow may suck. But God loves Tebow. And he obviously hates the Jets.

  5. Darrelle Revis kinda looks like Kanye West. Kanye West if his eyes were too close together.

    By the way, is there anything more useless than a lockdown cover corner against a team that doesn’t pass? I can’t wait to see this game.

  6. I’d take Tebow over Sanchez any day. And am I the only one that is hoping the Broncos put up 300 rushing yards on these annoying Jets and win this game. Why does every Jets player and coach have to be so obnoxious?

  7. yeah just like chad ochocinco runnin right by revis last sunday for 53 yards. I bet he couldnt imagin that

  8. what does it take for this team to just shut up? they get slapped at home bythe patriots and they’re already mouthing off again…just stop…or don’t and keep painting that bullseye on your team every week so everyone looks forward to you losing…either one works for me

  9. People, people.. Aint no way the Jets are going to lose Thursday. Tim Tebow was a great college QB, but that is where it ends. He was 2-8 the other day which is unheard of.

    The guy who said he would take Tebow over Sanchez..c’mon man!

    If you are sick of reading about the Jets smack talk..heres an idea…dont click on the link and read!

  10. Guys, I’m the LAST person to defend the Jets, but these guys are asked the question and they are just answering it. Let’s not forget that. Revis didn’t just call a press conference to announce this, he was asked what he thought of the Bronco’s offense and if it could work in the NFL. He gave his honest asnwer. We kill guys for not answering questions or giving “coach talk” and you guys are killign him for answering.

  11. I’m taking Denver in my weekly pick-em. Revis will be totally neutralized against this type of offense, plus Denver isn’t half bad defensively and the Jets are average. This could be an exciting game, I’m glad it’s on Thursday night.

    As an added bonus, watching Green try to catch passes is high comedy–and LT is probably out. Maybe McKnight will get some run as 3rd down back.

  12. Sanchez is going to get WORKED by the Broncos pass rush.
    And Darrelle, shut up…. you might want to see if you can stop it before you open your mouth.
    Tebow and the Broncos will rush for 270 yards against the Jets, that’s been the average over the past two games.
    Why pass when teams can’t stop the run?
    Broncos 28, Jets 10.
    For people that are freaking out about him only completing 2 of 8 passes, you obvioiusly didn’t watch the game. 3 were dropped, and 3 were long bombs which are low percentage plays anyways. The TD throw to Decker was beautiful!
    Tebow could become one of the greatest double threat QB’s in the league.

  13. The Nyets will drop another one simply because they have to play at a slightly higher altitude (5280 ft above sea level) and I seriously doubt they had time to pack the jockstraps let alone prepare for a college-type offense. But it’s no sweat if they win – I don’t care for the Donks anyway, and like the Nyets even less.

    Go Raiders!!!!

  14. No one is mouthing off, he was asked a question and he asnwersed it For those of you who just listen to haters who spew about how the Jets are a bunch of loudmouths, try looking into it a little more closely.

    The Jets players don’t talk anymore than any other team. I know no one wants to believe that but its true. Rex talks all day everyday but the players don’t talk a lot. Read the quotes from this past week against the Pats and go and find me the jets boasting quotes? Good luck because there are none other than an innocuous quote from Keller saying he thinks they are going to win.

    Who are the talkers on this team? Plax has been humble and quiet all year, Holmes has only talked about his own team not performing. Bart Scott has not talked that much. Where are the so called big mouths? Try educating yourselves and do a little thinking on your own instead of just yapping about the prevailing beliefs are, especially when the arent true.

  15. “Yeah, if you have Michael Vick and Chris Johnson at running back,”

    Can someone tell this guy Johnson and Vick are two of the worst players starting at their positions this year?

  16. It is the Wildcat offense. That is all it is. And if anyone thinks the majority of NFL team’s will be fooled by this long-term , they have another thing coming. Beating up on the Raiders and Chiefs is one thing. Taking on the Steelers, Ravens, Patriots, Packers, Bears, and others with that woefully stupid offense is another.

    Just more proof Tebow is not a “QB”. Running an run-option offense? If that worked, J C Watts and Andre Ware would be playing QB in the NFL.

  17. In the throw happy NFL team defenses are built to stop the pass. The Jets are a prime example of that.
    Can you imagine Cromarte trying to open field tackle McGahee or Tebow when they already have a head of steam built up? Both the Raiders and the Chiefs knew what was coming and it didn’t help.
    Get ready for a mile high beat down as the Broncos get better every week.

  18. Just remember Bronco fans, Kyle Orton was once 6-0 as the Bronco starter as well…. I’m just sayin’

  19. johnnyshore says: Nov 15, 2011 4:28 PM

    And am I the only one that is hoping the Broncos put up 300 rushing yards on these annoying Jets and win this game.

    Yes. Those of us with a sense of irony think it would be much funnier if the Broncos passed for 300 yards on the Jets.

    I’d explain the joke, but then it would be less funny.

  20. Same can be said for the Jet offense…..


    Hows the dream team working out for ya?

  21. As a Bronco fan I think it’s hilarious that everyone hates the loudmouth Jets so much that everybody in the country is going to be pulling for Tebow this weekend.

    I don’t care how it’s happening, but we are winning. It’s kind of like riding a tricycle. And by tricycle I mean fat chick. It’s really fun to do, not so fun to watch, and everyone keeps reminding you about how terrible you are for doing it.

    Hop on the tricycle train, boys! Go Tebow!!

  22. Who knows, might be a easy win for Tebow if the Jets forget their supposed to actually do more then show up for a football game.

  23. I agree with him. There’s nothing new about the way the Broncos play.

    People, Tebow is not much better at throwing than most RBs. It’s just a wildcat offense. Once teams realize that they will get shut down.

  24. After that smack down from the Pats, do you really need to call out Tim Tebow?

    These guys just dont get it. They better be glad they have NO running game other than McGahee and Tebow (Moreno out for season).

    Even then, wondering if Sanchez starts turning the ball over enough to keep Denver close…

  25. redbullenergydrink says:
    Nov 15, 2011 4:25 PM
    bw115 says: Another story about a Jet talking…Anyone else sick of it?
    Sick of it but not yet sick of commenting about it?


    Thank you. Makes me wish these guys were winning and on their way to another AFC Championship game. With every comment you just make them that much more relevant….even though they aren’t.

  26. This isn’t something he tweeted you ignorant a-holes.

    He was being interviewed by the Daily News.

    You are all what is wrong with this country, you are all far removed from reality. Yeah we lost to the Pats because we sucked that day (Revis happened to play well). All of you Jet haters and Brady lovers suck everyday!

    We still made it to the AFCC game two years in a row with our overrated 2nd yr QB and 2nd yr head coach. Ha! Ha! And hate stems from jealousy which all of you are.

    We’ll have our championship one day.

  27. I am a Miami fan, and my money will be going on the Jets this Thursday. It’s hilarious to see people thinking this Broncos team is any different than the Wildcat Dolphins of 2008.

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