Roethlisberger reveals he broke thumb against Bengals


It was a rough week for quarterback injuries in the NFL.

Ben Roethlisberger is the latest signal caller to reveal he was hurt in Week 10. He told Pittsburgh reporters Tuesday that he broke his right thumb against the Bengals, but he said he will start against the Chiefs after Pittsburgh’s bye week.

It’s unclear when the injury occurred. Roethlisberger still had an effective day with 245 yards on 33 attempts in windy conditions. He completed 21-of-33 passes.

Pittsburgh is one of three AFC North teams with three losses, but they arguably have the easiest schedule the rest of the way. They play two more teams with winning records, hosting Cincinnati and heading to San Francisco.

Two matchups against Cleveland, a date with Tyler Palko, and a game against the Rams set up nicely for the Steelers.

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  1. Help me out….Is GB gonna bench most of the starters even in the pursuit of “running the table”? or will they keep the starters for ALL the games? Give a thumbs “up” if they stay the whole season….”down ” if they will be benched? HELP! My fantasy team depends on it….Thanks guys

  2. Would love to see Cincy beat no Baltimore and send us to a first round bye and home field. Ill take whatever we can get this season. The NFL is sucha circus this year every little bit helps. Im thinking Pittsburgh v. New England @ Pittsburgh AFC Championship. As long as Baltimore does not beat us 3 times in one season I will be okay. I couldnt imagine how that would feel. So iftheres any Raven trolls on here please let me know how terrible it must be to allow that to happen back in 08… please and thanks

  3. Go ahead haters, call him a drama queen all you want, but there’s no denying his toughness. He’s played through countless injuries in his career while getting beat up behind a subpar oline.

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha- So it’s no longer just when he plays like sh t that he comes up with these things. Guess he doesn’t like all the attention Vick and Schaub are getting in the press.

  5. Big Ben digging deep in the old book of tricks to come up with an “injury” he had to play through to make his victory over Cinci all the more dramatic. Yawn. I’ve read this story somewhere before…

  6. Didnt bother me because the past 3 years the ravens have been knocked out by the team that eventually represents the afc in the super bowl so I’d rather be beaten by the best then the team that ends up losing the afc championship or something

  7. Big Ben seems to have a habbit of disclosing injuries he’s sustained. Maybe he is trying to enhance a “tough guy” persona. Not a good idea, and I’m sure Tomlin will have a chat with him.

    On the other hand, Tom Brady injured his throwing elbow in the second half of the Cowboy’s game, and didn’t make another pass for the rest of the game. I have not seen any mention of it in the media, but it was quite clear the elbow was injured on a pass rush I believe in the fourth quarter. Luckily he had the bye week to rest, but it could be the reason he didn’t look sharp in the two loses to NYG and Pitt. Did anyone else see it?

  8. God forbid this guys lets an injury go unnoticed by the media. “Hey, uh guys, just to remind you what a tough, big, guy I am….I broke my thumb, even though I totally played through a ton of pain”.

  9. Medtxpack

    The afc is a three horse race. The pats, steelers and ravens. The pats d is terrible, the ravens have flacco and the steelers o line stinks. i like the steelers chances being back to where they belong…in the superbowl

  10. What a drama queen. Even his own teammates hate this guy. Between Ben and Sandusky, there are quite a few sexual predators stories in the sports section these days. Pretty sad.

  11. @ottograham:

    It felt similar to going 15-1 with a rookie QB in 2004 only to lose in the AFC Championship. Then again, maybe you’re like most of the Steeler fanbase on here that only remember 2005 on…

  12. This guy is the most hurt guy ever…..but for some reason he always gets in the game….my neighbor does the same thing with her boy…..looks for pity and it makes him look stronger when he goes on the field……master manipulator

  13. I feel so lucky that he’s the QB of my team. Seems like absolutely nothing would keep him out of a game. Guys who play that hard deserve every cent they make.

  14. Flabtree

    That 15-1 season was one of my favorite steelers seasons. It was awesome they didn’t lose for months and it gave a glimpse at the future of that team that is basically still dominating…in the end football is entertainment and that season was full of entertainment…

  15. I enjoyed watching Roethlisberger struggle to lift himself off the turf repeatedly against the Bengals. Good times were had.

    Better times will be had when the Bengals beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh…

  16. Freeman played with a broken thumb on his throwing hand all last season. And he’s playing with a sprained thumb on his throwing hand this season… it’s a relatively easy injury to play through…

  17. @sdelmonte

    Tom Brady is not aching, mainly because he isn’t allowed to be touched.


