Schaub: “I’m pretty bummed”


Texans quarterback Matt Schaub hasn’t given up hope that he can return to play again this season, but it doesn’t sound promising.

“It’s hard to put into words. I’m extremely frustrated. I’m pretty bummed to put it lightly,” Schaub told Josh Innes and Rich Lord on 610-AM in Houston Tuesday evening.

Schaub tried to stay positive during the interview, but admitted that surgery would end his season. He’s doing whatever he can to avoid that option.

“We’re still trying to figure out some of the pictures, how conclusive they are and what the various avenues and things that we can do to potentially be back this season at some point for a playoff run.

“We’ll see what the consensus is. With things like this, you can’t have enough information. You can get enough people’s opinions,” Schaub said.

You only search for more opinions when you don’t like the first opinion. Surely, doctors have recommended Schaub undergo surgery. It would be very surprising if he ultimately isn’t placed on injured reserve.

Schaub disputed “rumors” that the injury could be career threatening.  (Who said the injury was career threatening?)

“It’s not career-ending, no way. I’d like to talk to whoever is out there reporting rumors or spreading rumors because those people pretty much have no idea what they are talking about,” Schaub said. “There’s a ton of of football ahead for me and the Houston Texans.”

That will likely have to wait until 2012. After starting 64 games in Houston, including 46 in a row, Schaub will have to watch another quarterback try to clinch the team’s first playoff berth.

24 responses to “Schaub: “I’m pretty bummed”

  1. “You only search for more opinions when you don’t like the first opinion.”

    Umm… NO.

    You always seek additional opinions when you have the means and/or it’s serious/complex enough to have doubts. Thinking/behaving otherwise is stupidity.

  2. Schauby was doing a great job this season, especially considering he had no Andre J. at his disposal in recent weeks. News also out that all hot tub parties have been cancelled at Leinart’s condo this week. They’ll resume next week when he loses his job to the third-stringer.

  3. if they still make it to playoffs this year… wow… that would be a hell a way to make your first playoffs…

  4. I feel so bad for him…..i mean this is the year the texans will go to the playoffs….and he will miss it

  5. Man the whole city of Houston is bummed. I mean we’ve waited 10 years for this team to finally get it together and now this? Sucks man.

  6. I had a Lisfranc fracture a year ago and I still am not cleared to run. Walking is still painful at times. Admittedly, I’m not given the medical care of a pro football player, but if his injury is as bad as mine was, I understand the rumors of career-ending. Although not a Texans fan, I feel bad for them. Would be nice to see them succeed.

  7. If Leinart leads any team into the post season at any point in his career, I’ll eat my airedale. And post pics here.

  8. Dumbass raider troll. See above.
    Texans are the best team in the AFC.
    New England, Pits, Balty, you’ll all have
    an excellent seat at the Texans Superbowl
    this year baby.

  9. I know this sounds ridiculous but maybe, just maybe, the Texans should think about trading for Grossman. The Texans actually have a great supporting cast unlike the Redskins and Grossman knows the offense probably better then Matt Leinhart. Gross is equally capable of winning games as losing games. So far Matt Leinhart has shown he’s not even a backup in this league.

  10. Feel terrible for Shaub and the Texan fans. They have managed to win games without Mario Williams and Andre Johnson but the loss of Shaub may be too much to overcome. If Kubiak has any brains at all he will have Leinart hand the ball off to Foster and Tate and keep the playbook as simple as possible.

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