Things we didn’t like from Week 10, via NBC SportsTalk

Earlier today, I posted the clip of the things we didn’t like from Week 10, as televised by NBC SportsTalk.

And now it’s time for the things we didn’t like.

It’s up to you to decide whether you liked or didn’t like either clip.  To come to a conclusion, you need to watch.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “Things we didn’t like from Week 10, via NBC SportsTalk

  1. Can we all agree the Rex Ryan experiment in NY is over? What a jerk and classless person. Andy Reid – dumber than Bruce Arians and that is very hard to be! Chris Collinsworth is bad. Costas proves he is still the best. John Harbaugh… Ray Lewis is done and that is good for football. Ray… where is your jock and talk now???

  2. I’d like to gauge where the fans are on Andy Reid.

    He is a good coach- wins off of byes, prime time wins, and improves as the season goes on are ways to prove this. He has gotten tremendous value from the QBs he’s moved on from, and they have both played terribly elsewhere. If he were fired, he’d have his next job pretty quickly.

    But in 12 years as coach, Andy’s teams have NEVER played well and are disorganized in pressure situations. Clock management is atrocious. Short yardage playcalling is always under fire. This year, ahead of all others, there has been absolutely no sense in how this team is coordinated (Shady-28, 30 touches = 2 wins in a row, 14 carries the next wk, loss. No Nnamdi in press coverage on Fitz).

    The Eagles have been terrible defensively since Jim Johnson passed (rip). Andy Reid now has no answers on D, and hired a guy with no experience as his coordinator. His drafts over the past 2 years have yielded squat.

    Thumbs up if you want to keep Andy Reid, perhaps with stripping him of all duties outside of coaching the team.

    Thumbs down if you want him gone.

  3. Actually the snap hit Alex Macks foot, rolled across the ground then was blocked, which any body should have been able to do, since it took so long to develope.

  4. I hate how the web clips have all the football video removed. It’d be nice to be able to actually see the video that you’re talking about.

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