    If not them, then who? The Pats have an even easier schedule than the Steelers. Raven play the same sched. Bengals are the Bengals. Jets are in disarray. SD is in even more disarray. Houston has Leinhart. Oakland lost to Tebow.
    Buffalo has been exposed.

    AFC will come down to home field.

  18. Kaz says:
    Nov 15, 2011 1:12 PM
    Big Ben digging deep in the old book of tricks to come up with an “injury” he had to play through to make his victory over Cinci all the more dramatic. Yawn. I’ve read this story somewhere before…


    You are right on the money! Big Ben is notorious for this. Not many QB’s brag to the media about their injuries, if indeed it was an injury.

  19. @medtxpack …

    You can’t go to the Super Bowl every year. The goal is to field a winning team, to win divisions, to make the playoffs, to give your fans good football. The Steelers do that, and have done it consistently for longer than just about any other team. As a fan, I couldn’t be happier. Each season begins with hope.

    How often does your team go to the Super Bowl?

  20. @bengalsown says:
    Nov 15, 2011 1:50 PM
    I enjoyed watching Roethlisberger struggle to lift himself off the turf repeatedly against the Bengals. Good times were had.

    * * * *

    Funny, I enjoyed watching Ben lead the Steelers to the win, just like the Steelers usually do against the Bengals. I thought that was a more important outcome of the 2, but to each his own.

  21. Ben is one hell of a competitor. I love having Rodgers as QB for my team, but if I were forced to take a different one, Ben would be my first choice.
    He may not look the prettiest doing it, but Ben just flat out balls. Avoids pressure, extends plays with his legs and allows receivers time to get open even when the pocket is colappsing around him. He is the most valuable player on that team.

  22. Bengals D treated him like their personal prison b!tch. Five sack and beaucoups pressures, hurries, and knockdowns. They ought to fire his entire O-line.

    BTW, he just wants an alibi for the rest of the season.

  23. more than yours Deb. 13 world championships and 5 visits to the Dance. get techincal on me, i dont care, yes they have more SB visits but not more world championships.

    The AfC is a crazy situation this year but the Steelers have been in to mayn close games, except for the Ravens beatdown, i jsut dont see them finishing this year. If they get in, they wont make it far. jsut my opinion.

  24. Wow, haters will go to any length to put Ben down. If you actually believe this is a fake injury, you are a moron. If you are just saying this just to troll, you are a moron.

  25. Medtxpack

    13 please. How many of those were against 10-18 team leagues where the best record won the title. And if there was a tie they flipped a coin…how many did you witness? Nfl Was garbage pre- merger and everyone knows it. Only browns and packers fans care. Nerd!

  26. Um, Brady banged up his arm/elbow early in the game against the Cowgirls, and was seen with a wrap on the sidelines. He kept throwing passes the entire game, including the GAME WINNING TD to Hernandez, so I don’t know where all that misinformation is coming from.

    He is wearing some sort of black band for elbow/forearm pain. He had a little slump, but seemed to have played out of it at the Jets game when everyone in the media wrote him and the Pats off.

    As for Ben, does he like to talk about his injuries? Yeah. Bradshaw did it also. Ben is a warrior, and will play through this injury. He is a hell of a QB, and it is really a shame that people think this injury is fake. It is also sad that the Steelers have a 100, 000,000 dollar QB, but protect him with an O line that is a virtual turnstyle. I know he has suffered a knee injury, but that was a meniscus tear, and he was back in several weeks. I am very surprised that he has yet to suffer a season ending injury playing behind this terrible o line.

  27. I feel like everytime I read some of the comments on here I get dumb and dumber after each one . The moronic things people say . It just make your brain go buzzz and blackout

  28. All you ravens fans should do less worrying about ben & the steelers. And more worry about the bengals. You lose that game & youre 3rd in the afc north!

  29. @medtxpack …

    Like I said … you can’t win ’em all. But in the last 40 years, we’ve been to more dances and taken home more trophies than anyone else. I can live with that 😀

  30. @flabtreesports

    01 and 04 were actually great seasons for steeler fans. In fact the greater part of the last two decades have been. Seeing how 01 and 04 included the tuck rule AND spygate I will cut my losses. Regardless I believe nothing will hurt me worse than to see my squad lose to Baltimore THREE times in one season. But then again we are not Baltimore so it probably wont happen.

    Enjoy the cold steel bro

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